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Lock West Note To Self Just Don’t Be Weird Lock is awkward He can’t make eye contact counts when he’s nervous and has to remind himself several times a day how ‘normal’ teens behave Homeschooled most of his life he’s resigned himself to a friendless existence at his new Atlanta high school Until he meets West List Of Reasons Why My Life Is A Mess How Much Time Do You Have West has everything Looks Talent Money And secrets so many secrets Beneath the surface of West’s perfect existence is a pain he’s buried so deep a million therapists couldn’t unearth it and he’s determined to keep it that way He’s an actor He can act normal But then there’s Lock Sometimes Two Wrongs Can Be Right They don’t fit Their lives are eual but opposite disasters and the universe just keeps throwing obstacles in their path Every time they are together they find it harder to say goodbye harder to keep their secrets harder not to lean on each other But for this relationship to have a fighting chance the two must stop trying to re write the past and start figuring out how to build a future together Warning This book deals with content which some readers may find disturbing such as eating disorders past sexual abuse and post traumatic stress disorder

About the Author: Alexander C. Eberhart

ALEXANDER grew up in the Metro Atlanta Area his entire life moving from suburb to suburb just on the outskirts of the city He’s always had a passion for writing even from a young age He still lives on the cusp of Atlanta inching his way ever closer to finally becoming the City Dweller he’s always wanted to be In the meantime he spends his days writing stories with ueer characters and drin

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    Just when I tell myself I’m never going to read another book about teenagers ever again I find just the right emo high school tale that sucks me right in These kids have troubles but they’re also real they drink and smoke weed and have extracurricular sex Their families are fucked up and as much as Lock and West like each other they hav

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    That got angsty Still very good YA read Easy flow good voice LOVED the lists and notes opening the chapters Funny AND emotional 3

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    45 StarsIt’s obvious Alexander C Eberhart did not set out to write a fluffy teen romance when he penned Lock West He absolutely succeeded in not doing that The characters who’ve lent their name to the title of this Young Adult novel carry some baggage that should cause you to heed the warning in the blurb The instances of sexual abuse menti

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    Fiv☆ing excellent Likable and believable characters deal with some dark shit but without becoming depressing I'm not going to try write a coherent or reasoned review This is much like The Art of Starving or Last Seen Leaving than Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda which it seems is how I prefer my gay YA content because I really loved this one t

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    i'm sick of gay suffering and how inescapable it is how people seem to believe we're unable to exist without out how it's the only defining thing of our existence i'm sick of how we're tortured even in fiction i'm sick of not being able to experience something warm and sweet without being gutted beforehand every story is the same ripping us to shre

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    Trigger Warnings This book and review contain sensitive topics Mentions of eating disorders sexual assault and suicide are included Please read at your own discretion I'm a sucker for emotional stories I love when a story can make me feel a thousand things all at once When a story can make me laugh and cry in the same page have me on the edge of my

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    This book is nothing but perfect Fell in love with the characters from the very first two chapters until the endThis book is so much than just a gay love story It'll definitely make you laugh a thousand times all the characters are hilarious but it'll make you cry tooLock and West both have a messed up life but they fit perfectly together

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    I rarely if ever write book reviews but for this one I just had to because it is really exceptional and close to home for me There are a lot of heavy subjects in this book but it never seems forced because the characters have depth and you get real insights about how they feel Some parts might be kind of hard to read which just goes to show what a great

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    Lachlan Westley 325 stars This book has been sitting on my kindle for a long time Finally got to it The story was not so much about a relationship but about the boys themselves and the twist and turn life throws at them Yes there was a bit of romance but it took a backseat to all their personal dramaOverall an okay read

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    First of all don't let the length of this novel deter you This is the shortest 500 page read you'll cruise throughThe drama and there's loads of it in Lock's life AND in West's is enough to fill three novels This turns out to be a good thing as it keeps you reading these short chapters told in their alternating voicesBuffering the angst are some amazing frie

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