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The World Doesn't Reuire You Stories Established by the leaders of the country’s only successful slave revolt in the mid nineteenth century Cross River still evokes the fierce rhythms of its founding In lyrical prose and singular dialect a saga beats forward that echoes the fables carried down for generations—like the screecher birds who swoop down for their periodic sacrifice and the water women who lure men to wet deathsAmong its residents—wildly spanning decades perspectives and species—are David Sherman a struggling musician who just happens to be God’s last son; Tyrone a ruthless PhD candidate whose dissertation about a childhood game ignites mayhem in the neighboring once segregated town of Port Yooga; and Jim an all too obedient robot who serves his Master As the book builds to its finish with Special Topics in Loneliness Studies a fully realized novella two unhinged professors grapple with hugely different ambitions and the reader comes to appreciate the intricacy of the world Scott has created—one where fantasy and reality are eternally at war

About the Author: Rion Amilcar Scott

Rion Amilcar Scott is the author of the story collection The World Doesn't Reuire You NortonLiveright August 2019 His debut story collection Insurrections University Press of Kentucky 2016 was awarded the 2017 PENBingham Prize for Debut Fiction and the 2017 Hillsdale Award from the Fellowship of Southern Writers His work has been published in journals such as The Kenyon Review Crab

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    This is an incredibly ambitious collection the kind of book where the writer takes huge risks and doesn't look back There is a lot to admire in these stories and the fictional world of Cross River that serves as the backdrop The surreality works really well and the angry wit makes the writing so very sharp One thing I s

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    Edit 8119 This review was initially posted on 6919 but after seeing it get shouted out by Goodreads I've seen a review bomb effort undertaken by some dummy accounts giving this book 1 star ratings I just wanted to let people know that since I posted one of the earliest reviews of this book which I acuired at BookExpo Amer

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    Rion Amilcar Scott is one of my favorite living authorsThe World Doesn't Reuire You is Scott's second short story collection yet it is the one where a lot of readers were introduced to him due to a change in publisher from his first collection TWDRY published by LiverightNorton Insurrections published by University of Kentu

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    Rion Amilcar Scott’s story collection The World Doesn’t Reuire You is one of the most astonishingly smart collections I’ve ever read I don’t think I’ve read anything as brutally intelligent as Scott’s stories Even before I finished the book I wanted to gather all of the literature wonks I know and force them to re

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    uirky in an Ishmael Reed kind of way A heavy helping of satire with a steady stream of wisdom This short story collection is unlike any I’ve read in recent memory mainly because it is so left field in a positive way That magical realism pops up here and becoming a thing in fiction and really informs the entire collection I

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    If given the choice to have a conversation with any author dead or alive at this very moment I would pick Rion Amilcar Scott In his collection of stories The World Doesn't Reuire You Scott masterfully mixes a bizarre cocktail of satire magical realism and a world that only he could create After each story I literally said to myse

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    I opted to sit with this book awhile before deciding to write a review Prior to reading this work I had never heard of Rion Amilcar Scott nor had I any knowledge of his debut Insurrections The book was chosen for its cover which is absolutely captivating and its blurb I was intrigued by the concept of a generation of people with an

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    I was hooked from the very first story This book grabbed me and spoke to me in a way that no book has done in a truly long time This collection of essays covers coming of age and fables stories all wrapped into a beautiful collection that explores slavery love and connection mixed in with African American history and experience The t

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    My only need to stand as I did not in perfection nor in mastery nor even in competence but in constant work and growth Ugly words carelessly arranged can derange us just like beautiful words in beautiful order Ugly derangement saps us and depletes us devolves us to our base selves rips feathers from the wings we've gained from all our

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    I don’t know why there are so many overtly fake accounts giving this book 1 star

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