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Mostly Dead Things Mostly Dead Things is the story of Jessa Morton a woman who is left to pick up the pieces following her father’s suicide committed at the family’s taxidermy shop where Jessa works She her mother and her brother Milo get along well enough though the family struggles to communicate with each other often keeping conversations surface level Jessa attempts to find closure while Milo shuts down and their mother makes unusual art with the animals in the shop Jessa and Milo are also both still in love with Brynn who left them years ago without saying goodbye I wanted to like this story and the taxidermy element didn’t really bother me but I grew tired of the incessant descriptions of how dirty Jessa’s apartment was the physical descriptions of the same characters — repeatedly and Jessa’s general apathy Life isn’t perfect and neither are people but I wanted some form of “care” Recognizing grief is an individual process with no start or end date I struggled to find relatability with these characters The premise of Mostly Dead Things sounded interesting — a bit different however the execution just didn’t work well for me This fucked me up spectacularly I was simultaneously on the verge of tears nauseated and couldn’t put it down What a great novel Jesus One morning Jessa Lynn Morton walks into the family taxidermy shop to find that her father has committed suicide right there on one of the metal tables Shocked and grieving Jessa steps up to manage the failing business while the rest of the Morton family crumbles Her mother starts sneaking into the shop to make aggressively lewd art with the taxidermied animals Her brother Milo withdraws struggling to function And Brynn Milo’s wife—and the only person Jessa’s ever been in love with—walks out without a word As Jessa seeks out less than legal ways of generating income her mother’s art escalates—picture a figure of her dead husband and a stuffed buffalo in an uncomfortably sexual pose—and the Mortons reach a tipping point For the first time Jessa has no choice but to learn who these people truly are and ultimately how she fits alongside them It would have saved us all a lot of time and exasperation if the author of Mostly Dead Things had just included a note at the front of the book Dear reader please note that the family in this book is grieving and they have let things go a bit Therefore whenever any kind of household item is mentioned please assume it is dusty dirty sticky andor broken Whenever anyone has a runny nose or dirty hands please assume they wipe them off on the clothing they are wearing Further assume that said clothing does not get washed anytime soon Please be aware that no one is ever taking out the garbage It is really really important to me that you know everything is as gross as possible Thank you for your cooperation Enjoy the bookSo yes Mostly Dead Things is dirty and grimy to the point that it uickly becomes rote and repetitive But that's not all that's wrong with it Although this book is competently written it doesn't help that all the characters are crazily awful people Maybe the best one is the mother who nonetheless seems determined to ruin her kids' memories of their father long after he's around to defend himself Beyond her there's people who view spoilerkill animals in cold blood and illegally hide spoiler Find all of my reviews at “Why not try something different instead of the same old shit that’s been making us miserable our whole lives?” “I haven’t been miserable my whole life” “Really? I’ve been pretty miserable” Mostly Dead Things was brought to my attention a couple of months ago via way of a recommendation by my friend Mindy To her I say The jumping off point to this story is when Jessa Lynn finds her daddy has blown his brains out on the specimen table in the family’s taxidermy shop From there we meet the other members of the family – brother Milo whose wife that left him also happened to be Jessa Lynn’s girlfriend Milo’s daughter Lolee who was pretty much the daughter I’ve never had his stepson Bastien – back from rehab and a man of dubious means and their mother – recent widow turned pornographic taxidermy artist These were my people What can I say Ha Not really I’m about as basic as they come However I’m also pretty much white trash so I fell head over heels for all of these uirky misfits I mean if there was ever a book designed for me it would be one about a dysfunctional family who owns a taxidermy shop right???? For realz With my father gone gag taxidermy paid the rent I pinned antlers to rabbit heads stuffed with foam cuttings shellacked frogs propped at miniature card tables boiled a million alligator skulls mouths stuffed with pointy teeth painted blue and orange for UF football fans I turned ducklings into mermaids fish tails shimmering green gold Not to mention it was set in Florida STFU John Oliver Dear Florida Never stop being you At the end of the day this was a bizarre little book about getting through the grieving process and finding yourself Definitely not a book for everyone very detailed in description of creating a mount – not to mention the way some of the animals were acuired but Mitchell and I liked it enough for everyone Just look how happy it made him I'll definitely be buying a hard copy of this one for the bookhoardshelves Reading this book was a lot like riding a merry go round I was entertained and mildly fascinated by the unusual scenery until it became obvious that all we were really doing was riding through the same fixed territory again and again and again I was thinking this could even be a 4 star read for the first third or so but then found myself tossing away uarter and half stars as the circular path became less meaningfulPlenty has already been said about the sualid gruesome surroundings in which these characters live and work It has definitely put a lot of folks off and I completely understand In general this is the kind of thing I can take in stride If this is how the author chooses to set her story so be it So it wasn't the nasty aromatic descriptions that bothered me The problem I had is that this filth and muck is so pervasive that it loses any power it might otherwise have to do than simply disgust the readerEveryone in this novel has an afghan covered in crumbs and pet hair Nearly everyone's skin is greasy and pustular Everyone's floor is grimy; their carpets littered with trash dirty laundry and a uart of dust A uart? Really? That one made me sigh in half gallons If there is a dead animal within 50 paces of a character bits of gristle will adhere to their jeans and their hands will become coated with the slime of decay just before they drag them through their ratty hair Even the tailored sleek Lucinda leaves her waxy cotton swabs on someone else's bathroom counterand uses their toothbrush night after night Welcome to Pigville where everyone is a hoarder and everything is fetid Come for the taxidermy but stay for the pornThere is also a heavy reliance on repeating the same descriptive language character traits and stock gestures throughout That gets old too I lost count of the number of times one character sweeps the hair away from another's sweaty faceforehead and tucks it gently behind their ear More lipstick balm and gloss is applied to lips than at a beauty pageant If somebody is wearing a t shirt the neck wil be stretchd out of all proportion; if they are sporting a fluffy bathrobe is will slip down or fall open to reveal a shoulder a leg a breast If there's a beer it's going to get cracked; if there's not a beer it's going to get purchased at a convenience store by the six pack THEN cracked It's all so hackneyed and also so unfortunate I really think there is so much unrealized potential hereThere really does seem to be a rash lately of talented well intentioned debut novelists who include details they do not fully understand and professional editors who let them I don't know whether to be insulted or irritated so I'm both When red and blue lights flash from a police car or are reflected over the surface of a lake they don't combine to make purple It's just a fact of photo optics Eyes that are suinty and narrowly placed are no ready to analyze the tiniest detail of a pelt than eyes that are very open and widely spaced Also an optical fact And as all my friends know the coup de grace for me is when the author herself is self contradictoryp 145 The adult Jessa is playing house with Lucinda and tells us She sueezed fresh orange juice a thing I'd seen done only on TV or in moviesWhy then were we told thisp 68 A much younger Jessa is in the kitchen with her 4 year old nephew Bastien narrating He was standing at the counter with my mother as she pressed orange halves on a citrus pressBusted Penalty flags clutter the sordid field of play 25 stars Phenomenal ueer Ladies Taxidermy Complex Familial Relationships A Small Town a meteor to the gut Read it k bye uite the ueer novel I loved the ueerness of Mostly Dead Things its eccentricity its bi representation and its messy complicated associations between dead animals and human relationships and sexuality and grief There’s a raw physicality to this novel that will resonate with those who appreciate language that appeals to the senses like textures scents and motions like breaking into something with your hands or peeling something apart to reveal what lies underneathI feel like this book centers on grief an important topic and yet I wanted from the characters and the story Our main character Jessa Lynn mourns both her father who died by suicide as well as her lover – who also was married to her brother – who abandoned her The sheer enormity of Jessa Lynn’s grief pervades her life and the lives of the other characters in the novel Yet the emotions felt a bit too removed for me and the characters’ interior lives felt too obscured for me to make an honest connection with them I’m not sure if this is the desired response given that Jessa Lynn’s emotional arc seems to be that she and the rest of her family all repress their emotions surrounding Jessa Lynn’s father’s death and Jessa Lynn’s lover Brynn leaving without a word But by the time the characters finally started opening up toward the end of the book I felt that I hadn’t connected with them enough during the beginning and middle to truly care Overall an okay book with solid ueer representation by a ueer author Not my cup of tea but it may resonate with those who appreciate dark humor and books about the weight of things left unsaid Despite the neon bright cover that screams ‘uirky Funny’ Mostly Dead Things is Mostly about Sad People and I didn’t find much mirth in this debut maybe a sardonic undercurrent at best Instead this is uite a dark story about a family of grieving emotionally damaged people The narrator Jessa has only ever loved one woman Brynn but Brynn chose the conventional life of marriage and babies offered by Jessa’s brother Milo while continuing to have sex with Jessa on the sly This awkward love triangle holds barely until one day Brynn abruptly walks out on them both also abandoning her small children in the processSeveral years later Jessa and Milo’s father kills himself leaving Jessa struggling to manage the family taxidermy business and their mother channelling her pain into grotesue pornographic art made from dead animal parts A family unit devastated by these twin blows the lost binary star at the centre of their collective orbit is the main narrative strand Interspersed flashbacks delve into Jessa’s childhood and complicated relationships with both her father and BrynnThe book’s title can read “mostly dead things” or “mostly dead things” There are a lot of dead things in this book usually animals but also yards full of dead grass dead neighbourhoods dead relationships Emotionally closed off and numbing herself with alcohol Jessa is only “mostly dead” as is her brother Milo It’s a grimy book The swampy muggy Floridian setting; deliuescing roadkill; the gross yet mundane details of human bodies – Arnett creates a pervasive grubbiness throughout These descriptions are not extreme but they are freuent and endless repetition of words like muck grime puke snot blood dank belabours the point Creating this miasma takes up so much space on every page that the story struggles under the weight of it all leaving the main narrative undercooked Characters too are sketched rather than fully formed we are presented with every oozing zit and flaking scab but learn far less of their interior lives Perhaps it doesn’t help that the two ostensibly dominant charismatic characters are Jessa’s dad and Brynn who are both defined by their absence only seen in flashbacks and never really make a strong impression By the time that the remaining family members ‘make their way back to each other’ as their emotional arc rather predictably dictates this payoff felt a little false too pat and not fully earned Mostly Dead Things is an unconventional family drama that didn’t uite hit the mark for me 3 stars This is one of the strangest books I've ever read and it was fantastic Florida can be weird and Kristen Arnett was like hold my beer and created a wacky gut punching gem of a book It's a reminder that families are always changing families can be flawed and that learning to be vulnerable is such a huge act in itself Plus this book is very gay

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