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Untouchable The bully isn't supposed to win Senior year was off to a rough start lube in my locker panties on my front porch unimaginative name calling See I got a player suspended from the football team for harassing me and in my small Texas town you don’t mess with the football players—even if they mess with you first I didn’t care if it was an unpopular thing to do; I stood up for myself and in doing so opened Pandora’s Box I never dreamed I would attract the attention of locally worshipped star uarterback Carter Mahoney Never imagined his coveted attention would turn out to be such a nightmare Beneath his carefully constructed façade lurks a monster a predator looking for the perfect prey to play with Now since I’m the girl no one likes or believes I guess I’m the perfect target for his dark games and twisted desires After surviving my first encounter with his casual depravity all I really want is for Carter to leave me alone But all he seems to want is me Warning This book is provocative It is categorized as DARK ROMANCE for a reason It will not be for everyone If you are a reader with certain triggers or sensitivities common to the dark romance genre please heed the author’s note at the beginning of this book Fuck it this will probably be the 'unpopular' review and that's absolutely fineCause these are also my personal thoughts intertwined with the impressions after reading this bookthe book I unfortunately DIDN'T likeInspite Sam Mariano's writing and inspite her given warning about this book and its contentIt just reminded me of one similar book in recent past that irked my protective senses to full blast and I still firmly stand with my primar expressivnessThe said warning stated that this is a 'dark bully romance' I instantaneously thought of Penelope Douglas' Bully which I liked obviously since I m mentioning it here and I dived inBUTThe very first interaction between the two characters that we soon capture as the main heroine Zoey Ellis the nerdy a bit shy and religious YA that decided to stand up for herself against a football player who gropped her without her given consent or permission and is now being cornered by the said player and two of his teammates and being sexually abused by one of them Carter Mahoney the rich prick uarteback and then being blackmailed into silence if she ever thought of reporting this to anyoneDIDN'T sound like something worthy of consideration yet I actually wanted to give this author a chanceSo I went furtherand absolutely got confused by the irrational but later on a very conscious dislike of now both characters cause now the heroine is fucking curious about this guy who basically raped her in front of his teammates but that 'issue' was somehow interpreted as 'rough sex'insert huge fucking uestion markAnd she enters this weird totally non believable relationship with the said prickand then well the author tries to pull it all into the romantisized bubble of unconventional sexual intercourse between two consenting YA BUT she also jumps into her own mouth by emphysizing the heroine's wording of NO and prick's final deaf ignore button and solely deciding to 'take what he wants' anywaySo I'm confused now by the final result so is this supposed to be justified as being 'okay' cause it's under the 'dark' genre? But why then intensifying and emphysizing the 'wrong' cause make no mistake it's actually the basis of doing wrong and criminal act And then trying to make it okay and pushing the 'nice' things about the prick so I would like the guy in the endGuess what? I didn't like him in the beginning and I disliked him even in the endThis book actually irritated and frustrated me to moon and back and my being poetic here doesn't diminish the stare of anger I m inBy the end and I damned my reading OCD complex sigh for needing to finish the bookproject I startedI found myself comparing this story with another uestionable book I ve read by K Webster who I love as an author that got such a negative hype on GR and FB and was so bloody stoned as a bad propaganda and yes I tried to explain to myself the wrongfully percepted events in that book and I concluded that the author might have unintentionally acted without tact and with smudgy perception turned a story that was supposed to 'entertain' in the dark genre it ended being cheap offensive and tactlessUnfortunately I found this story just as same as described in the sentence aboveLike I ve said many times before the point of presenting the dark material it can't be based on gore shock twisted depravation and torment alone it really has to have a good base on which all these unconventional actions are built upon and then gradually grow towards someting or maybe less depending on the intent of the author's storytellingThis story wasn't it for me in that regardIn fact it did the opposite of what it supposed to be delivering and the final result left me flat but angered at myself for reading You want to know something Ellis? I’ve got bad news for you so listen up Sometimes people do bad shit to you and they don’t get punished; they get away with it Hell sometimes they get rewarded for it If all this shit with Jake didn’t show you that if all this shit with me hasn’t shown you that maybe you’re not as smart as you think you areYeah the words prick says to the heroineactually do reflect the everyday life's situationin someone's existencebut I somehow believe that fiction dark fiction too should at least give me a resemblance of an escapism to smth thrilling forbidden exciting but on a higher level than the immature bullying bordering with criminal offenses if not for the fictional part with even lower characterisation and superficial trial of developing a romanceSorry This just didn't work for me and honestly I actually ecpected On every levelBut again these are my thoughts alone and do not represent the general opinion so even if this didn't work for me cause it's simply a thin line bonding the sphere of depravation and the touch of realityAnd it's hard to obtain that line when you want to make a differenceit can go both ways it's either a success or a bust and only details set them apart 45 5 stars REVIEW TO BE POSTED ASAPHeed trigger warning so this is on a list for a video i’m filming and i cannot force myself to read itin the opening CHAPTER there is threat of sexual assault and the HERO talks about making the heroine bleed apparently it gets worse from there i’m fuckin out Warning This book is provocative It is categorized as a DARK ROMANCE for A REASON It will not be for everyone If you are a reader with certain triggers or sensitivities common to the dark romance genre please heed the author’s note at the beginning of this bookHeed the authors warning because straight off the bat I knew for a fact that this book wouldn't be for everyone and the author doesn’t make any apologies for that she’s gone where many authors won’t attempt to go It will drag you kicking out of your comfort zones like no other book has it's graphic it's in your face it's dark it's twisted it's a train wreck of words that you just can't stop reading it's going to make you stop and uestion everything about yourself The very first initial scene between the heroine and our hero Carter and Zoey is where your comfort levels will be tested Carter the boy she had never even spoken to took bullying up a whole other level he broke boundaries that no boy should ever break his behaviour was beyond despicable It was not ok I was not ok reading it “If you’re looking for Prince Charming and I’m your best shot you’re truly in a dire situation”It started off truly ugly wtf was coming out of my mouth like a stuck record over and over again I cursed ones that had recommended this I cursed myself for pushing through and rating it 4 starsFor me this was a truly mindf#ck of a read not once did I condone his behaviour but beauty came out of such ugliness and like a yo yo my mind kept going backwards and forwards I despised him but then out of the blue I started warming to him This truly put me through the wringer       ➳What the heck did I just read WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED? ➳I am very well aware of the warning the author provides in the synopsis however the fact that someone wants to write about the lack of consent during sexual encounters as a motivation to have the reader reading of said story is something that I am trying to find out why it is in any way okay When a girl or a boy says no stop that can you please stop? do not touch me that right there states to back off step away and to just not touch It doesn't mean Oh keep going because I like it when you touch me without my permission➳I mean I am all for jerk hero's that turn into mush once they meet their partner their mate their one true love I did not want to read halfway through this story and give up and rate it because I am not one who likes to just DNF a novel and give it a rating if I didn't properly finish it So now that I did finish it I can officially say this is by far the worst book I have read this year What a way to come to the end of the year am I right? I honestly do not know what Sam Mariano was thinking If wanting to portray to the reader that a bad jock who is rich and gets everything he wants and does not get no's from anyone can get a sweet virgin girl who will bend for his will was the message she wanted to get through maybe she should not have had that first encounter of the first and second chapter be of three guys taking advantage both physically and emotionally or a virgin girl when she was constantly saying no I do not like to use the R word that rhymes with tape but that is what the main male character in this story was very close on doing➳Once he got her to trust him he slowly started drawing his walls down so he can let her in and she could let him in as well But I do not like how the process of her getting there went There was a lot of confusion because sometimes I did enjoy their banter when he stated a set of claim on her whenever he kissed her whenever he got jealous That's something that I truly enjoy in a male character but I do not like the way he was when wanting to stake control over her Especially when she was in a vulnerable state of mind that should have sent a trigger to back away and to stop➳Overall just to recap everything if you like main characters that just want to take without any consent then this is your book But I would never recommend this book after fully reading it When I first read the synopsis I instantly sent it to my friend Vic but now I regret it one hundred percent I fully support authors who spend time writing a novel because it is indeed something that reuires time to do but when the story has a message of non consensual sex tan I am out the door Very disappointed ➳Follow Me OnBlog ♕ Instagram ♕ Facebook ♕ Twitter 25 Stars I usually don't read reviews before starting a book but I couldn't help myself this time The 1 star reviews made me very curiousSo here I am a ticket to hell in hand with a guaranteed seat because let me tell you it wasn't that bad Abuse content?? Indeed But I've read worse much much worse From the top of my head I'll give you a few names that would make Carter Mahoney look like a puppyCaleb from Captive in the Dark by CJ Roberts from Monster in The DarkKnox Bishop from Flawed by Francette PhalThe Goodbye Man by Ashleigh Giannoccaro Luka from Sordid by Nikki Sloane Taking those bad boys heartless soulless and inhumane characters into consideration I seriously think this book was a walk in the parkI was so fired up what a letdownIt's just a shame that the execution failed in my opinion 1 Too many inner talks from h it became boring2 How uick she got over what happened to her in that classroom 21To make matters worse she started to analyze the H trying to find a reason behind his attitude way too soon in the storySumming up lacking development to make this credible Peace folks REVIEW 45 Stars“Do you know what you’ve done princess? You just gave me the keys to the kingdom There’s no stopping me now FIRST AND FOREMOST There is a warning on this book for a VERY good reason Not necessarily a trigger warning but a warning nonetheless This book gets very twisted very uickly If you think this is about a spoiled hero that only wants the one girl that ignores him and fights him off you're correctJust kiddingIt's notIt's so much depraved Carter Mahoney is not for the faint of heart When an author can tell me a story and make me put myself in the shoes of the character's POV I am reading that is awesome it's great I love it When an author can make me empathize with the antihero in the book that is amazing But to make me cheer him on?? To make me want him to succeed in his uest?? What the heck?? Either I am SICK because this is not ok or she is just bringing out the depravity in ME Ok she's not let's laugh together we are laughing right? but I couldn't help but uestion myself the entire time I read this book What is wrong with me?? Whyyyy do I like this so much?? I wanted him to get his girl Who thinks that way when they are doing things they should n e v e r get away with?? After reading this book I'm convinced I have issuesI've decided my new word is WRONGOODI kid you not I wrote that on so many messages and FB posts I made about this book because it's so wrong but it's sooo good and it's wrong that it's so good so that can't be good right? That's SOOO wrong right?? HelpSam Mariano did an excellent job capturing the fear and the anger as well as the warring emotions that come into play during and after a traumatizing experience but she also made me empathize and understand why certain actions were reasoned the way they were These characters are teenagers in their senior year of high school so while you and I obviously have hindsight as adults to make smarter decisions I didn't think anything was overly dramatic or stupid which was very helpful for me to get through this one The mindset of a teenager isn't always easy to capture in a book without them sounding like immature brats sorry and I most definitely feel like this one was written very well because I didn't ever feel like rolling my eyes because of drama It was real teenage decisions and drama relevant to their age group so appreciative of that I can make you do a lot of things but I can't make you trust me I cannot believe Sam Mariano made me fall in love with an asshole I'm serious I found it interesting and pretty impressive that she could turn my own feelings on me She made me validate everything right or wrong I mean how can I feel this way about Carter? I truthfully don't understand how I can feel this way about him But see there is always a reason There is always a reason we fall in love with these heroes right? As bad as Carter was there was a side to him that just made me go to mush And as mean and brash and insulting as Zoey was to Carter rightfully so I absolutely loved how he handled it His comments and his actions were for all intents and purposes bad but the other side of him made me smile and laugh His demeanor brought out the sigh that he never should have received from me but I can't say he didn't deserve that sigh either He was confident and smart he had the all American good looks and great athletic ability and to add to it he had charisma I could see every single thing in this book happeningevery single thing And for there to be some reality behind this book so that I could connect and relate that most certainly helped my non high school books reading frame of mind Set in a small town in Texas that clearly rode on their high school football team's coattails for Friday Night Fun this one played out like a movie I would LOVE to see on the screen One fucking mistake is not who I am and it damn sure isn't the sum total of our fucking relationship It's probably wrong to love a book with this type of content as much as I did but I am not even ashamed to admit it Was their relationship healthy? Probably not in the eyes of many but who am I to judge? It worked for them No I am not romanticizing anything with this review nor am I okay'ing any type of lascivious behavior I am just going to say that while I know this was fiction I also know that I am completely in love with Zoey and Carter's story and how it worked out for them This one tested my moral compass on every level possible not gonna lie Because whyhow could I cheer on this bully that used any and I mean ANY bold and capitalized means necessary to get what he wanted when he wanted it? The darkness of the book never scared me Not even a little bit The twistedness the remorseless way in which Carter unapologetically exacted his revenge and got what he wanted made me whispers giddy WHAT? I know right? Innocent Bee loving the morally corrupt high school senior uarterback I'm doomedBut I'm ready for rubs hands I am ready to jump into of Mariano's books because if she has to ability to twist me up and captivate me like this I am on board I'll never be the safe bet ZoeyBEEPURCHASE Kindle Unlimited Purchase Link HERE FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN AN ECOPY giveaway goes live later today January 10th Holy fucking shit That's what I thought as I read the beginning of Untouchable by Sam Mariano The first scene between the main characters Carter and Zoey is than just uncomfortable It's sick twisted and fucked up on a level I've never seen in a book about high school students In fact the entire book is I'm not going to lie or sugarcoat this If you have ever read a book and disliked it because you thought the hero was abusive or the couple's relationship was toxic back away slowly now No Fuck that Run Run away and never look back I'm serious Don't even bother picking up this book You will hate it I think anyone that reads this and wants to enjoy it has to be extremely curious open minded andor love dark fucked up relationships The purpose of this review is not to scare every reader away Normally I don't do much warning in reviews at all I just feel like this one needs it though It's better to find out if a book is going to be a huge bust for you before you dive into it if you can help it It's also better for the author Basically this story has the potential to piss a lot of people off That's just a fact The author knew that when she wrote it She has a warning in the beginning of the book itself so I don't feel bad expressing this now Now that we've got that out of the way let's get into my thoughts on this one I've read a lot of Sam Mariano's previous work It's clear she loves her asshole alpha heroes I love them too It's probably a big part of why I've enjoyed all of her books in the past She also has a knack for writing characters that you can both love and hate at the same time I've never seen an author do this the way she does She's kind of fucking brilliant in that way actually However when I started reading this book I didn't think she could get me to read past chapter 2 What Carter does to Zoey is absolutely disgusting and flat out unforgivable  There's no two ways about it I whole heartedly believe there was nothing Sam could do to completely redeem him to me That's the thing about her though She almost never completely redeems her characters at least the ones I've read about It's that simple What she does is finds heroines that are perfect for them just the way they are and that's exaclty what she did here  Not only did I read past chapter 2 I read almost the whole damn book in one night It's over 500 pages Her writing style sucked me in completely The interactions between the characters are just so interesting that I couldn't stop reading I had to know where the author was going to take the story after all of the horrible shit that happened between them in the beginning of the book Obviously I knew they were going to probably end up together I mean this is romance after all Exactly how the fuck that was going to happen was what kept me intrigued Both characters infuriated me time and time again but after a while no matter how fucked up and wrong it wasI wanted them to end up together That being said I wish Carter would have been sorry for what he did Hell I wish Zoey would have lit his house on fire with him in it instead of starting a relationship but neither one of those things happened Thankfully Sam found another way for things to end that left me feeling satisfied In the end Zoey and Carter are perfect for one another She is just strong enough and crazy enough to challenge him keep his interest and deal with his emotional issues He is morally challenged emotionally scarred and messed up enough mentally to peak her academic interest and tug at her heart strings On top of that they are sexually compatible in every way Their intense chemistry made for some scorching hot sex scenes Overall it's a match made in crazy town but by the end I was cool with it Both parties understood what they were getting into and were truly happy Bottomline I enjoyed this book despite the fact that I think Zoey is insane for forgiving him and attempting any type of relationship academic or otherwise In real life I would never be okay with this type of relationship but lucky for me this is fiction One of the things I love about fiction is that it has different rules than we do in the real world Not every story has to have a moral or an inspirational message Some stories are just for fun to make you think to explore uniue situations and complicated characters or to make your panties wet from laughing or because it's hot af This is one of those books and I enjoyed reading it I recommend this to readers of dark and extremely unconventional romance with damaged characters and anyone that isn't concerned about my warning the author's warning or warnings in general  ARC generously provided by the author for an honest review OK got to 70% and then shut the doorI am not going into the rights and wrongs in this story or the stupidity of the two MC's read the reviews especially the 1 and 2 star reviews They say it all I can grind my teeth at the ridiculousness of the actions of these two BUT the one thing I can't ignore are the following actions of the two MC's For a book that has been marketed as a bullying story this title is so misleading especially considering the following happens in the storyHe has already got someone pregnant when he was around 15 or maybe he was 13 and his sister is actually his daughter yeah so after sexually assaulting the fc at the beginning of this story he pursues her and they end up having unprotected sex several times I am unsure what message the author is conveying with these stupid actions and what about when a girl or boy says no? In this story The MC's response is fuck that and he plunges into her taking her virginity She continues to allow the unprotected sex to continue despite the fact she is meant to be intelligent but her lack of accountability for her actions is eye rolling and sends out a very wrong messageIf this is his behaviour towards women as an 18 year old Young Adult what are his actions going to be as a full grown adult male? His behaviour towards the FC goes beyond the realm of a manipulating bullyI could not recommend this book to any reader as this story was for me truly awful and sends out the completely wrong messageThis guy is no hero

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