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The Alienist When The Alienist was first published in 1994 it was a major phenomenon spending six months on the New York Times bestseller list receiving critical acclaim and selling millions of copies This modern classic continues to be a touchstone of historical suspense fiction for readers everywhereThe year is 1896 The city is New York Newspaper reporter John Schuyler Moore is summoned by his friend Dr Laszlo Kreizler—a psychologist or “alienist”—to view the horribly mutilated body of an adolescent boy abandoned on the unfinished Williamsburg Bridge From there the two embark on a revolutionary effort in criminology creating a psychological profile of the perpetrator based on the details of his crimes Their dangerous uest takes them into the tortured past and twisted mind of a murderer who will kill again before their hunt is overFast paced and riveting infused with historical detail The Alienist conjures up Gilded Age New York with its tenements and mansions corrupt cops and flamboyant gangsters shining opera houses and seamy gin mills It is an age in which uestioning society’s belief that all killers are born not made could have unexpected and fatal conseuences

About the Author: Caleb Carr

Caleb Carr is an American novelist and military historian The son of Lucien Carr a former UPI editor and a key Beat generation figure he was born in Manhattan and lived for much of his life on the Lower East Side He attended Kenyon College and New York University earning a BA in military and diplomatic history He is a contributing editor of MH The uarterly Journal of Military History an

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    I don’t know about your shelves but my shelves of unread books have become clogged with novels I thought I wanted to read five or six years ago and now I can’t remember why I thought I wanted to read them and since I’ve now read all the ones I could remember why I wanted to read them I’m left with this scurvy crew and there they are glaring at me and mutte

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    New TV series based on the book is showing on TNT and launching January 22nd 2018”I caught a vague glimpse of human flesh glowing in the moonlight We took a few steps closer and then I made out plainly the figure of a naked young boy on his knees His hands had been bound behind his back causing his head to rest on the stone surface of the promenade and his feet were sim

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    This book was FIZZING which according to my 19th Century Art of Manliness glossary means excellent top notch Well fizzing it was Through most of this book I had it rated at 50 stars as I was absolutely captivated by the writing the characters and the plot and loved how they were all deftly tethered to a great depiction of late 19th Century everyday life I would describe this as a

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    Update I am so excited I just found out there's going to be a Tv series after the novel Here is the trailer and it looks amazing with a great cast Can't waithttpswwwyoutubecomwatch?vJcJnI realized that I can usually feel a 5 book from the first 50 pages There is something in the author’s voice that gets to me The same thing happened with The Alienist It just had me at hello The novel i

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    In this battle there are many enemiesAnd that's an understatementThe darkly moving shadows seeking oblivion nameless figures shapeshifting in back alleys and roof tops The click of heels down rain soaked streets leading to nowhere and to everywhere Secrets until they are no longerNew York City in 1896 is a mecca for the meaningful and the meaningless Police Commissioner Theodore Roosevelt has be

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    I guess I just need than a mammoth miniseries version of a steampunk era CSI episode I've never enjoyed that show what little I've watched of it because the minutia of forensic science and criminal psychology utterly bore me when they are not tied to interesting themes characters with depth or a rich atmosphere the entirely insipid protagonist made me entirely frustrated the pedestrian prose made me wa

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    Caleb Carr's novel of a serial killer on the loose in turn of the century New York and the dangerous pursuit of him by Dr Lazlo Kreizler and his friends is a truly wonderful read This has so much period atmosphere the reader can almost hear the hoofbeats trotting over the cobblestone streets beneath gaslit street lamps It is long and exciting yet not long enough because by the time you finish you'll feel like m

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    Prior to the twentieth century persons suffering from mental illness were thought to be “alienated” not only from the rest of society but from their own true natures Those experts who studied mental pathologies were therefore know as alienists At two am on March 3rd 1896 someone comes pounding on the door of John Moore’s grandmother’s house in New York City Not drunk nor particularly sober when called from his

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    I tend not to like historical fiction but this one blew me away I challenge any thriller and suspense lover to try this book and not get hooked by the end of the first chapter Fabulous

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    This was a very interesting very thick book Lots of history and lots of information about forensic psychology and ways to hunt for a serial killer Lots of good characters including Theodore Roosevelt It was a long read but I did enjoy it and wanted to read it before the TV series starts in the new year I think this is a series so I will certainly want to read I do become very attached to the main characters Won't give anything away a

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