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Things You Save in a Fire It’s all about forgiveness Even when you tell yourself you can’t life might just surprise youOccasionally a book can reach deeply touching you profoundly The best part is you never see it comingThis book had me smiling crying then smiling once again through my tears Cassie is a tough as nails firefighter She’s got to be She’s working in a typically male dominated field and they never let her forget itBut hands down Cassie is the best at what she does So driven in fact her private life takes a major backseat Actually it’s nonexistent She does not date She does not do romanceCassie left her life behind in Austin to look after her mother in Massachusetts That means she must once again prove her mettle to both her new station and herself Maybe it’s time for new beginnings professionally and personallyCassie must learn some most valuable lessons if she hopes to move forward More specifically how to incorporate a sense of forgiveness into her no nonsense life To rise above and forgive others along the wayand perhaps in return the chance to forgive and heal herself Maybe I just learned a little bit about forgiveness tooKatherine Center has written a true to life heartwarming story that will touch every reader fortunate enough to pick this gem up From the most hardened of hearts to the hopelessly mushy reader There are so many wonderful soul searching moments within this read that there will be than a few that stand out and speak to you This was my first read from this author and can’t wait to back track and get my hands on her previous book It was written from the heart to the heartIf there is one book I would recommend above all others this yearit would be this one Do not miss out It is a must readThis was an incredible buddy read with Susanne that has us still talking about itThank you to Jordan Hanley at St Martin’s Press for an ARC to read and review 375 starsSuper sweet love story that made this cynic both cringe and smile Things You Save in a Fire is about a woman who must learn to forgive in order to love Cassie a 26 year old firefighter in Austin Texas has faced a lot of adversity in her life On her 16th birthday her mother left her father and Cassie for another man which led to further tragedy Further being a woman in a male dominated profession she has had to fight her way to acceptance So when her estranged mother asks Cassie to come care for her outside of Boston while she adjusts to going blind it should be an easy transition for Cassie But when she arrives in Lillian at her new firehouse she faces challenges she never thought she would experience including learning to forgive and accept love Things You Save in a Fire was exactly what I needed It’s light and happy but also has some depth There’s a lot to love I especially loved Cassie’s character It was refreshing to have a strong independent female protagonist not fall for losers I admired how she didn’t back down from challenges and loved seeing her best the guys at the firehouse I also loved her relationship with her mother Cassie’s relationship with the rookie was sweet I just wish it hadn’t been so rushed towards the end Onto my cynical side There were times especially when Cassie made grand declarations of love when I was groaning aloud and had to cover my eyes which makes it hard to read The proposal scene was especially hard to take I know I know I am just that person Everything just came together too uickly and too neatly At the same time these were some very sweet and endearing moments that felt authentic As for some of the others my brain just has trouble processing them as reality Overall this is an easy and enjoyable read even for those who are cynics at heart I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and St Martin’s Press in exchange for an honest review Cassie Hanwell was born for emergencies As one of the only female firefighters in her Texas firehouse she's seen her fair share of them and she's excellent at dealing with other people's tragedies But when her estranged and ailing mother asks her to uproot her life and move to Boston it's an emergency of a kind Cassie never anticipatedThe tough old school Boston firehouse is as different from Cassie's old job as it could possibly be Hazing a lack of funding and poor facilities mean that the firemen aren't exactly thrilled to have a lady on the crew even one as competent and smart as Cassie Except for the handsome rookie who doesn't seem to mind having Cassie around But she can't think about that Because she doesn't fall in love And because of the advice her old captain gave her don't date firefighters Cassie can feel her resolve slippingbut will she jeopardize her place in a career where she's worked so hard to be taken seriouslyKatherine Center's Things You Save in a Fire is a heartfelt affecting novel about life love and the true meaning of courage 5 Sappy Stars An Unputdownable Funny Fabulous and Sweet novel that will end up on my Best of List for 2018 How do I love Thee? Let me tell you the ways “Things You Save in a Fire” turned me into a complete mush Yes it’s true and I admit it I know I know it’s unbelievable right? Roll your eyes at me go ahead it seems utterly preposterous given what you all know of me but it happened I’ve been transformed into a schmoopy girl for real And you have Katherine Center to thank Cassie Hanwell is a Firefighter She isn’t exactly great with people but she’s awesome at her job Austin has been her home for years now and she loves it there When her mom who is in bad health calls her reuesting that she go back home to Massachusetts Cassie feels that she has no choice She plans to give it a year Fight fires and do what it takes to care for the mom who abandoned her when she was Sixteen that’s it What she didn’t plan for is meeting the Rookie You know what they say about plans don’t you?What made “Things You Save in a Fire” so great you ask? Well it’s completely and totally HILARIOUS I started reading this in public and broke into hysterical laughter within the first few pages People at Starbucks stopped conversations to stare at me It happened again just a few minutes later and I actually had to put my head down because I was laughing so hard my body was shaking it was then that I knew that reading this novel in public might not be the best idea In addition every moment of this novel felt like real life I was completely and totally immersed because I identified with so much of what Cassie was going through For as many times as I laughed hysterically there were just as many where I ached for Cassie Her pain tore through me and my chest caught My stomach felt as though it was filled with needles and then well the crying commenced And then of course there’s the Rookie Sigh Yeah that guy was the real deal Schmoop City Cassie however doesn’t do relationships In fact she thinks their dumb The fact is Cassie certainly doesn’t let people in and she never lets people hug her yet for some reason she can’t get the Rookie out of her mind Funny how that works In the end “Things You Save in a Fire” swept me off of my feet It has great believable characters heartfelt realistic writing and fantastic storytelling This book is simply unputdownable It is endearing funny fabulous and sweet This was a buddy read with Kaceey We absolutely LOVED this book To say we loved it doesn’t even begin to describe our feelings Laughter tears and lots of smiles ensued while reading this So glad I got to read this one with you KaceA huge thank you to Jordan at St Martin’s Press for recommending and passing along this book It will definitely appear on my Goodreads Best of list for 2018 Thank you also to Katherine Center for this fabulous read I can’t wait to read How to Walk Away which we have coming up soonPublished on Goodreads 121318Except to be Published on InstagramWill be published on Twitter and on release date 25Sad to say but I wouldn’t save this book in a fireThought I’d like a light read but man this one took “light” to a whole new low level Trite predictable and ultra simplistic I also found the book in spots embarrassing Picture a Hallmark card that shows a female firefighter flexing her gigantic muscles while smiling and shouting “Happy forgiveness”This is the story of a feisty and expert firefighter named Cassie who falls in love Other crew members include a Mr Wonderful a mom with an eye patch and a firehouse full of men who are nervous wrecks because they have to work with a woman Mostly we’re inside Cassie’s boring headOh don’t get me started Almost everything about this book annoyed me Okay I’ll play nice and put a few little things in the Joy JarJoy Jar Even though Cassie bugged me I have to say she’s a good person which makes her likeable And she’s a superstar firefighter with a great track record for saving lives I liked the surprise scene at the awards ceremony at the beginning of the book It was underplayed though I wanted Loved the scene where the firefighters were putting out a tough fire It was well written and exciting and I was glued to the pageThere are some big turn offs though Sigh I must drag out the Complaint BoardComplaint BoardStop showing off Cassie is as strong as an ox Okay that’s pretty cool if you’re into people being physically strong which I am not Cassie gets busy showing off to the guys just how much better she is at well everything Damn straight She does 11 one handed pull ups and that puts those men in their place all right Oh and she puts them to shame at basketball too She truly is a wonder woman Showing off is so obnoxious to me I don’t care what gender you are The vibe here was of course girls are just as good as boys so there Cassie seemed like a 5 year old yelling “I’m just as good as you are Mr penis head” I like it when females KNOW they’re just as good when they don’t feel like they have to prove anything when they aren’t pitting themselves against the opposite sex when they’re just doing their own thing I don’t like wars Cassie showing up the guys at work isn’t going to raise the men’s consciousness I don’t believeOh god please don’t go all girly Cassie was supposed to be Ms Independent Woman who “didn’t need no man” and then suddenly she turned all girly girly when Mr Dreamboat appeared Who would have thunk it? Oh he’s so cute Oh isn’t their silent and secret love adorable? Oh aren’t Cassie’s giggly thoughts her fluttering heart her jelly ness just oh so precious too? Gag me with a spoon It was sickening to watch her swoon Cassie herself doesn’t like it that she’s all girly but she apparently can’t help herself The fact that a grown woman turns into a hormonal preteen is beyond obnoxious to me Some guy turns you on great Go for it You don’t have to fall apart and act silly She did hide her feelings but we had a front row seat to watch what was going on inside her silly head Lucky us To make it worse there’s a puke worthy scene when she’s getting dressed up to go on a date I don’t want to read about primping for a date I really don’t Doesn’t interest me in the leastCome on can you really forgive? I know you’re supposed to forgive but in most cases I think it’s unnatural I just can’t get with the forgiveness program I just can’t Telling me to forgive is like telling me to calm down—not a chance in hell And the poor person who suggests that I do? I may not ever forgive them lol I have trouble believing that forgiveness works for anyone but I’m probably just jaded Cassie forgave two people in her life I did understand her forgiving one of them but forgiving the other person was ludicrous and it really riled me upNope don’t believe how you acted around the problem firefighter I didn’t believe Cassie’s reaction to him I can’t go into details but I can say this I don’t believe she figured out the problem I don’t believe she arrived when she did I don’t believe she got him to do what she wanted That storyline felt all wrongA non Cassie related complaint The language and internal monologues are just too sophomoric In fact I would be curious to learn what the reading level would be for this book Middle school maybe?I know I sound so curmudgeonly You probably all don’t believe me but I really do like to read an occasional romance This one just didn’t cut it; too Hallmark y and trite Remember though I’m the outlier here Most people thought it was a decent beach read; I would have buried it in the sand and called it a dayThanks to NetGalley for the advance copy 45 StarsCassie Hanwell is one strong cookie She must be she is the only female firefighter at her station To prove herself she must be better faster and harder working than her male counterparts She works in a male dominated fieldhow male dominated? I did some research and found that There are 116 million firefighters in the United States but only 7 percent are women according to the National Fire Protection Association That's a big gap and Cassie feels it in this book Cassie is a complete professional when dealing with emergencies high stress situations and tragedies on the job In her personal life not so much You see Cassie doesn't have a personal life She doesn't date she doesn't hang out she doesn't really have friends she's not looking for a boyfriend she fills her life with work and responsibilityShe is torn when she receives a call from her estranged and ailing Mother A mother who left when Cassie was a teenager a Mother she has spent years being angry with A Mother she blamed But when an incident occurs at an awards ceremony Cassie decides to transfer to a new firehouse outside of Boston so that she can work while helping her MotherOnce again she is one of the newest members at a fire station that isn’t too happy to have a female there She is subjected to hazing and must prove herself and her abilities as a firefighter She knew it would be hard staring over she was mentally prepared for that What she wasn't prepared for was the feelings she began to experience when she met the Rookie Owen Callahan Her old chief gave her strict instructions Never date a firefighter It doesn't help that the two newbies get paired up for everything She can't escape him or her feelingsShe also can't escape her feelings about being around her Mother Forgiveness is a theme in this book Forging others Forging yourself That being vulnerable does not make you weak and that giving someone a second chance can turn everything aroundI loved how this book was about relationships in various forms friendships relationships with co workers relationships between a parent and their child romantic relationships etc I also loved the theme of forgiveness and the path the characters choose to go on in terms of forgiveness I also loved how Cassie was a strong female character who changed and grew over the course of this book She had flaws she had pain she had sadness and anger she also had courage heart and determination She felt realbelievable What she was feeling and how she re acted to situations made sense I enjoy romances and this was so much than that It contained great likable and some not so likable characters a great theme and the growth of the characters This was a captivating and engaging book It is beautifully written and grabbed my attention right away I rooted for several of the characters and loved every single page Plus it did not feel rushed at all and it had an epilogue YES Plus there is a little nod to the accident from How to Walk Away which I thought was a nice touchThank you to St Martin's Press and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions are my own 5 stars ““It’s not the easy moments that define who we are It’s the hard ones” This is my second book by Katherine Center the first was ‘Happiness for Beginners and this one also blew me away It’s safe to say Centers is an author that just does it for me Her writing and storytelling has this ability to draw me in and her books become instant favorites for me After reading this my heart was so full and I couldn’t stop smiling It wasn’t an easy read from start to finish There were some parts that were really emotional and difficult but I loved it so much Cassie Hanwell is a kick ass firefighter who’s on her way to the top in her firehouse in Texas When a few unexpected things happen she moves to a smaller town outside of Boston to help her mother She joins the fire station there and things aren’t like they were in Texas In Texas she wasn’t the only woman firefighter She was respected and treated as an eual among the men Here at her new fire station not so muchCassie is experienced and knows than a lot of the firefighters there but she still has to prove herself to these guys She starts with a rookie and ends up with him a lot He becomes her person on the crew as much as she doesn’t want that to happen I loved the rookie so much He was by far my favorite character in this book I fell in love with his charming and sweet character and I loved how he treated Cassie One thing I truly love about Katherine Center’s books is the way she writes such a beautiful love story without it being the focus or most important part of the story I love a good romance than most but sometimes it’s nice to read a book that has other elements as well This book was about love but it also was about healing finding yourself growth strength and family It was heartwarming and had some heavy hitting topics but was also funny at times and felt lighthearted in certain scenes It was such a wonderful read for me and I can’t recommend it enough “Choosing to love—despite all the ways that people let you down and disappear and break your heart Knowing everything we know about how hard life is and choosing to love anyway That’s not weakness that’s courage” NOW AVAILABLEThis is my first book by Ms Center and it was like a breath of fresh air for me I had been reading an extremely heartbreaking and soul searching type of book when I knew I needed something to lift me up This book was just the ticketCassie Hanwell had been settling in and working fine with the Austin fire department She loved her job she was finally getting the respect she deserved and the firefighters were a great group of guys “Anyone who’d seen our rainbow flag flying or shopped at one of our vegankosher bake sales or seen our fire marshal tooling around in a Prius knew we were a progressive department” Everything was going great until she learned she was going to be presented with a valor award she had pretty much single handedly saved children who had been trapped in a school bus after an accident Her small stature made her the only one who was small enough to climb through the bus window and hand the kids out one at a timeSo what went wrong? Well it was the presenter of the award the one man in her life who she had hoped never to cross paths with again let alone receive an award from and having to shake his hand She managed to make it up to the stage but when when Heath Thompson city councilman decided to make a pass Cassie lost it basically pummeled the man She was given an option after that be terminated or choose another department far awayCassie’s mother left her when she was 16 and she had been living with her father ever since Now Diana has called for her help she has lost vision in one eye and the other is failing She would like Cassie to come to stay with her in Massachusetts “not forever a year at most” So she is transferred to a new fire department in LillianThis new department is a far cry from Austin it is old the trucks and euipment are the bare minimum and the firemen are a different breed also They aren’t hostile but they definitely don’t feel comfortable having a woman firefighter around Through the life she begins to share with her mother and the new crew that she forges friendships with we see how Cassie grows as an individual She finally has a love interest after being lonely for most of her life We learn the reasons why she has distanced herself from her mother and why she “lost it” at the award ceremony what Heath Thompson did to her when she was 16The character development in this novel is top notch and I am still thinking about them now The plot at times is a bit predictable but it doesn’t matter the feel of the entire book is positive It focuses on forgiveness of others and yourself something that most of us struggle with from time to time Many types of relationships are touched upon mother daughter father daughter friends co workers I loved this bookThis book is set to be published on August 13 2019I received an advance copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley Five well deserved positive hopeful when you read it this book gives you hope joy not only warm definitely heat your heart gives you tunes makes you dance and sing at the end you feel like you’re watching Gosling and Stone’s favorite LaLaLand dance scene on your mind over and over again starsWhat an inspirational fantastic book with those beautiful characters I wish they were real so I could give them a very big GROUP HUG and tell them I love you 3thousand I start to read this book on my lunch break but lunch turned into let’s have dessert and coffee break too and coffee break turns into oh look at the look let’s also have some chai tea latte it’s 5 pm thankfully I’m self employed As you can imagine I had the longest lunch of the historyMy counted sighs during this reading 216 My counted giggles 34they were embarrassing my advice don’t do at the restaurants crowded with the businessmen with serious faces one of them already gave me his card you guess right he’s shrinkMy counted teardrops More than 1000 last pages are really hard to survive good news a small boy around 6 years young who was sitting at the next table gave me his chocolate chip cookie my favorite So I ate it and continued to sob At least my ugly cries stopped I loved Cassie she’s achiever fighter and also survivor smart competitor tough but she’s lonely hides herself by building concrete walls around her feelings Till he met the ROOKIE Nope we don’t talk about Nathan Fillion and his TV series but let’s imagine 20 years younger version of him I think Cassie is not going be the only one who is gonna fall in love with rookie The Rookie only mentioned few times his real name but this nickname stuck with himis the sweetest nicest hero that you can ever imagine He’s natural born charmer but as a big plus he can really cook He can sense something happened so bad to Cassie in the past but he is really patient enough to win her heart I confess as I read a few pages I thought this is a chic lit meets rom com kinda book The girl had incident with the city council member who sueezed her butt when she was getting her award for her achievements as a firefighter at the time she’s about to get promoted So she refused to tell she was sorry to the council member so she was transferred to her new work place with full of biased Neanderthal meets cavemen suspicious coworkers But the other main reason of her move is her sick estranged mother’s need of her urgent help So we think okay classically Cassie will make them eat their statements about a woman cannot be good firefighter and beat them up with her spectacular efforts and achievements She’s gonna learn how to forgive her mother and after longtime she’s gonna learn to open her heart for real love at first sight a big applause for ROOKIE Or let’s chant IN WE ROOKIE WE TRUSTBut it’s not simple like that There are so many issues sensitively told on this book starting with abuse abandonment early death drug addiction fatal diseases miscarriages vandalism etc And the most interesting thing the author meticulously deals with these matters and at the end she shows us there are still starts shining above us at the darkest times of the night She gives us hope guy and helps us meet with our own happiness It’s all about to change your point of view and learn how to forgive starting with yourself You got it why I gave five stars Because I have no choice Good news Most of the people at the restaurant who just witnessed my reading already started to give their pre orders for this book Okay I make them do it by yelling HEY WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR READ THIS BOOK But this is irrelevant I hope everybody enjoys this as much as like meThanks to the publisher for ARC COPY and my special thanks to NetGalley But mostly thanks to the author for creating this amazing workbloginstagramfacebooktwitter My reviews can also be seen at “Saving lives was easy Saving herself was another story” What a fantastic read Cassie Hanwell is a firefighter with the Austin Fire Department She is a very busy and independent woman Her co workers think she's lonely but she tells them she’s happy with the way things areCassie is about to receive the Austin Fire Department’s Valor Award She is the FIRST female to ever win this prestigious award Cassie is anxiously waiting for them to call her to the stage to receive her award from the Mayor However an announcement is made saying that someone else will be giving Cassie the award When Cassie sees who it is she's shocked But the shock wears off uicklyWhat happens next is COMPLETELY unexpectedOn top of everything else Cassie's mother has been trying to get in touch with her Cassie and her mother are far from close so she’s stunned when her mother says “I need you to come to Massachusetts to live with me She has some health issues and needs Cassie’s help She asks Cassie to think it over Cassie says she doesn’t need any time to thinkthe answer is noUnfortunately before she knows it she’s moving to BostonCassie will be working at the Lillian Fire Department where she’s needed but not wanted The LFD has NEVER had a woman firefighter Cassie is determined to prove she can do the job just as well as they can She is advised to do anything she can to keep from reminding them that she’s a woman no makeup no long hair no jewelryetc but she also shouldn’t back down get offended or show fear Will Cassie be able to deal with the “good old boys” and their archaic ideas? “So to succeed in my new job I basically need to be an asexual androgynous human robot that’s dead to all physical and emotional sensation” Easy peasy right?Soon some surprising feelings have Cassie rethinking many parts of her life Is it possible that she may even end up breaking the biggest rule of all ?Cassie survived her past by never talking about it with ANYONE She closed off many parts of herself so then she wouldn't get hurt But could she be missing out on something wonderful?Every now and then a story comes along that gets me right in the heart “Things You Save in a Fire” is that kind of storyI've said it before but I really do love the way Katherine Center writes about the messy parts of life with such honesty The storyline was well written and there were many great relatable characters From the laugh out loud moments to the heartbreaking moments this story had me gripped until I finished the very last page“Things You Save in a Fire” is a heart warming gut wrenching and hilarious story about healing family forgiveness courage and love I'd like to thank St Martin’s Press for providing me with an advanced copy of this novel All views are my own

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Katherine Center is the New York Times bestselling author of How to Walk Away the upcoming Things You Save in a Fire August 2019 and five other bittersweet comic novels Six Foot Pictures is currently adapting her fourth novel The Lost Husband into a feature film starring Josh Duhamel Leslie Bibb and Nora Dunn Katherine has been compared to both Nora Ephron and Jane Austen and the Dallas

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