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Ladysitting After hearing Lorene Carey speak recently at the Free Library of Philadelphia I couldn't wait to listen to the audiobook read by the author I enjoyed it every bit as much as I expected to Carey has a wry sense of humor as well as great empathy and narrated the story of her relationship with her grandmother with wit and compassion while also giving voice to the conflicting emotions she experienced while caring for her grandmother during the last years of her life first while her grandmother continued to live alone in her home in Collingswood and later when she came to live with Carey and her family in Philadelphia Like Grandma Jackson my vision of a good death includes good health and independence for many years then going to sleep one night and just not waking up But if I don't get my wish I hope to have care givers around me who are as patient loving and compassionate as Carey and her family members Swing and a missThis was just not a great book for me though it addressed many of my interests elderly issues end of life caregiving an elderly family member and the geriatric population in general There were some good sections and I wish those had been a larger portion of the bookThis book follows the author Lorene Cary as she tries to manage her family be involved in her church run her own foundation and now care for her 100 year old grandmother Nana is strong willed and is going to leave life on her own terms She makes a lot of unrealistic demands which the author and her family do their best to honor The author juggles all of this while retaining most of her sanity and her sense of humor She takes care of Nana in her home up until the final days I was hoping that this book would be about the author's relationship with her grandmother both as a child and as a caretaking adult Of course that was a part of the book but I wanted I was also hoping that the author would explore the mixed and conflicted feelings that come with caring for a family member She touches on these things but then backs away For example her Nana accuses the author of wanting her to die The author admits that is partly true and then leaves that topic there So much you could say about that She alludes to feelings of guilt and responsibility as well My other uibbles are that there were a few sentences throughout the book that were difficult to understand either due to punctuation or use of slang Another personal uibble is that there was too much scripture and churchiness for my taste If that is not your thing you may want to try a different book In summary I think that the author did a decent job of writing the book that she needed to write It was just not the book that I was looking for on this subject Here’s my review of this book on NPR The topic of caring for an elderly relative during the last year of their life is difficult but could also be beautiful in the face of that difficulty I guess that’s what I was hoping to read in this memoir Unfortunately the author didn’t dig deep enough to get there and the storytelling was unfortunately tedious Loved this book I listened to the audio read by the author and will read by her for sure Interwoven with her experience of providing hospice care to her grandmother are stories about other family members and several generations of relatives going back to the reconstruction period of the South 35 Stars I loved that in the audio version it is the author that reads the story Her inflection is very good I very much enjoyed the parts about her grandmother's life beginning middle and end The other parts about her choir were not as interesting to me I'm glad I got to listen to it after waiting almost a year for it to become available on my hold shelf through the library I'd recommend it My favourite part of this story is the title it illustrates the respect and infantalizing that we aim at our elders I expected personal remembrances than historical ones Thanks Beth for the recommendation I liked it also and tried to find another of her books to listen to but none are available in my libraries From cherished memories of weekends she spent as a child with her indulgent Nana to the reality of the year she spent “ladysitting” her now frail grandmother Lorene Cary journeys through stories of their time together and five generations of their African American family Brilliantly weaving a narrative of her complicated yet transformative relationship with Nana—a fierce stubborn and independent woman who managed a business until she was 100—Cary looks at Nana’s impulse to control people and fate from the early death of her mother and oppression in the Jim Crow South to living on her own in her New Jersey homeCary knew there might be some reckonings to come Nana was a force Her obstinacy could come out in unanticipated ways—secretly getting a driver’s license to show up her husband carrying on a longtime feud with Cary’s father But Nana could also be devoted to Nana’s father to black causes and—Cary had thought—to her grandchildren and great grandchildren Facing the inevitable end raises tensions with Cary drawing on her spirituality and Nana consoling herself with late night sweets and the loyalty of caregivers When Nana doubts Cary’s dedication Cary must go deeper into understanding this complicated womanIn Ladysitting Cary captures the ruptures love and perhaps forgiveness that can occur in a family as she bears witness to her grandmother’s 101 vibrant years of life I am stunned by the beauty of this minister's anguished relationship with Nana who has been dying for awhile the history of her family tied up in the history of Black America and tied into the new hope of a new century

About the Author: Lorene Cary

Lorene Cary born 1956 Philadelphia Pennsylvania is an American author educator and social activistCary grew up in a working class neighborhood in Philadelphia Pennsylvania In 1972 she was invited to the elite St Paul's boarding school in New Hampshire on scholarship entering in St Paul's second year of co education as one of the less than ten African American female students She spe

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