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Whisper Network Sloane Ardie Grace and Rosalita have worked at Truviv Inc for years The sudden death of Truviv’s CEO means their boss Ames will likely take over the entire company Each of the women has a different relationship with Ames who has always been surrounded by whispers about how he treats women Those whispers have been ignored swept under the rug hidden away by those in chargeBut the world has changed and the women are watching this promotion differently This time when they find out Ames is making an inappropriate move on a colleague they aren’t willing to let it go This time they’ve decided enough is enoughSloane and her colleagues’ decision to take a stand sets in motion a catastrophic shift in the office Lies will be uncovered Secrets will be exposed And not everyone will survive All of their lives—as women colleagues mothers wives friends even adversaries—will change dramatically as a resultIf only you had listened to us” they tell us on page one of Chandler Baker's Whisper Network “none of this would have happened 45 STARS An corporate office full of whispers tension and secrets #MeTOO # BuzzyBook If you are tired of predictable thrillers that seem too formulaic give this time bomb of secrets lies and regrets a go It still has the feel of a thriller but so much I was drawn into the whole atmosphere of Truviv Inc The tension that developed after the CEO's sudden death what that would mean for the women who had worked there for years and the anxiety that surrounded his replacement This prompts an increase in the  whispers and banding together of the women   I felt like I really got to know the women and was happy they supported each other So much to think aboutWhen the women decide enough is enough things get wildly out of control and the conseuences to everyone's actions come into uestion Who will survive? Who is telling the truth? Who has something to hide? I enjoyed the structure of the eye accounts pastpresent chapters deposition transcripts  employee statements and interviews It really kept the story moving and interestingA timely important topic and a shocker of an ending Highly RecommendThanks to Flat Iron Books for my advanced copy OUT ON JULY 2 2019  By whispering whose secrets were we keeping anyway ours or theirs? Whose interests did our silence ultimately protect? we grew tired of whispering because what were we hiding after all? We had stories all of us Would speaking up cost us? Maybe But maybe it would cost them too So while this book definitely speaks to an important and timely issue for women I simply did not love how it was executed here It's billed as a thriller that is part murder mystery and part manifesto it is not If you go into this expecting a thriller you will be disappointed by the execution in my opinion it doesn't live up to the genre I'd definitely classify this as women's fiction with a whodunnit death thrown in Unfortunately I had a hard time with this book The characters never fully resonated with me and I kept putting the book down in favor of others I was reading The Whisper Network definitely has a slow burn build up and I'm generally not a fan of those I did enjoy the end and despite having some thoughts on it I didn't have the whodunnit figured out exactly which I appreciated Still the book was overall just an okay read for me While I appreciate Chandler Baker's intentions definitely read the author's note and her desire to be a voice for women and support the brave women who have stopped whispering this is not a book I'd wholeheartedly recommend to friends or try to thrust in a fellow reader's hands The Whisper Network by Chandler Baker is a 2019 Flatiron Books publication A scathing darkly humorous novel of suspense When the CEO of Truviv Inc dies suddenly his probable replacement Ames is a man who has been the subject of whispers amongst female employees about his dubious treatment of women His possible promotion has placed four women in particular on edge Sloane Ardie Grace and Rosalita have each had a relationship of sorts with Ames over the years Knowing his proclivities they decide to prevent him from adding another notch on his belt by protecting the newest female hired at the company from his advances However their plans seem to have gone awry I've had this book on my TBR list for over a year I'm still trying to find books that will take my mind off the headlines which means I'm not always grabbing the newest releases any This book had an interesting premise so I plucked it out of the middle of the pile and thankfully it was a good choice This book challenged me enough to hold my attention from start to finish One reason why the story was able to distract me so thoroughly was the author's unusual presentation which apart from using traditional dialogue depositions interviews and other devices are employed to further the story along This approach kept me guessing and on my toes One small downside is that while the book is a mystery and can be suspenseful at times it's not a thriller in the traditional sense The pacing in not overly brisk and there is very little action It's of a story that delves into various issues women cope with in and out of the workplace both in the past and the present While acknowledging some progress the challenges women face is a constant battle with lots of room for improvement It is also a lesson on how to recognize the signs of harassment and bullying to prevent future generations from experiencing the same treatmentAn added bonus for me was the setting Dallas Texas which is within driving distance from my location and so I am pretty familiar with some of the landmarks mentioned The book is spot on in many ways and definitely depicts the need for a #MeToo movement It is certainly thought provoking and I think many women can relate to these characters in one way or another understanding the pressure to look and behave in a certain way as well as the subtle and not so subtle forms of harassment that cause so many conflicted emotions and even guilt The dialogue is witty sharp snarky and occasionally laugh out loud funny The characters develop nicely and the format is fresh and uniue Overall this is a timely and relevant story that tackles heavier issues in a stylish and entertaining format 4 stars The Whisper Network by chandler Baker was entertaining but boy did I struggle with this one for the first 200 pages I had seen where many readers have compared this one to Big Little Lies and I have to agree they are uite silimiar and this is probably why I picked this one up in the first place but I didnt find it as witty or as compelling as Big Little LiesThe book does have “ The me too campaign” at the heart of its story” as Four women Sloane Ardie Grace and Rosalita have worked in the same legal office of a large firm for a number of years but when the CEO dies suddenly his replacement to be “Ames” has a murky past and all the women have a different relationship with Ames and have reasons to put a stop to this man’s Advances The book is realistic in its identification what some women encounter and have had to put up with in the workplace and I can see this one being a big book club hit this season as plenty to discuss here The book works on many levels with a suspenseful and entertaining plot but my problem with the novel was that the characters were indistinguishable from each other for the first half of the story Sloane Ardie and Grace just seemed to blend together and I had a hard time keeping track of who was who I really didn't like or connect with any of them either I very nearly put this one into the DNF pile as it just didn't hold my attention but a friend encouraged me to stick with it as it would pick up in the second half and she was right it did turn out to be uite readable and I liked the ending Not one for my Favourites list but a book that was worth reading even if I did struggle through it Four powerful provocative remarkable outstanding effective encouraging the women’s story who knows to say no and who are ready to fight back starsThis is amazing mashup of Big Little Lies’ office version and 80’s movie Tomlin Parton Fonda Nine to Five’s dramatic version takes place at now Add some media power and sexual abuse cases We have a great book in our hands Imagine a business world dominated by powerful men who see women as expendable objects needed to be terminated if they create any small obstacles on their way to climb the highest stairs to the top of the world We don’t need to imagine Because this is not a fiction We’re living in this world described meticulously and impeccably on this book There is no exaggeration Every word is so true Corporate business life resembles a chaotic jungle and still Darwin’s theory of “Survival of the fittest” stands So the women have to wear boxing gloves and sharpen their knives or nails pick up their best weapon to fight back and survive to be a leader or take a permanent place at this jungle Which means we need to learn how to be a wild animalEverything started with the whispers at the restrooms on this book Then whispers get louder and turned into the speeches and finally action spoke louder than the words We finally heard the SCREAMHowever the story is told by four different women who have their own flaws secrets families and different ethical approaches to achieve their business goals they’re carrying their ambitions in their sleeves I really like Rosalita instead of these four women She was objective insightful one while she is working as cleaning lady and dusting the windows of Truviv she also opens different doors and let us see the different perspective of the story Her own story was heart wrenching and emotional genuine for meAs a matter of fact this book was not about solving the murder mystery and understanding which one of them is guilty? It was about learning to listen to those women at first and then learning to believe in them It was about to know your rights to be brave enough to stand for your own selfThe final pages are so emotional bending your heart breaking it in million pieces making you cry so hard The revelations of secrets parts are a little confusing for me I asked myself to many times which secret belongs to who? I made some re readings problem solved But still my mind got hurt It was like solving an euation with hundred variablesMessage is clear SPEAK UP FOR YOURSELF DON’T WHISPER JUST SHOUT OUT LOUDIt’s one of the greatest feminism manifest I’ve read lately So I mostly enjoy it 45 Fabulous StarsAlrighty then Let’s get down to the nitty gritty I went into this novel having very few preconceived notions and it worked for me I freaking loved it You know what they say Hell hath no furySo the “Whisper Network” what can I tell you? It is in fact controversial salacious and terrifying especially if you work in a professional environment which I do Game freaking on ladies and gents Four women work in a male dominated corporate environment and are sick and tired of being harassed and receiving disparate treatment Day in day out their lives are made to be a living hell in one way or another and yet they put up with it Gotta get that almighty paycheck ha Their boss Ames is uber successful and he takes what he can get whenever he can get it to everyone else’s detriment until now A character driven novel at its heart “Whisper Network” is a fast paced fresh wild and extremely relevant story about life in today’s world My advice go in with no expectations I did and it worked for me A huge thank you to Flatiron Books and Chandler Baker for my arc in exchange for an honest review Published on Goodreads and Twitter on 73119 Of all the stories from female authors that have been published this month this is the one Reese chooses for her book club? I mean it’s her book club she can do whatever she wants but I normally understand why a book is highlighted and right now I’m confused While this is a timely story with somewhat meaningful commentary on womanhood wifehood motherhood and the power relations at play on the work field between men and women the plot itself is nothing captivating because nothing new is actually being said And I could not stand the narration style It reminded me too much of those TV series that have a narrator narrating everything that is happening even though the viewer is able to understand that on their own There were many series like that in Romania where I spent time this summer and they drove me absolutely crazy For example you see a woman on the screen approaching another person and you hear the narrator say ‘‘Alicia doesn’t know how to approach Clive She is deeply in love with him but is afraid to show her real feelings because she doesn’t want to be rejected’’ Omg stop The writing is good though The author does over describe or over explain but she does so in a way that is straight forward and clear not confusing or unnecessarily purple y The story is not what is promised I was promised a thriller or at least an interesting mystery but it’s a very soft type of mystery that is only a mystery because most of us are human beings who cannot read the future and so cannot predict what will happen in twenty fifty two hundred pages If you don’t care that little will shock or surprise you and you simply want to read a story about female bonds ambition and revenge with different not uite memorable POVs and an unconventional narration style I will not keep you from reading this bookBlog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’ “Listen”Whisper Network is a timely and powerful read about four women working in corporate America who band together to stop the whispers and speak up about sexual harassment and assault in the workplace This is part mystery part women’s fiction and part social commentary told through the voices of four women They are done covering for their predator of a boss They hear the whispers that surround him they have been subjects of the gossip Some are his victims while others have been compliant in covering up his crimes Their jobs reputations and marriages are at stake so they pretend nothing ever happened They just try and function day to day without focusing on what was done to them or still being done to them They are vulnerable real and raw They aren’t always the best people but when it comes time to stand up for one another they take chargeThey decide to stop whispering and speak up While they were prepared to have to defend themselves in the process of speaking up what they weren’t prepared to face was being accused of murder I have to say I didn’t love these characters; they are not the most likable but they grew on me By the end I felt like I knew them and I was surprised by how emotional I was reading the final pages Whisper Network offers an honest look at how women are treated in the workplace Not only by how they are treated by men but also how women treat one another This is an important and provocative read about the power of speaking up for those who don’t have a voice “Our legacy would be our words Shouted out loud For all to hear We were done petitioning to be believed We were finished reuesting the benefit of the doubt We weren’t asking for permission The floor was ours” I won a copy of this book in a GR giveaway This book deals with the issues facing women in the working world the attempt to have it all the sexual harassment the pay gaps It was actually depressing for me As a woman in her 60s who’s now retired all these were issues I faced in my 20s 30s and 40s I guess I had hoped the younger generations were having an easier time of it Not so There’s even a subplot of school age bullying of one woman’s 10 year old daughter TWN covers four women lawyers for an active wear company along with a female cleaner for the company From the beginning we know someone has died suicide? Murder? and there are lawsuits going on as there are depositions taking place There’s a steady pace to this book a drumbeat of things about to go terribly wrong Bad decisions are made by all the women Baker uses a variety of techniues including straight narrative depositions employee comments police uestioning newspaper articles and online responses to those articles It’s a nice mix that moves the story forward The book tackles all sorts of privilege Male privilege White privilege Pretty privilege I can’t say I loved the book The characters irritated me often than not Each chapter ends with a mini cliff hanger that grew tiresome But I appreciated the points it made Parts of the ending were predictable but there was one part that really surprised me This was a good audio book easy to listen to and keep tabs on the storyline The narrator does a good job of distinguishing between the characters

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