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Breaking the Ice Nikki Danielle Tori and Jil are four talented skaters who share one special dream—competing in the Olympics someday And they're going to try to make it all happen in Silver Blades the best skating club around Nikki Simon is thrilled when she makes the Silver Blades skating club But Nikki uickly realizes that being a member of Silver Blades is going to be tougher than she thought Both Nikki and another skater Tori Carsen have to land the double flip jump But how far will Tori go to make sure that she lands it first This is a very entertaining book on ice skating I learnt a lot from it It also has a lot of lessons determination is one of them Being a figure skater this book is pretty awesome one of the best books i've read recently i'm in college and i thought this book would be too childish or too simple however it is wonderfuli love reading about how hard nikki has to work and everything she is going through as she joins the club This book holds so much nostalgia for me I’ve had the first six books since elementary school and I recently found them on my shelf I remember loving them when I was 10 and I look back on them fondly

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