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Acts of Contrition Passing Rites #4 This was such an excellent last part of the story The characters are superbly alive and the tale riveting I have grown to love these characters very much and will definitely revisit them some day In this volume a few years have passed after the events of Lies of OmissionThe life Margarethe knew is no longer the same The war came and with it has taken a large chunk of the characterI confess that upon seeing the warnings in the synopsis of the book I was very anxious for what I could find After all rape is a very heavy subject and because I really like the character I didn't want to read something so devastating happening to herBut my anxiety was partly in vain for although it was a dark moment the author didn't go deeper into the scene So when reading I felt uncomfortable as is expected in scenes like this but not to the point of feeling very shakenBecause the essential focuses of the narrative are linked to events during the war I find myself measuring words so as not to release too many spoilers So this review will be rather shortOr not ´・v・The story brings back two characters I liked uite a lot in volume 3 Eva and SarahWhile Eva doesn't have a very large participation in this book it was of great importance to cement some progress in Margarethe(^^)My feelings for Eva are confusing to say the least ゜▽゜;I like the impetuous relationship of Margarethe and Eva How the character behaves uniuely when in the presence of Eva and how Eva herself manages to capture the essence of Margarethe At the same time as this is a purely carnal relationship it is also I would say psychologicalAnyway •‿• I don't even know what I'm talking about any obviously๑→‿←๑ Sarah has a much larger role in this narrative In volume 3 when she says goodbye to Margarethe there was a very sentimental moment in which the characters hug and kiss It was obvious at one point in the book that Sarah had some kind of feeling for Margarethe yet Margarethe took a long time to see this since all her attention was on Katherine and EvaThe relationship between Margarethe and Sarah was uite interesting and I found myself uite enjoying the character although some of her approaches to Margarethe's problem were somewhat Hm Not too cool ・◇・But anyway I chose to close my eyes to this and thought of the year that all this happened and the little information on the subject so I closed my eyes and that's it  ̄ー ̄I confess that the end left me wanting ᅌᴗᅌ But then when do I read Passin Rites and just settle for the end of the book? ゞ*ゝω・ノAnother thing that I have been wanting and who knows if there is a continuation of the series we will get to see is Margarethe's greater engagement with her family Of course in this volume Margarethe took uite important steps in the relationship with her daughter but I wanted to read about these twoI have seen on u people saying how real this book feels and I can't help thinking the same Situations between Sarah and Margarethe are so well written and with such a rational touch that I catch myself analyzing and realizing just how human they are This attracts me since in some romances some situations are so forced that I can't help but roll my eyes in disbeliefAnyway I've already stretched too much Why 48 stars? Chemistry between the characters love relationships in general 1010 Developing relationships 1010 I don't think I would categorize this as a slow burn but every relationship whether this romantic or familiar has a good step and didn't feel rushed or sudden Interesting events treated throughout the story 910 As already explained I had a blind eye on how Sarah approached Margarethe's trauma taking into account the year and the possible shortage of information on how to deal with it but for a few moments I couldn't help frowning Engaging characters 1010 When Elena Graf sends you an advanced copy of her latest novel in the Passing Rites series I know that whilst I am doing a little happy dance in front of the computer she will – as soon as I start reading rip out my heart stomp on it a few times and then meticulously put it back together again And when you come out the other end that poor abused organ feels lighter and fuller at the same time That is what her writing does to me You just cannot read Acts of Contrition and not be moved to the core Graf is one of the few authors I would willingly crawl through a sea of broken glass just to silently bleed in her shadow Dramatic I know but she is that magnificentWhat I love first and foremost about the series is the formidable Countess Stahle or Margarethe von Stahle Reichsgräfin von Langenberg Edelheim Gräfin von u zu Raithschau Baronin von Leichthal if you want to be precise She is strong proud brilliantly gifted stubborn loyal old school German to the core and one of the best characters I’ve come across in a long time Through the skill of the author Margarethe as well as the others has stepped off the pages and feels very much alive to me Like I could go and look her up on Wikipedia I am comforted in the knowledge that Graf is working on a preuel so I don’t have to say goodbye just yetNow I want to tell you so much about the book but after seeing the blurb has been kept purposely vague I’m certain I can’t spill any beans It would spoil the experience Just know that it is an epic journey if you haven’t read Occasions of Sin and Lies of Omission you need to go and do that first There is unspeakable loss trauma and hardship but also hope and love and resilience The aftermath of World War II and the effect it had on the German population is not a story portrayed too often You know what they say history is recorded through the eyes of the victor Elena Graf gives a chilling account of what happened in Berlin with great historical accuracy and detail I’ve learned a lot and I’m always thankful when an author can give me that gift Oh and I almost forgot to tell you about the music Music is running through the series as a red thread It is how Margarethe expresses herself best I was fortunate enough the author provided me with a playlist of all the songs that feature in this book Look them up on youtube to get an almost 3d experienceActs of Contrition is expected to be out in January 2019 Buy the seriesff trigger warning for a rape sceneThemes aftermath of WWII Berlin in ruins loss the Russian ‘liberators’ the Allied forces the strong women of Germany I weep for Edelheim and I want a Grauer for myself or a Krauss to have lost and love again Margarethe rises like a phoenix from the ashes I was up at all hours because I could not put this book down all threads were neatly tied up epic and compelling storytelling5 stars An ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review The problem with reading historical fiction is that you eventually run up againsthistory  Especially one set in a time as particularly brutal and horrific as World War II  When I first found out that the seuel to Occasions of Sin set in the 1930s Germany was out it piued my interest right away as that would mean the author is taking the characters through even interesting times The way I imagined things or the way I wanted it to happen was for our characters to go through the horrors of war and capitulation and somehow emerge in one piece at least physically A happy ever after after WWII  Its not impossible  Unrealistic maybe Overly optimistic I guess  But not impossible right?  Alas the author doesn't write fairy tales  It's hard to review this book without spoilers  And harder still not to spoil things for readers who haven't read the first two books  So if you love lush historical fiction with a great ff romance and amazing characterizations I highly recommend the series Start with the first book Occasions of Sin You'll be mesmerized When I reached the end of the second book Lies of Omission I inadvertently swiped past the last page on my e reader and came face to face with the blurb for the third Its fairly vague but there is an ominous hint My stomach fell out once my brain realized what my eyes just read Would the author really do that? As in view spoiler kill off my favorite character?? hide spoiler Another fantasic historical novel by Elena Graf The historic research seamless writing and believable characters make this book a must read and feel like a biography than a work of fiction This book will throw you to the floor then pick you up and make everything alright before hitting you again and again love this series I was provided a copy of this book before it was publishedThis is the final book in the series that focuses on the life of Margarethe von Stahle a German countess and renown surgeon This book takes place after WWII in 1946 47 and focuses primarily on the character arc of Margarethe as she begins a new relationship in the wake of tragedy and among the ruins of BerlinLike the other two books the writing and historical details are exceptional This novel ties up a lot of the earlier story lines The ending is a bit abrupt but uite apt given the development of the main character It is an engaging and compelling read I have to confess that I hesitated to read this series because of the setting in which the stories took place Once I read the first book I couldn't wait for the other two books to be released Yes there are hardships in these novels however Graf does a beautiful job of writing about the humanity and the resilience of people and the transformative power of love The main character throughout the stories is Margarethe who at first I thought was going to be the typical ice princess until you get to know the character and realize that she epitomized aristocratic old German values because that's the culture she grew up in What is the astounding is the fact that beneath her apparent hard shell she remained a kind generous loving and considerate person The way that Graf portrayed her throughout the series was the best character development I have ever read she is a gifted writerThis story while part of a series can certainly be a standalone novel The saga picks up in this novel at the end of world war two and the aftermath of the horrific violence that Margarethe endured and her incredible journey of healing the many losses in her life especially that of her dignity She's able to do this with the help of nuns and Sarah a character who appeared in a previous novel who gently with incredible sensitivity helps Margarethe get back to the woman she was The transformation of Margarethe from the beginning of this novel to the last page left me breathless when I thought about it; Graf took me on an incredible journey that was not only emotional but incredibly reaffirming of the goodness of people and what true love can bring out in a personI highly recommend this book and the complete series because it is a incredible experience from start to finish The characters are so rich and well written in the entire series This is a seamless and flawless seuel to books 2 and 3 in the seriesThe war is over and Margarethe is trying to find semblance order and the grace she has known all her life in war torn Berlin There have been some mighty changes in her world some horrible and some wonderful It's not enough to try and give a review of these books they must be read to be truly appreciated I haven't read a captivating series of books like this in a very long time Actual conversationMe I definitely need to make a gin martini while I read the last few chapters of this book gets up to make oneSpouse OK but you do realize it is 230pm Me Doesn't matter Margarethe is worth it Ending this series is an event to be remembered rummages around Babes please tell me we have ginSpouse I don't know that's your thingMe Oh god there is no gin and it is Easter wknd The stores are closed NOOOSpouse Just make a vodka martini Me VODKA? Margarethe doesn't drink vodka she drinks gin Throughout this entire series gin martinis get a LOT of play IT NEEDS TO BE GINSpouse What are you even talking about? No one will know Me I WILL KNOW This is important view spoiler Not only is Margarethe finally learning to access her deeply embedded and shielded emotions including vulnerability and humility but she is starting to engage with her adult daughter for the first time grieving the loss of the love of her life trying tentatively to start a new relationship but has PTSD after awful experiences after the war and cannot orgasm which if you KNEW HER AT ALL you'd see what a huge huge HUGE deal this is to this unapologetic sexual being coming to terms with her son's role in the atrocities of the war but also learning forgiveness overcoming suicidal ideation discovering even grandchildren at every corner plus she's still trying to do her duty to her ever loyal and loving staff and Germans in need figure out her capacity for the many different roles and responsibilities she juggles PLUS she can surgically repair basically everything uses her gym regularly knows investments and banks and nuns still love her even though she shirks all things religious and babies love her and she appreciates good food and gets invited to sing for concert houses and can play any instrument and is STUNNING AND STRONG AND SEXUAL AND BASICALLY a superhero THIS IS WHY SHE DESERVES GIN breathes hide spoiler World War II has finally come to an end and Berlin has fallen Nearly everything Margarethe von Stahle has sworn to protect has been lost After being brutally abused by occupying Russian soldiers Margarethe must rely on the kindness of her friends to survive Fortunately the American Army has brought her former protege Sarah Weber back to Berlin As Margarethe confronts painful events that occurred during the war she must learn both to forgive and be forgiven

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