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Luna fortuna The Spanish edition of Lucky Luna When Luna locks her know it all cousin Claudia in the bathroom at their cousin's uinceañera she gets into a lot of trouble To make things even worse Claudia is transferring to her school Luna's grandmother offers some sage advice but since it's in Spanish Luna gets it all wrong and when the kids at school begin making fun of Claudia Luna must decide what matters family or her reputationLuna Ramos tiene más primos de los ue puede contar ¡y siempre la están metiendo en problemas Pero cuando se le ocurre encerrar a su prima Claudia en un baño durante una uinceañera ella es la ue se busca el problema Para empeorar las cosas Claudia se está transfiriendo a su escuela ¡y ahora tendrá la oportunidad de molestarla más de lo ue ya lo hace La abuela de Luna le ofrece algunos consejos en español pero Luna no la entiende y empeora las cosas Llegará el momento en ue tendrá ue decidir entre su familia y su reputación

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    Kind of adorable with a loud mouthed truth stretching protag who is ease to root for

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    Copy provided by the publisherFifth grader Luna loves her family but she has too many female cousins who are always hanging around Her primas get her in trouble or at least that's what Luna claims As her friend Mabel points out Luna does pretty well at getting into trouble on her own When one of her least favorites cousins Claudia switches from a private school to Luna's public one she's not happy Prone to impulsive decisions that aren't always good Luna tries to be nice to her cousin and heeds he

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    Thanks to kidlitexchange #partner and Scholasticinc for the advance reading copy for review All opinions are my own This young MG novel by Diana López tackles meddling cousins birthmarks school troubles and stress management head on but in a sweet age appropriate way Luna Ramos has tons of primas which are girl cousins if you don’t already know The primas can be sweet and fun—painting Luna’s nails and uizzing her for school—but they can also be tattletales who steal a girl’s breakfast every d

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    Fun Scholastic Book find at a book fairLuna doesn't like her cousins like she likes her best friend because her cousins are always getting her into trouble She gets mad at one cousin and retaliates and then has her favorite thing taken away and has to learn to deal without it and one of her cousins starts going to her school at the same time There are great Spanish vocab words and growth in the charactersuick and easy read

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    This is a cute book The story teaches the importance of family and accepting people with all of their flaws Luna reminds me of Mathilda because of the pranks she plays and the way she feels about others The general audience is younger approximately fifth and sixth grade

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    Please see my review on com under C Wong Thank you

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    Luna Ramos is called Lucky Luna but she doesn't think she's so lucky when she can't participate in her prima's cousin's uinceanera while all the other cousins can even tattle tell Claudia Luna takes matters into her own hands and locks Claudia in the bathroom at the celebration to get even with Claudia for a past deed Luna's punishment is that she can't wear any of her beloved hats for a month While that doesn't seem harsh it is to Luna because her hats hide her birthmark a white streak of hair Kids at her school call her an o

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    This was a great book I think kids can identify with it I love how it acknowledges the struggle ELL kids go through with language It discusses the fact that some people expect kids to speak a different language because of how they look Luna does not know how to speak Spanish even though most of her family can and struggles learning it in school

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    179 pages I read only one chapter10 pages It was boring It is about a middle school girl with lots of drama It is well written for middle school but not really elementary age level of topic I would skip this one for elementary kids

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    The author knows her audience most likely fourth fifth and sixth graders uite well and uses that knowledge to craft a story with a likeable but flawed protagonist Fifth grader Luna Ramos loves her primas cousins she really does but sometimes she feels overwhelmed by their larger than life personalities and drama Because she is younger than the other girls she doesn't feel that they take her seriously But it's her cousin Claudia who really frustrates her Claudia seems to know everything and delights in reporting the sins and mistakes of the othe

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