The Complete Crumb Comics Volume 8 featuring The Death of

The Complete Crumb Comics Volume 8 featuring The Death of Fritz the Cat Much of the same as the previous couple volumes I'm not sure I noted an improvement in this volume The title takes itself from the final tale in the book and the only one staring Fritz here There are a bunch of stories starting Mr Natural too many as I'm not overly interested in him I'm not very interested in any of the philosophicalspiritual things Crumb has to say; or for that matter his political thoughts or his thoughts of feminism I enjoy his feminist criticisms to the extent that he advocates his sexual beliefs and freedom of artistic expression Some of the stories are really funny but just as many fall flat for me I'm going to keep reading this series as I already enjoy some of his Weirdo work which is later than the strips present here In this volume I like the artwork the sexuality and some of the humour I'm biased towards given this a low score simply because it's Crumb and I think this is pretty weak for him I should mention that absolutely nothing in this book offends me Nothing makes me sueamish or whatever I don't understand why people find him 'disgusting' or whatever adjective you want to use to me he comes off as honest and draws fantastical stories hahahahahhahaha great While I appreciate Crumb as an artist I find most of his underground comic books to be a bit bizarre for my taste I just don't find the prospect of reading a comic about a guy who has sex with a female bigfoot in the woods to be interesting or appealing in any way I do enjoy his art style though Call me a prude but the stories that lie within don't have much in the way of redeeming value violent racist and freakishly sexual but not in any redeeming way kind of a let down even tho the sexual stuff was so intense that it was kind of entertaining This Crumb Collection is unmissable for anyone who remembers Zap Comix and Fritz from the sixties The Complete Crumb Comics Vol 8 The Death of Fritz the Cat continues the multi volume series comprising the complete works of the legendary cartoonist R Crumb one of America's most original trenchant and uncompromising satirists The series includes the earliest heretofore unpublished comic strips as well as his underground comix dramatic and autobiographical strips and his classic cartoon creations Fritz the Cat and Mr Natural This volume features work from 1971 and 1972

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