The Man in the White Linen Suit Stewart Hoag Mystery #11

The Man in the White Linen Suit Stewart Hoag Mystery #11 The next clever witty and touching installment in the Edgar award winning Stewart Hoag mystery series finds the beloved ghostwriter sleuth and his faithful neurotic basset hound Lulu back in 1990’s New York City investigating a bestselling author’s stolen manuscript and three murders linked to the crimeWashed up celebrity ghostwriter Stewart “Hoagy” Hoag has finally rediscovered his voice and is making progress on what he hopes will be his long awaited second novel Burrowed up in his less than luxurious sweltering fifth floor walk up he tries not to think of the disparities between himself and his ex wife celebrity actress Merilee Nash who is sifting through film offers—and also her fickle feelings for Hoagy—from her elegant eight room apartment looking over Central Park When Merilee offers her home for Hoagy’s use while she’s shooting on location hope blossoms that he might finally get some real work done and solidify their rekindling romanceThen Hoagy receives a call from his literary agent asking if he can meet with publishing’s most ruthless and reviled editor Sylvia James for a drink at the Algonuin Hotel After disclosing that aging literary genius Addison James—also Sylvia’s father and main client—has not in fact written his last two bestselling historical sagas Sylvia reveals her suspicions that Addison’s assistant Tommy O’Brien—the true author—has run away with their most recent manuscript and is holding it for ransom Tempted by Sylvia’s offer to bid a hefty advance for his novel in progress Hoagy agrees to help unearth Tommy’s sudden disappearance If only he’d known exactly what he was getting himself into he might’ve saved himself from the ensuing grief that follows in his hot pursuit of Tommy But then that wouldn’t be a normal day in the life of HoagyWith clattering claims of a mugging a stolen manuscript and three murders now it’s up to Hoagy and his short legged sidekick Lulu to unravel this baffling bizarre case

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    I enjoyed reading THE MAN IN THE WHITE LINEN SUIT This is the 11th book in the Stewart Hoag series and it's the first book I've read in said series When Mr Hoag is contacted by a ghostwriter who is a good friend that is afraid he might get murdered Hoag lets him hide in his apartment Then the murders begin I would give this novel of a 35 rating This is a good little murder mystery and a fast read I recommend this novel

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    This book was great fun I have not read the author before but loved the time travel felt like I was in the world of dragnet It is refreshing to read a mystery that makes you laugh and it’s not filled with violence and comes with a sardine eating dog what’s not to love

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    Things are going well for Stewart Hoag His second novel is on track and his relationship with his beautiful ex wife star actress Merrilee Nash is just fine thank you Then he's invited to meet the most hated editor in New York publishing whose father is probably the most successful writer in America but who top secret here can no longer write his mammoth best sellers Father's assistant an old pal of Hoagie's is actually doing the writing but h

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    Another very good novel in the series Peter Berkrot is the narratorFour stars and recommended to anyone who loves a good mystery

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    Another great Hoagy bookI was so pleased when Handler resurrected the Stewart Hoag books They are well written clever and so much fun PLEASE keep writing them

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    Great addition to the Stewart Hoag seriesIf you’ve already read any of David Handler’s novels you won’t want to miss this one If you are new to him or just this series what are you waiting for? Hoagie Stewart Hoag is a novelist who had a great run with his first novel then hit a bad run through life for the next decade Having cleaned up his act for several years and ghost writing several biographies he is asked to find a missing manuscript from a b

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    Won this book in a goodreads giveawayI was rather disappointed in it and it sounded so good Found it to be boring and drawn out Guess it isn’t my type of mystery story

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    I really wanted to like this book Steward Hoag and his dog reminded me of my favorite crime drama character detective Columbo in some episodes he had a basset hound as a sidekick too As I uickly learned presence of the dog was the only resemblance Starting with a Steward I did not like him even a bit His sense of humor made me cringe his constant joking even when people started to die annoyed me his judgemental attitude infuriated me It's hard to enjoy a book wh

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    David Handler is always a joy So glad that Hoagy is back

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    Another great book by David Handler I laughed out loud several times while reading this book If you enjoy Harlan Coben John D MacDonald Mark Pryor John Dunning Carl Hiaasen etc you'll likely like Handler Smart writing After reading this I ordered as many of his previous Stewart Hoag books as possible; most you have to buy used Hope that he continues to write in this series

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