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Nadia Oliphant has the case of her life ahead of her dragged from her semi retirement by a desperate EarthGov and conscripted to investigate and solve the Memestalk Plague Nadia would much rather sit and watch the sunsets from her Namaualand home amidst all of the catastrophic climate change disrupting the Earth's political and economic systems Nadia consents when the Memestalk gets personal She is dragged back into the flailing mid 21st Century civilization when her grandson begins to show early symptoms and the race against time begins Memestalk

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    I have been asked 'Why write Memestalk in the first place?' As always my answer has been because I wanted to because I think I had to Memestalk has a strong POC female lead a host of diverse characters and a pressing sense of topical issues that I needed to discuss It's about how these characters unite around a common goal how they align to accomplish anything

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