Love Death and Exile Poems Translated from Arabic PDF

Called a major innovator in his art form by the New York Times Baghdad born poet Abdul Wahab Al Bayati broke with over fifteen centuries of Arabic poetic tradition to write in free verse and became world famous in the process This collection is a rare bilingual facing page edition in both the original Arabic text and in a highly praised English translation by Bassam K Frangieh containing selections from eight of Al Bayati's books of poetry Love Death and Exile Poems Translated from Arabic

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    Properly Abdul Wahab al Bayati An Irai poet who spent much of his life abroad in exile Hailed as part of the avant garde movement in Arabic poetry which moved away from classical strictures A great poetCities die in plaguesOthers are flattened by earthuakesEverywhere starvation wars and destructionCivilizations eras collapseBut the peacock shamelesslyShows his genitals to the people

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    Glorious The translation into English still has such clarity and purpose I would say he is one of the greatest but perhaps underrated poetsOne of my favorites ❤️

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    بعد قراءتي له اكتشفت اني لا افضل قراءة الشعر صحيح كانت الكلمات تعبر عن براعة البياتي في تعبيره و لكنني لم استمتع في قراءته اذ قبل القراءة و بعد قراءته لم يتغير شيء ولا يوجد شك بجمال كلمات البياتي

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    i have the georgetown univ press edition with the mixed up pages but as modern exilic poetry goes this is a heartbreaker

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