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Redemption Detective Amos Decker discovers that a mistake he made as a rookie detective may have led to deadly conseuences in the latest Memory Man thriller in David Baldacci's #1 New York Times bestselling seriesAmos Decker and his FBI partner Alex Jamison are visiting his hometown of Burlington Ohio when he's approached by an unfamiliar man But he instantly recognizes the man's name Meryl Hawkins He's the first person Decker ever arrested for murder back when he was a young detective Though a dozen years in prison have left Hawkins unrecognizably aged and terminally ill one thing hasn't changed He maintains he never committed the murders Could it be possible that Decker made a mistake all those years ago As he starts digging into the old case Decker finds a startling connection to a new crime that he may be able to prevent if only he can put the pieces together uickly enough

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    David Baldacci's 5th in the Amos Decker series is a brilliant and compulsive thriller with Decker back home in Burlington Ohio where his wife Cassie daughter Molly and brother in law Johnny died He is there to commemorate what would have been Molly's 14th birthday This tragedy has driven Decker's fierce and implacable obsession to fight for justice After ear

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    In another thrilling novel David Baldacci places Amos Decker in the middle of a case that will reuire all his attention While visiting his daughter’s grave Amos Decker is approached by a man he put away for murder over a decade ago Released for compassionate reasons the man professes that his conviction was wrong and that Decker needs to reevaluate the work he

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    I love Amos Decker so the moment I saw this book on the bookshop shelves I bought it came home and settled down in my favourite chair for a really good read And it was good very good in factAmos is struggling badly Had she lived he would have been celebrating his daughter's birthday and he is blind sided with grief for his dead wife and child He is also experiencing

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    Perhaps Mr Decker's character is played out Perhaps Mr Baldacci has run out of interesting writing ideas as this story is a near snoozer 3 of 10 star zzz

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    This fast paced smart well developed gripping crime thriller which brings back one of my favorite book characters Amos Decker aka “Memory Man”Remembering everything is a great gift for solving murders handling loose ends by bringing back the images you stocked like unlocking your personal cloud which full of memories But also can be curse to remember your loved ones’

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    In this 5th book in the 'Amos Decker' series the detective re investigates a multiple murder that occurred 13 years ago The book can be read as a standaloneFormer Burlington Ohio homicide detective Amos Decker is now a consultant for the FBI His partner is Agent Alex Jamison whom he first met when she was a journalist and who's now his platonic roommate Decker is assisted in hi

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    The author is one of my all time favorites meaning anything he writes I want to read And from the start four books ago his Memory Man series was a big hit with me This one the fifth adds another five star entry Detective Amos Decker is a very intriguing character; as a result of a football injury he developed hyperthymesia which causes him to remember every detail of every single d

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    Can you ever go wrong when reading a David Baldacci book?? Nope not in this case Once again he has written a FANTASTIC story By far one of my favorite series of all time Very entertaining and you don’t even have to start at the beginning because you get a uick synopsis of the characters backstory I’m smitten with Amos Decker lol

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    Amos Decker a cop who also done some work with the FBI is visiting his home town of Burlington Ohio on his daughter’s birthday Well accurately it’s his late daughter as she and her mother Decker’s beloved wife were brutally murdered some while ago As he sits by the grave he’s visited by a man he thought he’d never see again Meryl Hawkins was the subject of Decker’s first murde

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    Read long ago Excellent Unputdownable

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