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A Soldier's Honour One soldier s long lost secret is alive and wellWhen a security situation turns his world upside down, Major Matt Riley reunites with his long lost son And fourteen years later, the military man is still captivated by his ex, Bethany Trent Matt must convince her that their new family bond is for keeps but first, he must keep them alive [Reading] ➷ Gender in Psychoanalytic Space By Muriel Dimen – Lavons.co.uk Major Matt Riley reunites with his long lost son And fourteen years later ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Insight and Interpretation Author Roy Schafer – Lavons.co.uk the military man is still captivated by his ex ❮Reading❯ ➷ Good People in an Evil Time Author Svetlana Broz – Lavons.co.uk Bethany Trent Matt must convince her that their new family bond is for keeps but first [EPUB] ✰ On a Day Like This ✶ Peter Stamm – Lavons.co.uk he must keep them alive

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    Bethany Trent, in her capacity of contracts officer for the federal government, was aware of a security breach in the military personnel s records When she picked up her mail that Monday, she expected news about developments in the matter, not an anonymous threat She was now positive that it w the time for her fourteen year old son Caleb to meet his father Major

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    An emotional and inspirational family drama in the middle of an intense hunt for revenge from a savage culprit who likes to hang back and makes others deliver his evil intentions, malice, and torture I have been reading Regan Black s stories for a few years now, and I can honestly say, there s not a one that I have not liked but enjoyed them all immensely The stories

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    This is book one in the Riley Code series, and it s off to a good start Matt Riley, the oldest of the Riley children, met Bethany Trent when they were both at West Point as cadets They were young when Bethany fell pregnant, and instead of having them both thrown out of the academy she chose to move to another school and raise the baby as a solo parent Matt has known all al

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    Bethany has been the victim of a security breach in military personnel records Which, although bad enough, also means that she may have to do some very quick thinking when it comes to her son Like explaining why she has consistently kept his father from him A father who was a good guy and wanted to be involved in his life But someone really wants the two to meet, someone with m

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    Major Matt Riley knows that he s a father but he never met his son He honored the wishes of his ex girlfriend However, things are about to change when an unknown enemy targets the Riley Family Who is doing this and why Matt Riley wants to be a hands on father I was amazed at how much love he had for Bethany and Caleb Matt is such a strong character He willingly puts himself in dange

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    What a wonderful beinning of a new series The Riley Code In this new series we meet Bethany Trent and Major Matt Riley who made a decision 15 years ago that they have kept secret for all these years But someone is very determined to interrupt it and expose them to danger The two find themselves thrown together to discover who is behind this unseemly act on their family and loved ones Wil

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    Book 1 in Regan Blacks new series The Riley Code I asked for an arc and was fortunate enough to receive The book started off with action right away which I enjoy Then you get to know the characters except for the bad, bad, bad guy asthings happen I want to be a member of the Riley family Maybe a sister, so I can meet Alex I know our men and women who are in the service have a higher code than

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    The story is okay, far fetched, but okay Usually I enjoy a series better if each book can be read as a stand alone and I just do not feel that way about this book I do want to read the next book, but it is with the hope that it will clarify the behavior of the bad guy and the Riley Family Bethany and Matt sound like a nice couple, well, maybe Bethany and Matt have a lot of internal dialog about to

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    This great series opener features Army Major Matt Riley, oldest child of General Ben Riley and Patricia Riley He s assigned to the Pentagon when a cyber security breach discloses personal information, for Matt and others Two of the others are Matt s fourteen year old son, Caleb, and Bethany Trent, Caleb s mother Only those with a need to know have been informed of their relationship to Matt, until now

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    4 1 2 STARS Heart pounding danger mixes with the sexual tension of long lost love to bring Regan Black s exciting new miniseries The Riley Code to life A great groundwork is laid to continue the intrigue of who is out to get this family and why as we delve into the first sibling s story.When a security breach brings out a long buried secret, Major Matthew Riley s life will be changed forever Fourteen years

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