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The Prince and I #3 Good bookIt is set up well from the other books in the series and is set up for the next book in the series The characters are full bodied and the plot flows along I'm in too deep now Jennifer is the girlfriend of the Prince of Norway He claimed her and now she's living her fairy tale life with a man she adore and who treats her like a ueen However there are those who are determined to tear them apart ruthless enemies like his mother and ex girlfriend And they will stop at nothing until they succeed Still they have their own plans and will not be defeated so easily in this game the royals are playing The love Erik has for Jennifer and the love she has for him is the lasting kind and that's what will see them through it all But with Erik's father being ill and Erik being the next in line for the throne there are dangers they could never have anticipated storms they are not prepared to weather And just when Jennifer thinks that life is perfect she realizes that her fairy tale might not have a happy ending after all This is Book 3 in the series A Scandalous Royal Love Story A HIGHLY addictive series Read at your own risk There will be cliffhangers Book 4 The dramatic conclusion of A Scandalous Royal Love Story The Prince and I book 4 AVAILABLE NOW

About the Author: Marilyn Cruise

Ever since she can remember Marilyn has been a believer in the happily ever after When she started writing professionally in 2013 her books were received with great enthusiasm and uickly became bestsellers on Today she continues to delight her readers with steamy modern fairytales stories that will captivate you to the very last page

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