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An Apocryphal Dictionary of Psychoanalysis An Apocryphal Dictionary of Psychoanalysis is a book of transpositions collecting together the author's clinical vignettes enigmatic objects stray thoughts projects images notes from readings and musings; but also remarks on films and exhibitions memories episodes from daily life summaries of papers to write uestions doubts and obsessions all of which have shaped the author's understanding of psychoanalysisBorn from moments in which the author has sensed a solution for problems encountered in daily work or for obscure but exciting points of the theory the entries are ordered in an apocryphal manner offering a personal and challenging view of psychoanalysis Like small epiphanies in which there is always an emotion be it that of amusement astonishment gratitude sadness joy they express the style of the analyst and of the person in treating mental suffering and give a glimpse into the imaginary which nurtures it Ideas for psychoanalysis are outlined where at centre stage is the ability to wait to be surprised; to operate from the place of the unconscious which by definition is a place of negativity and to exercise a form of soft scepticism ultimately a mode of hospitality

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