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Palace Intrigue A Medieval Tale #3 MoreThis is a great series Just got book 3 and read it non stop I read the first two books about two weeks ago and pre ordered the third Now I have to wait for the fourth book Please write fast I love these books Love the story butIt's a great story but I just can't afford the next book First book was KU next was 499 then 3rd was 5 something and then was raised to 695 and now the next book is 695 I had no problem when it was 499 but the constant price increases I just can't see paying such high prices for a new author WANT THE NEXT BOOK NOWIt was wonderful Good Alt History StoryGood character development and correct level of action without crazy ridiculous amount rapid technology introduction Level of intrigue and plot development is also good More Oh my gosh There are many lessons in life to learn from Lily I want How soon until the next book release? Impressive I can't wait for 3Impressive Medieval Tale and Lina Potter are Russian National Treasures that belong on film and in print Where 3 Why do authors stretch out a storyline over several books?I have enjoyed reading all three books A strong heroine and intrigue What I don't like is waiting for the next book or cliffhangers I will sometimes never finish a series of books because Iwould have moved on Not a patient reader for cliff hangers I also sometimes forget them if the previous book was not that great I need the next two booksThis book as with the previous two was awesome It can be a little hard to follow because there is a lot going on and good luck trying to sum it all up for someone i tried to tell my husband the basics just that took about 5 minutes I really can't wait to see what happens in the next two books Part of me is hoping that Lily and Jess fall in love the rest of me wants him out of the picture Can't wait to see what happens She suddenly wished that her medical school had offered a course on the art of intrigue What seemed to be just an accident now carries an ugly and poisonous truth inside Time to lift the veil Aliya now Countess Lillian Elizabeth Mariella Earton and wife to the Earl of Earton is trying to uncover the truth behind Lillian’s miscarriage and the unhappy course of her marriage How many enemies does Lilian have And what do they want of her King Edward’s interest in the estate of Earton – once collapsing now prospering – has sparked He invited Lilian to come to the Royal Palace in spring Aliya prepares to travel with only one thought in the back of her mind will she be able to persuade King Edward with her gifts and obtain his permission to continue to develop her business empire as a woman She has to become an integral part of Edward’s kingdom so much so that removing her would cause great damage to the rest of the structure No guts no glory Otherwise she won’t survive especially with a husband who could exercise total control over her life In the meantime Jess the Earl of Earton while travelling with the Royal delegation becomes increasingly disturbed as amassing reports of his wife’s undertakings reach him via the King’s letters Is Lilian doing all of this by herself or is someone else behind it telling her what to do Afterall she is just a woman To make matters worse Jess' cunning mistress Adele is still plotting to eliminate both Miranda and Lilian Palace Intrigue is the third book in the Medieval Tale series by Lina J Potter The plot twists as Lilian's story becomes of interest to neighboring kingdoms Aliya keeps on winning the trust and hearts of Eveers Virmans and Khangans and now the King of Wellster sees a powerful ally in the Countess as the struggle for power commences Intriguinggreat writingalwaysKept me wondering what would happen next Allows for the mind to figure out the next move Looking forward to the next book

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