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Surviving Amber Springs I was both excited and tentative before starting Surviving Amber Springs but by gosh did I adore it in the end In fact I came to enjoy this one a lot than I’d initially anticipatedI’m a big Siobhan Davis fan as should be clear by now and I’m always eager for her next release Although Surviving Amber Springs sounded like another wonderful contemporary read a part of me feared I would not enjoy this as much as I’d hoped You see the other reverse harem books by Siobhan Davis – the Alinthia books – are far from being my favourite Siobhan Davis reads Part of this is because reverse harem books are not my favourite books to read and despite all the signs pointing towards me enjoying this one I feared it would be a repeat of the Alinthia booksAnother element that had me worried was all the high school drama we had at the start of the book I accept high school drama but I uickly become bored of it For part of this book I feared it would be one of those stories where we became trapped into a cycle of high school dramaA final aspect that had me worried – three worries about a Siobhan Davis book is unheard of so you can imagine why I was so tentative at first – is that there were references to something I have personal experience with I’m not going to say what as it will give away some of the details of the book but whenever such an aspect appears in books I’m worried It’s one of those things that can be portrayed badly and I’m always nervous that a book will send the wrong kind of message I know Siobhan Davis deals with heavy issues on a regular basis and she always deals with things well but when it is something you have person experience with it is even worrisomeNow before this becomes a repeat of my review of The Lost Savior know I am not attacking Siobhan Davis for the things she includes in her books This book may not have sounded like the book for me based upon the three above aspects but there were many other things that did intrigue me Moreover I had high hopes Siobhan Davis would win me over when it came to the above She is an author who has regularly won me over and I had complete faith in her doing the same thing hereGuess what – she didSiobhan Davis wowed me taking my worries and proving them to be unfounded Sure certain things may have sounded like they may not have been for me but Siobhan Davis did them so well that I enjoyed themThe reverse harem element in this one was really well done I have a few things that make it difficult for me to enjoy reverse harem as much as regular readers of the genre The first is how much I have to stretch my imagination I’m one of those people where no guy is interested in me let alone multiple so I prefer to stick to your standard romance Love triangles are enough of an imagination stretch so I prefer to keep it to a simple boy meets girl kind of story Of course I am willing to stretch my imagination when the story is good My bigger issue however is when the reverse harem aspect is used simply as a way to play out certain erotic scenes I’m no stranger to such scenes – if you look at all the erotica I read you will see I rather enjoy such scenes and read them on a regular basis – yet I’ve read too many reverse harem books where the story has felt forced so such a thing can play out Add in the fact the males always seem to be the same person in such books and I’m always tentativeWith Surviving Amber Springs we have none of those things This was not a case of writing reverse harem to play out certain intimate scenes far from it in fact Nor was it a case of multiple males all being the same guy With this one we have three individual males who all add something to the story with the reverse harem element playing in extremely well with the storyline In fact it’s one of the most natural reverse harem reads I have readThe high school drama aspect was nowhere near as bad as I’d initially feared with the details being played out before us taking up less of the book than I’d expected I know a lot of people enjoy the high school drama element of young adult novels but for me I want away from such a thing as much as possible Those were the worst years of my life in many ways – and I’m not just saying that to sound like a cliché – and I want to distance myself from that sort of thing as much as possible especially with how I’m now in a much better place People hear stories of the kind of stuff that happened to me during my high school years and they believe it to be the plot of a movie or a book so it makes sense that I would not want to spend my reading time being reminded of such timesWith Surviving Amber Springs the high school element was important It was pivotal to the story and was really well done as Siobhan Davis has demonstrated she is capable of doing in her other books There are times when books give us high school drama for the sake of high school drama with their being no explanation for the vicious ways which I know from personal experience can be the case but I prefer it when books explain how these things came to be yet all the drama in this one had a reason In fact the drama was central to the storyline and not just a way to make high school seem dramatic It had purpose and that is what I desire when a book includes a lot of high school dramaThe heavy issue I have personal experience with was done as well as any issue Siobhan Davis deals with It was silly for me to have been fearful of how Siobhan Davis would deal with the topic as she always deals with topics well but the fear was thereIn fact Surviving Amber Springs deals with numerous heavy topics All of which were dealt with extremely well All are relevant and all will make you think about what is going on The issues are part of a much bigger picture with all the different elements being interwoven in a wonderful way Each aspect draws upon the others and they come together so well You will feel so much each element hitting a different emotion and it will have you desperately turning the pages to see how everything comes togetherAll in all this book blew me away It was so much than I’d anticipated my fears unnecessary I admit to feeling as though things came together a bit too easily in the end the timing of things was a bit too convenient for my liking I also admit that I felt like the romance was a bit too uick to develop at the start feeling a bit too close to insta love for my liking when compared to other Siobhan Davis books where we get to watch the intense emotions develop over time However despite these things the book had me insanely addicted throughout and I was not disappointed In fact I’m willing – no not just willing I’m happy – to label this one of my top Siobhan Davis readsWithout a doubt Surviving Amber Springs is the perfect example of why Siobhan Davis is one of my favourite authors She always writes stories with multiple interconnected elements each done in a wonderful manner She always writes stories with great characters characters who are real and you can relate to She always writes stories that hit hard dealing with topics that will make you think if you’re not already thinking The biggest reason why she is one of my favourite authors – beyond the expected of the great writing addictive storylines and all the tiny things that come together to make a great book – is she is one of the few authors who can win me over when I step out of my comfort zone with them Siobhan Davis is the except to so many of my reading rules and Surviving Amber Springs hits on that than any of her other booksIf you’re a Siobhan Davis fan you need to give Surviving Amber Springs a read you will not be disappointed If you’re new to Siobhan Davis and simply think Surviving Amber Springs sounds interesting I cannot recommend this one enoughTo cut this review down to a simple sentence Surviving Amber Springs is another winner from Siobhan Davis sucking me ever deeper into the Siobhan Davis fandom – a fandom I’m already drowning in I won’t ever be able to read this book ever again Yes it was amazing and yes I give it five stars for the way it made me feel But I’m gonna be completely honest with you; I thought it was hella depressing At one point I was full on crying my freaking eyes out I don’t like that one bit If I’d have read reviews sooner maybe I would have seen the triggers it had I didn’t even read the blurbThe book had twist after twist And yes I guessed pretty early on what happened It was still cool to see the author surprise me even because it was so much deeper than that This was just too much for my heart to handle I avoid books like these as if they’re the plague I’m not talking about them being reverse harem either—which was the whole point of picking it up It had been recommended a lot so I decided to read it I didn’t expect it to have this kind of impact on me Despite how my review sounds I did love it Especially the parts witnessing Blaire fall in love with THREE amazing men Kudos to the author for bringing me to my knees unexpectedly If you’re looking for something light and fluffy this isn’t it This is not a black and white storyit has loads of grey Sometimes the ending brings home the entire story wrings out your heart and renews your faith in real love no matter how unconventionalSiobhan Davis’ latest New Adult Reverse Harem stand alone SURVIVING AMBER SPRINGS is a whirlwind of emotional turmoil The cause is unraveled slowly throughout and it is a gut kicker The story begins in high school and being a Reverse Harem book it may seem too much but there is never that gushy suishy teen puppy pile “love” going on although be prepared for the high school drama in spades That said once again Siobhan Davis brings it home with her uniue flare and talent for creating characters that feel far too real cast in scenarios that can be heavenly or hellish Prepare yourself for graphic scenes of humiliation pain and torment but remember Siobhan Davis never leaves her characters without a happy ending and best of all loveI received a complimentary ARC edition from Siobhan DavisPublication Date December 26 2018Publisher Siobhan DavisGenre NA Reverse HaremPrint Length 365 pagesAvailable from US ➡️ UK ➡️ AUS ➡️ CA ➡️ link ➡️ For Reviews Giveaways Fabulous Book News follow Ive put off writing my review for this book because I’m torn I am a big Reverse Harem fan and while I loved the premise of the story I feel like the RH aspect was unnecessary Blaire had insane chemistry with one guy in particular I won’t name him because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who is yet to read and I really did think that yes there was an attraction with the other two but they were kind of surplus to reuirements Had the story just been a Mf romance I’m sure I would have loved it that little bit Rating 2 starsI find reviewing this book uite difficult as everything was a bit too obvious from the very beginning even though it was kept a mystery But as no review gave any insight about said mystery I will consider it a major spoiler and will say nothing about the story I apologize for the even messier review than usual Like a lot of you I am a very emotional and sensitive person and sometimes I just need the read that will break me and leave me a sobbing mess And as I love RH I really thought Surviving Amber Springs would do the trick after reading a few reviews but found it pretty tediousIn a few words great idea vanilla execution Surviving Amber Springs was the Disney version of a real tragedyThe book had one epic scenario for a tearjerker beautiful and heart wrenching moment It should have been a depressing yet poignant story about grief betrayal and reconstruction family love and acceptance but was of a bumpy insta romance with too many things clouding the heart of the novel The book was too mainly focused about Blaire's relationship with the guys and other random subplots and the tragedy barely a constant to make the book really credible but still present enough to have some very emotional scenesIn the end Surviving Amber Springs felt too superficial I would have loved for Siobhan Davis to go all in and rip my heart out as she totally nailed her heavy scenes But I also have to thank her as I am looking forward reading non RH books with the same subject 45 StarsFor anyone who has been following my reviews you will know that I am a huge Siobhan Davis fan Anything she writes I will read She has not written a single book that I did not enjoy While I was excited to read Surviving Amber Springs I was a bit apprehensive about it due to be YA a dramatic reverse harem YA at thatSiobhan took all my worries and obliterated them I was fearful of the typical run of the mill high school dramatics along with reverse harem just to show multiple love interests only to use that as a way to entertain particular erotic scenes Both of those worriesfears were uickly put to the grave and that truly helped me enjoy this book so muchSiobhan deals with some very heavy topics in this story and they are topics that are sadly a part of our life now But she handles with these issues with grace yet realism Siobhan handles the issues with delicacy but doesn't shy away from heart of the problem the rawness of it And I love that it allows the story line to feel realAs for the reverse harem aspect most reverse harem I have read are in the paranormal or fantasy genre so I was a bit skeptical on how this would play out Siobhan definitely shows emotion and heart between these characters than just the sheer attraction While it felt a little too insta love for me in the beginning her books usually delve further into relationship development you could still tell there was between them all just one layer of attraction I absolutely enjoyed that the attachments between each guy were different and Siobhan was amazing at keeping those attractions uniue and separate; each guy held a prominent and important piece in Blaire's lifeOverall the book and it's storyline was amazing I love these characters and their story While I felt things came together a little uickly and convenient in the end that does not take away from the overall greatness of the book The story itself was magnificent I love Siobhan's books Her writing is so uniue; she is descriptive makes you feel the depth of each character and really pulls into the story You feel every emotion these characters endure as with all her books If you are Siobhan Davis fan you need to read this one RH fan or not If you are new to Siobhan I highly encourage you read this one especially if you enjoy RHSurviving Amber Springs was so much than I expected and has me loving Siobhan even if that were possible Unbelievably wonderfully writtenThis book was fantastic I didn't want it to end I was hooked on it after page one There is so many ups and downs sadnesshappiness shock situations that I didn't know was coming The sex was unbelievable the men in this book Oh my God When Siobhan explained them I imagined what they look like Holy Hell Read this book A book that made me think and pondera lotIt's a difficult subject altogether and the author made both sides of the horrible action palpable and real thus making me ponder even And when a book manages to do that I find that the author did herhis job extraordinary wellThat's why I'm goving the book 45 stars since I didn't uite develop all the feels about all the charactersand yet the background was stronger on impact than the main storyline but since they are interconnected they can't be looked at separately and yet somehow you can with the deeper input on the background storywell well done Let him who is without sin cast the first stone I’m the second most hated person in Amber Springs First place honors go to my twin Ethan; however hate isn’t a strong enough word to convey how people feel about him Not that I blame anyone—some days I hate him too Mostly I’m just lost and afraid drowning in a sea of betrayal and guilt wondering how this happened right under my nose There’s no choice but to leave To move clear across the country in a last ditch attempt to start over Transferring to a new school midway through senior year is hellish for most people For me it’s a welcome relief—until someone discovers our secret and now everyone knows The pointing whispering and scathing looks follow me around again and I’m back to suare one Except this time I’m not alone Axel Skeet and Heath took me under their wing from the minute I arrived here I’ve no idea why three of the hottest guys in town took any interest in me or why they continue to have my back but I’m so grateful to have them in my corner Because right now they’re the only reason I’m not following my brother into an early grave This is an upper YANA standalone Due to sensitive content and possible triggers this book is recommended to readers aged 18 and older Check out the trailer here US ➡️ UK ➡️ AUS ➡️ CA ➡️ link ➡️

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