The Law School Book Succeeding at Law School Epub Ñ

The Law School Book Succeeding at Law School Pretty indispensable One of the few law school books that's practically useful especially in Canada for people who haven't actually started law school yet If you're going or thinking of going but haven't got your foot in the door and if you're one of those people who just can't relax and enjoy their last summer off without getting an early start this is your book This book should be essential reading for anyone beginning the study of law or for those considering application to law school Professor Hutchinson explores both the theoretical underpinnings of the Canadian legal system and the practical demands on law students today with humour and perceptiveness His aim is to provide the reader with insights and tips on how to cope with the routines of law school life and succeed in becoming a good law student and an even better lawyer As a basic orientation to law the book is accessible thought provoking and at times controversial The Law School Book should be the first on the shelf of any aspiring lawyer A helpful book that I'll probably go back to during my first few weeks in law school It's likely useful to read right before first term starts rather than sooner as it has little information for those still in the applicationLSAT process

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