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The Escape Room Fascinating page turner totally a book cannot be put down Too many puzzles too many uestions so many twists This book contains so much despicable ruthless nasty notorious characters shapeless products from the intercourse Hitler and R Kelly kind of evil evil looks like Tinkerball when you compare him with those in humans characters Each character we learn about them we think we cannot despise but actually yes we can At the beginning we thought they didn’t deserve to be locked up and there might be some way to rescue them But a fewer pages later I started to sing “ Burn baby burn Disco Inferno” and” Ain’t no rest for the wicked”So yes Karma finally shows her ugly face at the end It’s a great mash up of Exam Interview and Unknown movies which are good thrillers in one location and the twisted final reminded me of Netflix famous Spanish series “ La Casa De Papel”So buckle up walk on disgraceful characters bodies with your high heels enjoy this entertaining showbloginstagramfacebooktwitter Hello friends let me introduce you to my latest compulsive read It was utter bananas and for those who need a grounded realistic thriller this is not for you However if you fall into the category of I need a fast paced balls to the wall compulsive page turner do yourself a favor and move The Escape Room to the top of your summer TBR list I was perusing my shelves this weekend and realized I had a craving to be entertained I didn't need anything complicated nor grounded; I simply wanted a thrilling read that would keep me turning the pages all night long The plot is simple mostly predictable and pretty straight forward I almost hate to call it a mystery because the point of this one isn't really some big twist that the publisher promises you won't see coming Thank you St Martin's Press for not printing that sentence on the front cover I think the truly gratifying aspect of this story is watching the revenge fantasy play out The story is told while alternating between the current day chapters taking place in the elevator escape room between four wall street finance colleagues and the portions from the past filled in from a former employee of this same financial organization Again you pretty much know who is doing what from the prologue as we are shown the final elevator scene at the very beginning and come back around to how we got there I know that sounds like a bummer but it worked really well for me and shows that the author can carry a breathtaking novel in a satisfying manner well beyond a few mind blowing plot twistsI think the best part of the story is how we slowly are privy to why each person was chosen to be in the escape room and how everything from both timelines ties together While again not realistic it makes for a highly entertaining read one that I managed to pull off in a single sitting and gasped when I realized it was almost midnight when I finally finished If you enjoy authors like Sarah Pekkanen Greer Hendricks and Wendy Walker you'll want to add Megan Goldin to your list of go to authors Many thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy Wow what an amazing book I've read many psychological thrillers but this one is at a different level entirely In a world where greed rules and everything else is just an annoyance we see 4 members of an elite investment banking team embarking on an escape room challenge that they have been told is compulsory by their employers Yet after a while they find that this is no ordinary escape room Locked in a tiny elevator the clues and uestions pit them against each other and it soon becomes a mini war zone Why are they here in the first place? Who is really behind it and what do they know?The Escape Room is a cracking thriller Megan Goldin has spun a novel that brings to light the dog eat dog world of corporate finance where greed and corruption is rife where if you don't have the necessary killer instinct you will be chewed up and spat out I raced through this book in a day ignoring everything I was supposed to be doing An absolute first rate read 5 stars for the entertainment factor ZERO stars for believability In the end fun beat out reality The Escape Room is a psychological thriller about four co workers locked in an elevator in order to complete a team building exercise They think they just need to complete the challenge and they will be free to go but things don’t go as planned What seemed like a harmless game becomes MUCH as the participants struggle to make it out alive This is a novel to read if you are looking for some mindless fun Keep in mind that the characters are awful and have no redeeming ualities This book also could have benefited from some editing it is extremely redundant and the narrative structure is a little odd While this would normally be a turn off for me the plot and the potential outcome kept me motivated to keep on reading On the other hand in spite of these issues The Escape Room is compulsively readable Once I figured out the who and the what behind the escape room I turned off the critical side of my brain suspended my disbelief and enjoyed the crazy rideI won a copy of this book in a Goodreads giveaway Team building at its best or worstRuthless ambitious selfish greedy jealous intelligent hardworking devious and trapped are words that can easily describe Vincent Sam Jules and Sylvie They live a life of luxury fueled by the adrenaline that comes from making billion dollar deals No one looks better works harder or lives faster than these four It's a dog eat dog world they work in on wall street They put work first ALWAYS So when a text is received announcing a compulsory team building exercise an escape room if you will they all show up They get trapped in an elevator and must figure out how to escape What could go wrong?Now this was a fun book to read on a rainy day I must give it points for originality and execution Goldin pulled off this clever tale of involving high finance back stabbing revenge and ingenuity with finesse which left me not only impressed but entertained My advice is to suspend some disbelief and curl up with this book Wowza this book was good I love reading all kinds of books and this book was a fun one which did not reuire much thought but had a huge pay off in terms of enjoy ability It sucked me and I was drawn to the fast paced life the characters lived The story flips back and forth between them being trapped in the elevator and events leading up to this team building exercise This made for a fast read which had me captivated and turning the pages with a devilish grin on my faceHighly recommendThank you to St Martin's Press and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions are my own Having to participate in a 'team building exercise' on a Friday night is the last thing colleagues Vincent Jules Sylvie or Sam wanted to do Unfortunately participation is mandatory so they dutifully arrive at the reuested location a remote office building in a shady part of town Greeting each other in the lobby they enter the elevator together for the ride up to the floor mentioned on the invitationThe express elevator ascends uickly and then without warning abruptly stops between floors The lights go out and the heat cranks up Suddenly the team comes to the realization that this is it This is their challenge An Escape Room where the competitive coworkers must put petty rivalries aside and work together to solve the cryptic clues needed in order for them to be releasedAs dark secrets of the team are revealed viciously pitting them against one another they find themselves removed from their normal boardroom backstabbing and thrust into a definitive game of survival The Escape Room set in the world of high stakes Wall Street finance is incredibly ruthless and that's sort of my brand I absolutely flew through this story I could not put it downFollowing the differing perspectives of our cast of characters in the elevator as well as flashbacks to a mysterious former team member Sara Hall the plotting was absolutely brilliant It kept me engaged and guessing the entire way At its heart a complex revenge thriller this stoked my Slytherin heart as I stan a character with the dedication to a long game If you don't know what I mean by this pick up this book This is the epitome of a painstakingly planned 'long game'I had so much fun reading this and it is now definitely one of my favorite books of the year I recommend it to anyone who likes a solid uniue Thriller I can't wait to see what Golden comes up with nextThank you so much to the publisher St Martin's Press for providing me with a copy to read and review I appreciate the opportunity and of course love discovering ambitious new authors to obsess over Vincent Jules Sylvie and Sam are ruthlessly ambitious high flyers working in the lucrative world of Wall Street finance where deception and intimidation thrive Getting rich is all that matters and they'll do anything to reach the topWhen they are ordered to participate in a corporate team building exercise that reuires them to escape from a locked elevator dark secrets of their team begin to be laid bareThe biggest mystery to solve in this lethal game What happened to Sara Hall Once a young shining star—”now gone but not forgotten”This is no longer a game They’re fighting for their lives OMGYESThis captivating engrossing book had me transfixed from page one Waste not one minute wondering if this one is worth the read; jump in and do it It SO isThe book covers two storylines the first is that of Sara Hall a bright MBA up and comer who is fortunate enough as a result of a chance meeting in an elevator to get a shot at the dazzling job of her dreams Speaking of elevators the second storyline involves four vile individuals who are forced to participate in an escape room type game in an elevator for reasons initially unclear to them and usAs the tension amped up I could not wait to find out what was going on how the stories intersected and how it would ultimately be resolved It didn't disappoint Whoooowhat a rideThank you so much to Megan Goldin St Martin's Press and Netgalley for this ARC in exchange for my honest review 425If you’ve ever been in a corporate setting you may be familiar with this The dreaded yet mandatory work event You knowone of those sleeper team building exercises guaranteed to leave you rolling your eyes?🙄🙄Okay so what if it involves an escape room? Sounds like fun right? You bet Right up to the exact moment you realizethis may no longer be a game Sara Hall finally landed her dream job on Wall Street After struggling to pay rent and put food on the table she’s finally managed to make it big Among the perks a six figure income as her starting salary Little did she realize her job would soon become her lifemaybe even destroying her in the process This book has it all A gripping and suspenseful thriller that will keep you flipping furiously through the pages I was completely caught up in Sarah’s life and that of her highly successful but ruthless workmates It’s clever it’s ingenious and oh so addictive If you’re on the look out for a great summer thriller look no further This is the book for youA buddy read with Susanne🌸Thank you to Jordan Hanley at St Martin’s Press for an ARC to read and review My reviews can also be seen at StarsI’ve always been curious about “Escape Rooms” This sounded like such an interesting read and I couldn't wait to get startedThe book opens as a security guard calls 911 after hearing a scream and what sounded like gunshots in what should be an empty building The police arrive and everything is silent Then they hear the sound of an elevator descendingThe police stand with their guns drawn as they wait for the elevator doors to openThen all hell breaks looseThirty four hours earlier Four top employees of Stanhope and Sons have been called to attend a last minute meeting These four employees have spent time with each other than anyone else in the last several years In some cases they know each other better than they know themselvesSylvie is a previous model whose career ended after a horrific accident She's supposed to be leaving for Paris that eveningSam was supposed to be leaving for a trip to Antigua with his family His wife Kim is furious that he has to attend this last minute meetingJules has been struggling lately and is trying to disguise the alcohol on his breathVincent is their boss and was the last to arrive Though he sent the email about this meeting in many ways he’s just as in the dark as they areSylvie Sam and Jules ask Vincent why they are there and he tells them they will be doing an Escape Room challenge The group is angry that they have to do this “team building” activity However they know that the firm has been talking about layoffs lately It is in their best interest to play alongThey step into the elevatorThe doors immediately shut behind them and the lights turn off plunging them into darkness The small TV screen in the corner shows a message“WELCOME TO THE ESCAPE ROOM YOUR GOAL IS SIMPLE GET OUT ALIVE”This was a gripping read with no shortage of drama and suspense I finished it in no timeThe story was filled with intense situations and had many complex characters We hear from Vincent Sylvie Jules and Sam in The Elevator chapters The alternating chapters are from another character's point of view the dead but not forgotten Sara Hall“The Escape Room” was an engrossing read about money greed power and betrayalI look forward to reading from Megan Goldin I'd like to thank St Martin's Press for providing me with a copy of this novel All opinions are my own

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Megan Goldin is the bestselling author of The Escape Room praised by Lee Child as one of my favorite books of the year as well as The Girl In Kellers Way a critically acclaimed domestic noir thriller nominated for Australia's leading crime fiction awardsMegan worked as a journalist for Reuters the Australian ABC and Yahoo News before writing her debut psychological thriller The Girl In