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Life and Other Inconveniences 5 All The Feels Stars The lives and loves of the characters in Life and Other Inconveniences will touch your heart, making you cry one minute and laugh hysterically the next Single mother Emma London has never had it easy Losing her mom when she was a girl, she knows struggle and yet, she is a happy, hopeful person and who has instilled that love into her teenage daughter Riley If only life was actually like, a box of chocolates When things spin out of control for Riley, Emma knows she has to take action Then there s Genevieve London, extremely wealthy, cold, rude, selfish and snobby The matriarch of the family who lost her husband and son years ago and who has closed herself off to almost everyone in her life In one heck of a bind, she realizes she needs help Who doe she call Emma The granddaughter she kicked out at eighteen years of age when she found out she was pregnant and hasn t spoken to since Sounds like a grand plan right When Emma gets the call from Genevieve, she knows what she has to do After all, Emma always put everyone else s happiness ahead of her own.Miller is a single father, raising Tess, the little hellion She tests his patience every second of every day and yet he never loses his His sense of humor is bar none, the best and it got me and got me good This man made my heart go all a flutter Yes, Melissa, it s true I got all schmoopy when it came to Miller and I wished he was the real deal sigh if only This, right here, my friends, is quite the novel It is a story with heart and it has ALL THE FEELS I read this with Kaceey of course and there were quite a few moments where we got teary This is a story about family, parenthood, friendship, love, and grief and the devastating impact it has on those it touches There were moments when Kaceey and I cried and then thankfully we turned the page and we laughed, and laughed some Thank goodness for the laughter Kristan Higgins your ability to make readers cry one minute and laugh with wild abandon the next is such a gift and I thank you for it You hit this one out of the park and I can t wait for your next release It was an honor to meet you at your book discussion at RJ Julia Bookseller on the night of this books release Thank you Ms Kaceey for reading this book with me I am so grateful that we got to read this one together.Thank you to Elisha at Berkley Publishing Group and Kristan Higgins for the arc Published on Goodreads, and Twitter on 9.2.19.Excerpt published on Instagram. From the New York Times bestselling author of Good Luck with That comes a new novel about a blue blood grandmother and her black sheep granddaughter who discover they are truly two sides of the same coin.Emma London never thought she had anything in common with her grandmother Genevieve London The regal old woman came from wealthy and bluest blood New England stock, but that didn t protect her from life s cruelest blows the disappearance of Genevieve s young son, followed by the premature death of her husband But Genevieve rose from those ashes of grief and built a fashion empire that was respected the world over, even when it meant neglecting her other son.When Emma s own mother died, her father abandoned her on his mother s doorstep Genevieve took Emma in and reluctantly raised her until Emma got pregnant her senior year of high school Genevieve kicked her out with nothing but the clothes on her back but Emma took with her the most important London possession the strength not just to survive but to thrive And indeed, Emma has built a wonderful life for herself and her teenage daughter, Riley So what is Emma to do when Genevieve does the one thing Emma never expected of her and, after not speaking to her for nearly two decades, calls and asks for help SEE LESS ❰Reading❯ ➿ Book Lover Author Jennifer Kaufman – but that didn t protect her from life s cruelest blows the disappearance of Genevieve s young son [EPUB] ✷ Secret Delivery / Her 24-Hour Protector By Delores Fossen – followed by the premature death of her husband But Genevieve rose from those ashes of grief and built a fashion empire that was respected the world over ❰EPUB❯ ✰ Kholodovs Last Mistress Author Kate Hewitt – even when it meant neglecting her other son.When Emma s own mother died ❰Epub❯ ❧ Wicked Sinner (Regency Sinners 7) Auteur Carole Mortimer – her father abandoned her on his mother s doorstep Genevieve took Emma in and reluctantly raised her until Emma got pregnant her senior year of high school Genevieve kicked her out with nothing but the clothes on her back but Emma took with her the most important London possession the strength not just to survive but to thrive And indeed ➵ [Reading] ➷ If the Stiletto Fits... By Wendy Etherington ➪ – Emma has built a wonderful life for herself and her teenage daughter ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☄ What Phoebe Wants (Harlequin Flipside, Author Cindi Myers – Riley So what is Emma to do when Genevieve does the one thing Emma never expected of her and [PDF] ❤ Ruthlessly Royal (Self-Made Millionaires By Robyn Donald – after not speaking to her for nearly two decades [Reading] ➶ An Amish Family Christmas By Marta Perry – calls and asks for help SEE LESS Affecting, emotional, expressive I am a fairly new reader of KRISTAN HIGGINS, I have only read one of her previous novels, NOW THAT YOU MENTION IT and absolutely loved it So I was extremely eager to read her latest offering here with LIFE AND OTHER INCONVENIENCES I have read a few reviews where they have mentioned that this book isn t written in her signature humorous style So without really knowing her signature style I thought it was an extremely balanced read that produced the perfect mixture of emotions from me which included some laugh out loud ones from a few comical scenes LIFE AND OTHER INCONVENIENCES by KRISTAN HIGGINS is a touching, impactful, powerful, insightful, and moving story that immediately captured my attention and my heart I was totally immersed in these characters lives which had me smiling, laughing, happy, sad, and even shed a few tears over the course of reading this emotionally captivating story and in the end, it left me with feelings of such warmth in my heart.KRISTAN HIGGINS delivers a beautifully written, engaging, and heartfelt story here with absolutely wonderful, relatable and compelling characters With the fantastic characterizations the emotions and compassion that you feel for these characters are extremely palpable and easily be fully invested in.The story is told mostly between the perspectives of Genevieve, Riley and Emma with a few chapters from some secondary characters Although I totally loved each and every perspective equally, I had a fondness for Miller and thoroughly enjoyed him and his story Traveling Friends Read Norma s Stats Cover Affecting, intriguing, heartfelt, peaceful, eye catching, and an impactful representation to storyline Title An impactful and powerful title Writing Prose Well written, beautiful, captivating, expressive, skilled, and proficient.Plot Suspenseful, thought provoking, heartbreaking, heartwarming, insightful, perfectly paced, amusing, enjoyable and extremely entertaining Ending Bittersweet, satisfying, and heartwarming that definitely made me pause, reflect and contemplate Overall This book contained all the elements that I absolutely love in my books Would highly recommend Thank you so much to Elisha at Berkley Publishing for the opportunity to read an advanced copy of this beautiful book.This review can also be found on Two Sisters Lost in a Coulee Reading Loved, Loved, Loved it What a beautiful, heartwarming read, filled with endearing, witty, and oh so human characters It will leave you laughing and crying Frequently at the same time Emma was raised by her grandmother since the age of 4 She was now set to finish high school and begin college But as often happens, life had a plan of its own Including a surprising pregnancy Emma s grandmother Gigi could not accept this massive change of plans and Emma suddenly found herself booted out of the house Now Emma is raising her own daughter Riley, and helping her navigate through those difficult teenage years.Emma receives a call from Gigi saying she s very ill Gigi s pleading with her to come home to Connecticut for the summer with Riley the great granddaughter she s never met Maybe it s time to go home, but forgiveness may be another matter This was my first read by Kristan Higgins I was hesitant to jump in, since this is a heavily based contemporary fiction than I m used to But all I can say is, SUPERB I never wanted this book to end So beautifully written I was captivated by every word and felt every emotion.I cannot wait to read another book by Ms Higgins An emotional buddy read with Susanne that we both loved Thank you to Elisha at Berkley Publishing for an advanced copy of this amazing book. Kristan Higgins is one of my favorite authors and she keeps getting better and better Her last few books have been a little serious in tone than her earlier fun light hearted romances But they still have those lovable relatable characters that draw you in to the story They also still have the dogs This is probably my favorite book from KH yet, but I will almost guarantee you that her next one will be my new favorite She just has such an absorbing writing style that completely consumes you from first page to last Her character development is perfection These are characters you will feel as though you know as well as your own friends by the end of the book, flaws and all I could gush even , but I will spare you all If you are a Kristan Higgins fan this is a must read And if you have not read her yet what are you waiting for The story is primarily told from the perspectives of granddaughter and grandmother, Emma and Genevieve Emma came to live with her grandmother after the tragic death of her mother and the abandonment by her father Genevieve is not the most loving of grandmothers Still struggling with the death of her beloved older son and the premature death of her husband When Emma gets pregnant at the age of 18 and is not able to follow the life plan that Genevieve has imagined for her Genevieve kicks her out Fast forward 17 years Emma is doing well raising her daughter Riley, when out of the blue Genevieve reaches out Genevieve is dying and wants to reconnect with Emma, meet her granddaughter for the first time who she intends to leave her fortune to What follows is a story about family, Hope, forgiveness, Secrets, and love Both Genevieve and Emma were such smart and strong women Genevieve is one of those characters that really grows on you throughout the course of a book Emma was a great character whose only flaw was that she was a little too perfect There also were so many amazing secondary characters Emma s daughter Riley, her father Pop, and neighbor Miller Miller was not only a love interest, but he also had a challenging relationship with his own three year old precocious to say the least daughter The additional peppering of both Riley and Miller s perspectives really added some depth to the book Such a beautifully told powerful story that made me both laugh and cry I will never look at mixing beaters or pirates the same way again Big thanks to Berkley for my copy of this book 3.5 StarsLife and Other Inconveniences is my second book I have read by Kristan Higgins and I have to admit my first was a miss for me I was not all that excited to read this one but decided to give it a try after it was offered to me Well, I was completely surprised and felt like I was reading something written by a different author This one was a big hit for me Kristan Higgins does a great job creating engaging characters using warm humor, insightful thoughts with realistic, raw emotions and actions For me, the humor has to have some warmth to it when affecting topics are explored in a story I have been told I am just a little over sensitive when it comes to that I was hooked right from the start with these engaging likable and unlikable characters I loved the dynamics between the characters and I enjoyed the complicated relationships between them Old wounds are opened up and second chances are explored with emotional depth to the characters Each are given a conflict and through each of their POV, we see them grow At times I did feel their inner thoughts were a bit repetitive and would have preferred to see them grow by their actions.There is a mystery here as well and that added some suspense to the story I really enjoyed how Higgins weaved that into the storyline and I thought it all came together well The story wrapped up well and I felt very satisfied after reading this one I highly recommend I received a copy from the publisher. This was darker than Higgins previous novels She used to be known for light, funny romances, but I enjoy her turn to complex women s fiction like this one Emma has not had it easy Her mother committed suicide when she was eight Her father, who d been spoiled all his life with things but not love, dumps her with his wealthy but unloving mother because he s not up to the task of being a father For the next ten years, Genevieve makes sure that Emma goes to good schools and is dressed to impress By the time Emma is 18, Genevieve is proud that she s is going off to a good college After she graduates, Genevieve imagines that her granddaughter will be able to work at the fashion company she founded But both women s futures are thrown for a loop when Emma finds out she s pregnant from her long term boyfriend and Genevieve disinherits her before she can get that college education.The daughter that Emma has grows up to be a beautiful teenage girl When Riley is 16, Genevieve calls Emma and says she s dying Emma is persuaded to come back from her father s home in the Midwest to go East to help because of the promise that Riley will get the inheritance The idea that Riley won t have to struggle through part time jobs and heavy student loans like she did is too tempting to pass up.Both Riley and Emma are far forgiving people than I think I could be based on the way they both had family members abandon them There are a lot of family secrets and relationships that unravel and evolve over the course of the book Virtually every character has had to survive some great loss in this well done story Thanks to NetGalley for the opportunity to review this novel. Authentic characters, multi generational family dynamics and three strong women.Told from different perspectives, I really got to know the characters and their motivation The story had a serious side than I expected, but also some lighthearted moments as well There is plenty of drama and some thought provoking scenarios.Emma has a rocky relationship with her Grandmother, Genevieve and we learn their backstory with all the heartache and struggles that led them to where they are They are both strong, determined, and a bit stubborn I had a feeling about how they would resolve their issues.Love, family ties and forgiveness is at the heart of this novel We all know life can be messy and this family had much to overcome.Recommend to fans of the author and Women s fiction.Out August 6,2019Thanks to NG Publisher for my review copy 4.5 starsThis is the third book by Kristan Higgins I have read and she has now earned her place on my list of authors who I will just automatically read anything they write, I don t even have to be bothered reading the synopsis first to see if it interests me I truly love the stories she chooses to tell as well as I just feel at ease with the characters even if I don t necessarily have a lot in common with them Emma London hasn t talked to her wealthy grandmother, Genevieve London, ever since she kicked her out of the house when Emma was a pregnant teenager Emma struggled to put herself thru school and provide for her daughter, Riley, all as a single mother and despite the odds against her managed to create a pretty darn good life for the both of them She is shocked though when out of the blue she gets a call from her grandmother begging her and Riley, the grandchild she has never met, to come live with her for the summer So many valid reasons for Emma to decline the invitation, but maybe there are few reasons to say yes The story mostly follows the perspectives of both Emma and Genevieve but also occasionally follows a few of the supporting characters This is the type of book that you have a pretty decent idea from the beginning where the story is headed but that doesn t mean the journey to get there isn t worth taking I did think at times Emma came across as a little too perfect and preferred her grandmother who definitely had some flaws but seemed realistic The author just has this comfortable type writing style that I love and this was a story I really enjoyed and even managed to stir up a few emotions inside me I highly recommend this book if you are a Kristan Higgins fan or to anyone who likes women s fiction.Thank you to First to Read for the opportunity to read an advance digital copy I was under no obligation to post a review and all views expressed are my honest opinion. My first Kristan Higgins book was a big success Emma London could not be different from her grandmother, Genevieve, who is regal and wealthy Genevieve s son disappeared many years earlier, and her husband died young She had a tough life before Emma came along, but she builds a fashion empire known around the world She also neglected Emma s father.Emma s mother passes away, and her father leaves her on Genevieve s doorstep Her grandmother reluctantly took her in, but when Emma gets pregnant as a senior, Genevieve kicks her out.There s one thing Emma took with her that day Her grandmother s sheer determination And with that, she builds a beautiful life for her daughter, Riley.Twenty years go by, and now Genevieve reaches out to Emma for help How will Emma respond Genevieve, Riley, and Emma felt so authentic and real The first thing that struck me about Higgins style is the sincerity in the storytelling She cares about these characters, and so did I Also, the complexities and nuances in the relationships were drawn well The writing is easy to read and warm.Overall, Life and Other Inconveniences is a heartwarming story I could easily slip right into and with characters I want to hug I ll be reading KH soon I received a complimentary copy All opinions are my own.My reviews can also be found on my blog

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Kristan Higgins is the New York Times and internationally bestselling author of than a dozen novels Her books have been honored with dozens of awards and accolades, including starred reviews from Publishers Weekly, Kirkus, Library Journal, the New York Journal of Books and Romantic Times She is a two time winner of the RITA award from Romance Writers of America and a five time nominee for t

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