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Evvie Drake Starts OverA Novel In a sleepy seaside town in Maine recently widowed Eveleth “Evvie” Drake rarely leaves her large painfully empty house nearly a year after her husband’s death in a car crash Everyone in town even her best friend Andy thinks grief keeps her locked inside and Evvie doesn’t correct themMeanwhile in New York City Dean Tenney former Major League pitcher and Andy’s childhood best friend is wrestling with what miserable athletes living out their worst nightmares call the “yips” he can’t throw straight any and even worse he can’t figure out why As the media storm heats up an invitation from Andy to stay in Maine seems like the perfect chance to hit the reset button on Dean’s futureWhen he moves into an apartment at the back of Evvie’s house the two make a deal Dean won’t ask about Evvie’s late husband and Evvie won’t ask about Dean’s baseball career Rules though have a funny way of being broken—and what starts as an unexpected friendship soon turns into something To move forward Evvie and Dean will have to reckon with their pasts—the friendships they’ve damaged the secrets they’ve kept—but in life as in baseball there’s always a chance—up until the last out

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    This is a very charming novel It is a juicy red apple It is a bouuet of freshly sharpened pencils It is and I mean this in the best possible way a Hallmark movie but with richly drawn characters who are imperfect and interesting Evvie Drake's asshole husband has died but no one knows he was an asshole and so she has to deal with her community's expectations of how she should grieve as she tr

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    A romance about adults acting like adults They have actual conversations They fall in love because they REALLY LIKE EACH OTHER They make mistakes and then apologize They have nuanced friendships with people of the opposite sex They help each other and sometimes it goes wrong They have complicated relationships with their careers and parents There is also kissing

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    45Definitely not your average Rom Com This is raw true life The twist and turns it takes along the journey The pieces you need to pick up in order to move forwardEvvie married her high school sweetheart On the day she’s planning to take on life in a new direction her husband is killed in a car accident With the snap of a finger Evvie is left to regroup and somehow find the strength to start

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    5 StarsDo you want your HEART STOLEN? Yeah? Then “Evvie Drake Starts Over” is a MUST FREAKING READ Evvie drake is a woman everyone in town feels for her husband Tim passed away recently and everyone in the town is just devastated including her father his parents and her best friend Andy Everyone simply assumes Evvie feels the same way and Evvie has never said otherwise The fact is that no o

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    this story is pretty dang cute and i enjoyed reading it but i for the life of me cannot think of anything to say about it i picked up this up because i was in a particular mood for something light and easy and this book is the epitome of ‘what you see is what you get’ theres nothing too complicated or surprising just a uiet understated story that hits the right spot which is a good thing if

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    If you're looking for a book to charm you completely and worm its way into your heart you don't have to look any further than Linda Holmes' debut novel Evvie Drake Starts Over Boy did I thoroughly enjoy this oneIt's been nearly a year since her husband died in a car accident and Evvie like Chevy not Stevie Drake has spent most of the time holed up in her house trying to stay out of the public eye

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    ★★✰✰✰ 2 stars Sadly I ended up disliking most aspects of this novel It might appeal to those looking for a light summer read that isn't necessarily funny or moving Throughout the novel I had the impression that I was reading an early draft rather than a completed and published version of a book ➜The story as such seemed incomplete We have the inciting incident Dean becomes Evvie's tena

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    Maybe a 25 instead of the full 3 This was good in the beginning but really started to drag as the book went on I may not have been the right audience for this one because it just did not work for me Womp

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    It started with three then moved up to 34 then dropped to 32 and finally with the ending part score stayed as 35 soft sweet Hallmark ish movie vibes with far better characterization and better writing starts rounded up to 4 romantic stars Mostly I never called myself indecisive But reviewing and deciding what I’m thinking about this book were really complicated job for me I can make honestly my

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    The widow and the exiled baseball player were road tripping to fetch a heavy expensive toy to put in an apartment he didn’t intend to stay in that long And in an isolated moment in her kitchen it seemed like an entirely logical thing for them to do Evvie Drake rarely leaves her home in Maine Her neighbors and community members think the grief from her husband's death is keeping her isolated and

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