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Probability Statistics was written for a one or two semester probability and statistics course offered primarily at four year institutions and taken mostly by sopho and junior level students majoring in mathematics or statistics Calculus is a prereuisite and a familiarity with the concepts and elementary properties of vectors and matrices is a plus The revision of this well respected text presents a balanced approach of the classical and Bayesian methods and now includes a new chapter on simulation including Markov chain Monte Carlo and the Bootstrap expanded coverage of residual analysis in linear models and examples using real data Probability and Statistics

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    I've actually gone through several mediocre Statistics books before settling on this one They all seem to be identical from the outset but this one explains things a little bit clearly than the othersThe only thing I didn't like apart from the huge page format and the annoying International Edition crap on the front was the fact that certain key ideas were explained on the basis

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    This can be a difficult read The exercises are pretty good However I think work is reuired from the Author and the Publishers to make the information easier to understand

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    This book has a very coherent set of examples and homework uestions so that even if you don't go to lectures you are still able to read by yourself and solve the homework uestions from the bookHowever it doesn't cover all the necessary aspects on every topic and it doesn't have a very clear structure of the content inside each chapter Using it as a dictionary is a good idea But you have

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    I used this book while attending the introduction to statistical method for economists course in my bachelor however just finished it recently De Groot wrote it in detailed and clear way Among hundred books in this field it's the best choice to start struggling with prob and of course stat However personally some parts especially proofs and descriptions are unnecessarily intuitive and pret

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    Used as textbook by Robert Redinger Lecturer Graduate School of Industrial Administration Carnegie Mellon University for Probability and Statistics course seuence for first year MSIA MBA students 1980 81

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    Best book I have read on both subjects Just the right amount of math for someone that knows calc doesn't need a hand held but isn't a mathematicians very simple proofs

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