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Mike Dooley the beloved creator of Notes from the Universe distills a career's worth of inspiration into elegant brief lessons for making our way through the world conceived as a guidebook for his young daughter to read when she grows up yet relevant to everyone who's living a life on earthMike returns with his most impactful book yet a volume of almost 500 insights drawn from his 20 years as a New Thought leader organized between endearing letters that recall poignant moments of fatherhoodThrough books courses and live events Mike has engaged students with his trademark humor wisdom and sheer joy in living He speaks of understanding our innate spirituality and personal responsibility as the means to unlocking our power over the illusions of time and space A Beginner's Guide to the Universe is filled with gem like bits of wisdom imparting his most essential heartfelt advice about living deliberately and creating consciously comparable to such treasures as Life's Little Instruction Book The Prophet and The Things You Can See Only When You Slow DownCleverly guiding the reader through a range of topics including family and relationships power and responsibility adversity and rebounding even the nature of heaven angels and God Mike succeeds in making a happy life in this universe seem easily within our reach The short passages of text placed artfully on each page in a book that's a pleasure to hold in the hand make this an ideal gift for a parent a parent to be a child a new grad a dear friend or anyone who needs a dose of Dooley whether they know it or not A Beginners Guide to the Universe

About the Author: Mike Dooley

Mike Dooley is a former PriceWaterhouseCoopers international tax consultant turned entrepreneur who's founded a philosophical Adventurers Club on the Internet that's now home to over 350000 members from over 189 countries His inspirational books have been published in 23 languages and he was one of the featured teachers in the international phenomenon The Secret Today Mike is perhaps best kn

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    i read this book throughout the past week or so really enjoyed it i was sent this from mike dooley’s team am so grateful they asked me to read it i would recommend this book to anyone young or old it is written from mike’s point of viewexperience with his daughter what he would like her to know in this life it was so cute also filled with immense detail great life lessons my personal fa

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    RECOMMEND FOR EVERYONE TO READ THIS BOOKThis is the most uotable book ever It hides some of life's greatest secrets and lessons inside I wish I had read this book while going through a painful situation that I had to go through in the past because it would've saved me so much confusion In the end I learned the same things that were written in hereI recommend all of you to read it and truly tak

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    45 🌟5This is a very thought provoking book which you can carry with you in your bag whereever you goThe book starts with a very heart warming letter to his daughter which made my eyes tearyThe book further talks about how time space and matter might be an illution and all we have is now It literally uestions all those uestions which we ask ourselves like who we are and are we here and what we

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    Lovely book of passing on what we should know of life from a Father to his Daughter

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    Heaven is everywhere always at once Hell is not knowing itYour life's purpose is far a function of being yourself than making clever choicesAll that you need to have all that you want lies inside of you right nowYour net worth will depend mostly on your net thoughtsOften having what you want is a function of mentally letting go of what you haveDon't be afraid to go where you've never gone and do what

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    Inspirational You are God's only chance to be you to see what no one else will ever see to hear what no one else will ever hear and to think and feel what no one else will ever think and feel you are precious than you can possibly imagine You are forever Heaven is everywhere always at once hell is not knowing it Your positive thoughts are at least 10000 times powerful than your negative thoughts Don't b

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    How do you guide a daughter or son's footsteps in a life filled with challenges and obstacles? None of us knows how many years months days or hours we have left Mike Dooley answeres many of those uestions in a beginner's guide to the universeMike Dooley has written a beautiful book for his cherished daughter It is a comfort to those at the end of their life It provides hope for those lost in the challenges o

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    As always Mike delivers It was t what I was expecting I thought it would be a story but it was a collection of Notes from the Universe split into sections with lovely written introductions It is written for his daughter in mind and the love and adoration he feels for her is what you wish for every child This book is exactly what it says it is a beginners guide and we’re beginners everyday with a new adventure

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    I enjoyed being reminded by this bookI enjoyed reading some of my own thoughts written by another gently reminding me that we are one I enjoyed learning than I knew before and wondering how he or it knew some things I still can’t get my head around yet but remain open to learning I bought a hard copy for my 6 year old daughter and wrote her a note to share it with her friends and family Everyone should read th

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    It is uite the task Mike Dooley laid out for himself; hoping to encapsulate his twenty years of observational teaching in a volume that aims to narrow it down to the youngest? He captures the sweetness of being a later in life dad and pays great respect to the parent child relationship Maybe it could have been two or three smaller volumes for me to have appreciated it a smidge better? I wanted this to work read alou

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