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The Vanishing Season A recent abduction becomes an unexpected link to a decades long spree of unspeakable crimesEight year old Brooklyn Mercer has gone missing And as accustomed as FBI agents Eliza Sterling and Brandon Eddison are to such harrowing cases this one has struck a nerve It marks the anniversary of the disappearance of Eddison’s own little sister Disturbing too is the girl’s resemblance to Eliza—so uncanny they could be mother and daughterWith Eddison’s unsettled past rising again with rage and pain Eliza is determined to solve this case at any cost But the closer she looks the reluctant she is to divulge to her increasingly shaken partner what she finds Brooklyn isn’t the only girl of her exact description to go missing She’s just the latest in a frightening pattern going back decades in cities throughout the entire countryIn a race against time Eliza’s determined to bring Brooklyn home and somehow find the link to the cold case that has haunted Eddison—and the entire Crimes Against Children team—since its inception We were first introduced to this series with The Butterfly Garden a book that horrified and traumatized many readers several years ago It continued with The Roses of May and last years bestseller The Summer Children You can read my review of that book HERE Each book has built on the development of the team members who originally found girls in the Butterfly Garden and their work within a special unit of the FBI Now a child has been abducted their specialty but the case is eerily similar to kidnapping of Eddison’s sister years earlier As the team members deal with their own haunting demons from past cases they also must search through clues to see how and why this case may be linked to the cold cases from old before it is too late to save the missing childLet me state up front that absolutely is not a “stand alone” book I read The Summer Children last year and only slightly fell through the cracks a few times After that I promptly went back and read the first two books in the series All of these books are top notch horrifyingly marvelous thrillers This one however is the end of the story For those of us invested in these characters it is a book that ties up all of the loose ends answers uestions from the past and allows us and the author to move on to new topics It is a must read for followers of Hutchison’s work but I don’t recommend starting here I do however recommend reading every single one of the books in the series They are absolutely fantastic Hutchison is a masterful storyteller whose tales you will not want to miss Another powerful novel in The Collector series this one focusing on FBI Agent Eliza Sterling searching for a missing eight year old girl For Eliza's partner Bran the case has a special meaning His sister who looked a lot like the missing girl also went missing twenty five years ago never to be seen again As the case open old wounds for the team they race to save the girl but new chilling evidence comes to light that this girl might not be the only one This madman whoever he is has been taking girls for decadesGee I really enjoy this series and I'm glad Dot Hutchison extended it past the initial trilogy With convincing writing along with a cast of memorable characters these book will keep you up long into the night I recommend these books to all lovers of crime and mystery novelsMy thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an ARC in exchange for an honest review #1 The Butterfly Garden ★★★★★#2 Roses of May ★★★★☆#3 The Summer Children ★★★★★Sadly this has been really odd and not up to par for the series if that makes sense? I'm setting this aside at 25% but I do plan on picking it back up later to see if it gets better Thank you so much to the publisher for providing me with this ARC in exchange for an honest review The atmosphere on this one was far sappy sad than the previous threeThe POV is from Agent Sterling's perspective Sterling is my least favourite character and better suited as a side dish rather than the MC in my opinionI think that may be why I enjoyed this less than the other booksOr maybe I am just depressed that the series is over and I have to say goodbye to all my new friendsWho knows for sure?You look too sweet to be so evilThanks to NetGalley and Thomas Mercer for this ARC Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for a free copy of this book in return for an honest reviewThere's a line towards the end of this book that talks about the extraordinary kindness people can surprise you with and I think that sums up exactly what drove this series so deep into my heart I really don't get emotional about books any but I couldn't maintain dry eyes throughout the last uarter Something about these agents and the family they've built for themselves just hits such a true note that it's like having that family as my ownWe're still only just under a month from publication so obviously this will be a spoiler free review As usual though you'll miss a lot if you do this and all the books can be read on their own but why would you want to not go back? I do every time a new book comes out In terms of the other books this is similar to #3 we're back with the CAC team rather than the survivors of a horror but in this particular case it's hard not to blur the lines a bit The characters we've grown to love don't disappoint and there's a host of new people to extend your heart toI really am very emotional about this series and Dot Hutchison has pulled off a true miracle in bringing such hope and happiness into what can be such a dark genre She's an author who believes in kindness and it's extraordinary powers and I can't wait to see what she does next I love this series I devoured the first 3 books but The Vanishing Season left a lot to be desiredWhile I love the entire FBI team the magnitude of the inane banter and chit chat was annoying There was just so much That's not what I'm here for I want of the mysterycrime I feel like this installment was missing the magic the on the edge of my seat suspense that the other 3 books had And all of a sudden all the evidence was just there and it was solved is it really that easy? Maybe stop with the unnecessary repetition of how they're all family and actually delve a little into the missing girls And the fact that everyone made SUCH A BIG DEAL that Eliza has blonde hair and blue eyes like the missing girls was eye roll worthy Who cares? A ton of women are blonde with blue eyesStill a decent book I'm sad that it's the last one though Not a great note to end on #1 The Butterfly Garden The Collector #1 3 Stars#2 Roses of May The Collector #2 4 Stars#3 The Summer Children The Collector #3 5 Stars The Vanishing Season is the conclusion to The Collector Series by Dot Hutchison and it’s a very satisfying end to on my favorite mystery thriller series I like how we came full circle with this book and how the uestions that have been haunting me through the series are now answered in the best way possibleThe whole series follows a team of FBI agents and each book is told from the perspective of one of the agents The Vanishing Season focuses on Agent Eliza Sterling as she searches along with her team for an eight year old girl who’s gone missing when coming back from school but the similarities between her disappearance and the disappearance of Bran’s sister faith decades ago makes the case a very emotional one for the whole teamAs the investigations progresses it becomes very clear that the girl may be one of many and the culprit they’re looking for may have been taking young girls for years and years We heal mostly but even scars can bleed As conclusions go this one is really good It ties all the loose ends; it respects the characters arcs and their individual journey and answers all the uestions that’s been there along the way while giving us a very deep picture of who the characters are and how far they have come I loved everything about it from the mystery and how it was handled to all the revelations that touched our heroes one way or another to the fact that they are finally at peace with everything they went through coming out stronger after every struggle I really love how even though the mysteries are well done n every single book they are written with a compassion and emotions they’re not glorified or exaggerated for shock value I mean the series is one of the most sensitive series I’ve read in a very long way The author shows respect through her brilliant writing to the pain the characters endure and to the tragedies that happen in the whole series Life has a way of mocking our choices The characters has always been written in a way that makes you root for them to make it through to move on from the hurt of the past and embrace the beauty of possibilities and that’s what happened in this finale I can’t be happier with the outcome of this book even though it’s was really sad painful to read and sometimes hard to get through at the end I’m happy that I gave this series a chance and that I grow to know the characters and with every book and see them grow and change and become happier leaving the pain behind without forgetting the struggles that made them who they areTouching Hopeful and deeply moving The Collector Series is a must read for fans of the thrillermystery genre and even if you're not a fan I think you'll become one after reading this series Please give it a chance you won’t regret An amazing satisfying end to Dot Hutchinson's The Collector series We heal mostly but even scars can bleed I've come to love the CAC team in this series With the last two installments we really get to know them and become invested in the family they have formed In The Vanishing Season 8 year old Brooklyn Mercer goes missing on her short walk home from school The disappearance allows us to dig deeper into Brandon Eddison's past I have thoroughly enjoyed Bran and his interaction with both the members of his team and the girls from the Garden whom he adopted over time It was fitting to finally get his full backstory What an emotional case and journey This one got to me the way The Butterfly Garden did I was emotionally invested and couldn't tear myself away from its pages I appreciate that Dot Hutchinson gave us this fitting conclusion to the series The ending was like catching up with old friends and feeling that sense of contentment at finding out what they have been up to The book was emotional heartbreaking and absolutely wonderful It's hard not to get sucked in to the dynamics between the members of this team I will definitely miss them but I am satisfied with where Hutchinson chose to go with her conclusion and so happy I went along with her for the The Collector journey Special thanks to Dot Hutchinson Thomas Mercer Publishing and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review an arc of this book #1 The Butterfly Garden ★★★★★#2 Roses of May ★★★#3 The Summer Children ★★★★#4 The Vanishing Season ★★This review can also be found on my blogdisclaimer I received an advanced copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for review consideration All of the opinions presented below are my own First and foremost I need to give my thanks to Rachel who has been with me for every step of this journey I also reread her review of The Summer Children and realized it said everything I was trying to say below but better By which I mean she has put up with my endless livetexting of this godforsaken novel and my incredulity whilst reading it Which comes across as rude but I’m not sure I would have made it through without someone to vent toWhile writing negative reviews can be freeing in a way I’ve been dreading writing this one I absolutely adored Dot Hutchison’s first novel in this series The Butterfly Garden was everything I wanted in a thriller and I was absolutely blown away by it I could not put it down Shortly thereafter I read The Roses of May and while my review was glowing my star rating slowly dropped the thought I gave to it The Summer Children peaked in uality a bit but the depth of focus given to the agents’ relationships which many had critiued in The Roses of May finally began to irk me The Vanishing Season takes it to a whole other levelThe problem with these books is that they force you to completely suspend your disbelief regarding professionalism and appropriate workplace behavior There’s a time and a place for cutesy stuff like this but FBI agents actively working a case ain’t it It’s to the point where I hesitate to call this a thriller or a mystery While the last two books at least had some sense of danger and urgency The Vanishing Season is honestly nothing but fanservice The tonal shift is enough to give you whiplashI’m not saying that books need to mirror reality perfectly and most thrillers do reuire you to suspend your disbelief a bit but it would take some serious mental gymnastics to think that a law enforcement team could actually function like this without crashing and burning or at least getting a serious talking to from an internal affairs department I lost track of all the things I could not believe were happening Agent cuddle parties They all live next to each other Always joking about the boy being outnumbered by LOL GIRLS realistic but annoying Her boss kisses her on the CHEEK? Literally everyone talks about the MC looking like an 8 year old girl constantly and I’m seriously done with women being infantilizedAside from that the excess of unnecessary detail was overwhelming I wish I had highlighted examples as I came across them because there were so many In instances where a sentence or two would have conveyed a process just fine a full page is used instead There was so much infodumping that I just didn’t understand and it came across as the epitome of telling instead of showingIt sucks because between all the stuff I didn’t like there was so much promise The crime of the week could have been so much interesting had it been expanded on but it became of a background to everyone’s personal problems There was a really interesting exploration of realizing one had been abused that would have hit so much harder if it hadn’t been crammed together with a dozen other things I feel like this book just tried to do everything at once and ended up shooting itself in the foot because of it It’s a bummer because we all know Dot Hutchison is an incredible writer; The Butterfly Garden was kind of a masterpiece imo The rest of the series was just an entirely different kind of writingSo unfortunately this really wasn’t for me and I can’t say I recommend it in its current state I can only hope that some additional edits were made between the ARC and the finished copy I guess if you’re obsessed with the characters and want to see them spend all their time goofing around or having Serious Emotional Moments together this is the book for you If you’re looking for an actual thrillermystery keep looking

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Dot Hutchison is the author of A Wounded Name a young adult novel based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet and the adult thriller The Butterfly Garden With past experience working at a Boy Scout camp a craft store a bookstore and the Renaissance Faire as a human combat chess piece Hutchison prides herself on remaining delightfully in tune with her inner young adult She loves thunderstorms mytholog

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