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Bayesian Statistics the Fun Way A really interesting approach to teaching bayesian statistics My biggest complaint is that it does not stick with degree of belief interpretation of probability consistently often appealing to freuentist ideas Fun guide to learning Bayesian statistics and probability through unusual and illustrative examplesProbability and statistics are increasingly important in a huge range of professions But many people use data in ways they don't even understand meaning they aren't getting the most from it Bayesian Statistics the Fun Way will change thatThis book will give you a complete understanding of Bayesian statistics through simple explanations and un boring examples Find out the probability of UFOs landing in your garden how likely Han Solo is to survive a flight through an asteroid shower how to win an argument about conspiracy theories and whether a burglary really was a burglary to name a few examplesBy using these off the beaten track examples the author actually makes learning statistics fun And you'll learn real skills like how to How to measure your own level of uncertainty in a conclusion or belief Calculate Bayes theorem and understand what it's useful for Find the posterior likelihood and prior to check the accuracy of your conclusions Calculate distributions to see the range of your data Compare hypotheses and draw reliable conclusions from themNext time you find yourself with a sheaf of survey results and no idea what to do with them turn to Bayesian Statistics the Fun Way to get the most value from your data Excellent intro This book describes introductory topics in Bayesian statistics in a brisk and accessible manner The exposition starts with basic probability and then gets into conditional probability and Bayes theorem It then talks about parameter estimation the exposition about mean as an estimation is nice and hypothesis testing Through out it keeps the contents both accessible and intuitive which I was happy with when compared to other books I have tried to read on this subject Of course this means it sacrifices mathematical rigor which it explicitly does not promise in the title This also means that reader will have to read elsewhere to get into Bayesian data analysis or deeperapplied aspects of Bayesian statisticsOverall a good introductory book on probability and Bayesian statistics This is a wonderful book that hold your hand and guide you through Bayesian Statistics from first principle I wish I had read this book first before diving and wasting so many time on others books which leave me nothing but a sour taste for StatisticsWhile this book is certainly not an extensive textbook cover all topics of statistics it will give you enough motivation and importantly love to get you down the Statistics rabbit's holeI love how each concept is carefully aided by a well designed real life relevant example rather than just abstract vague description like from other books I really liked this book Kurt is a good technical writer who can clearly explain boring concepts in the most concise ways I also liked the way the book moves from topics to topics There's correlation and connection that builds upon knowledge gained from one chapter to the next I made a note to re read chapter 11 where Kurt explained the normal distribution concept with the example of a villain who has 6 fuses to set off a bomb And how we can use statistics to determine the strength of our belief in the uncertaintiesAnd I liked the simple R codes he scattered for us to use When I got the same results in R I was elated Best 5 seconds no money can buy As a person with statistical training I found this book an easy read but also very informative The author has his own particular style of teaching and choice of scenarios which might not appeal to everyone but there is no doubt the underlying statistics are sound Fun book for review and intuitionexamples Great introduction to Beasian Statistics accessible even to complete novices Good intro to Bayesian Stats Loads of errors in the answer key made it difficultannoying to check and verify work

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