Invisible Trade: High-class sex for sale in Singapore MOBI

Invisible Trade: High-class sex for sale in Singapore Welcome to the very real largely hidden and often surreal world of high class sex for sale in Singapore where the sexual desires of this tiny island run the gamut from simple missionary zeal to the cracking of the whip Never before have outsiders been offered such a fascinating look into the weird and wonderful delightful and sometimes depraved world of five star high class prostitutes that operate in Singapore's flourishing sex trade Featuring real stories of American models moonlighting as high class escorts in Asia and American businessmen in search of exotic Eastern promise #1 non fiction bestseller at Borders Singapore and Kinokuniya Singapore Southeast Asia's largest bookstore SOC028000 A fascinating and well researched documentation of the sex trade in Singapore However I feel that the chapters lack focus There is chapter titles and three themes sections in the book but the content is not clearly and directly relevant to the theme chapter at times The writing also lacks cohesion In spite of this this makes a good read if you're in it for the content I’ve been to Singapore twice The order and cleanliness in the streets were apt for its image of being a straitlaced police state So it was fascinating to learn from this book that prostitution is legal there because it is regulated – from the low end sex work comprised of the yellow card girls of Orchard Towers the Geylang brothels and the KTV bars to the high end of the business which is the thriving subculture of high class escorts The escorts are not just Singaporean ladies Foreigners are flown in from different countries mostly European for customers who want the Caucasian experience These girls are also flown to different parts of the world and can sometimes stay in a country for some months or years until they feel the need to work another area in the world map The book interviews the different escort girls and even boys as well as those who work in the lower end of the industry Their accounts of their work and their lives are engrossing as well as the accounts that explain the industry in a nation that lawfully bans the homosexual act and is always last on the list of nations who have sex regularly It’s not written that brilliantly Sometimes you find yourself asking what exactly is the author trying to point out or is he just informing us of the situation? But the subject is so fascinating that you will forgive all of the above mentioned Now I want to read a book that discusses the sex industry in the Philippines because I’m pretty sure it would be as interesting So a book hunting I will go After reading realized that it is ironic for the Asian community to despise sex workers but Asian being a country where most of the traders preferred due to better business Nice book to read to understand the insights on how the trade being conducted this also includes the feelings of the traders themselves However there are few parts which are repeated thus a little unnecessary An interesting read but Lim is terribly repetitive It almost seemed like he copied and pasted certain paragraphs just to prove his point Even at merely 204 pages this book felt about 50 pages too long Other than that this book is well researched and well written This book is really very informative and explored the underneath side of the trade The writer is able to bring out the investigations and observations in a well written style which made this book very easy to read not bad for a local writer Men do have weird fantasies An array of sex stories taking place in Singapore though revealing some of the business deals of the oldest trade it is a very plain and monotonous read You might enjoy it as it presents the other side of Singapore So so book about the other side of SingaporeNot recommended

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