Alphabet Animals A Slide and Peek Adventure Slide And Peek

Alphabet Animals A Slide and Peek Adventure Slide And Peek Book In this innovative book animals take the shapes of all the letters in the alphabet From an alligator to a zebra each animal represents a different letter—but what could it be To find the answer children can pull out the pages to find the letter and the animal’s name This fun format is perfect for children who are learning to grasp the familiarity and phonetics of the alphabet as the first letter of each animal’s name corresponds to the letter depicted Children will learn their ABCs while exposing themselves to a wide array of animals Parents and kids alike will delight in Suse MacDonald’s uniue cut paper collage style artwork

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    Published 2008This colorful ABC book offers a picture of an animal that is shaped like or posed like the first letter of its name ie the alligator is posed like a capital A Then the reader pulls a tab to reveal the letter and the name of the animal printed in regular fontThe pictures are engaging for young children Dislike 1 the use of some imaginary anima

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    I just finished reading the alphabet picture book Alphabet Animals A Slide and Peek by Suse MacDonald I loved this picture book for young children Each page consists of an animal that starts with the letter it is representing and is also illustrated to look like the shape of the letter Each page has a page you pull out that has the letter represented with t

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    This is a fun and uniue idea for a children's book about letters the letters are designed as animals or the animals are designed to be in the shapes of letters It encourages children to see beyond just the animal and look for something Then they can slide out the insert to see if they are right about both the letter and the animal It is colorful and excitin

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    This is a good idea I think and for the originality that Suse MacDonald brings to an old idea I would grant this book one and a half stars There are some amusingly positioned animals in the ranks of the alphabet as well as some letters that are represented by animals so obscure that I'm not sure if I had ever previously even heard their names

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    This a fun book for letter recognition and it's great for building vocabulary since many of the animals are out of the ordinary

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    This is a great concept for an alphabet book with wonderful illustrations I don't think the slide and peek aspect will last long in a public library though P

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    This book is great for letter recognition The illustrations are fantastic

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    a slide and peek adventure an animal in the shape of a letter pull the tab and see the letter

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    I like this book because each animal is in the shape of letter You can pull th etab and see the letter

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    The illustrations are fabulous and the majority of the letters have easily identifiable animals However some like entry for x kids will identify as a bird rather than xenops

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