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Linda Goodman's Star Signs The Master Astrologer's Classic Spiritual and Physical Self Help GuideShe has helped millions improve their lives loves and businesses through her bestselling books Sun Signs and Love Signs Here in her most personal book yet Linda Goodman America's premier astrologer has written an enlightening and remarkably accurate cuide to help you discover all the powers you possess How can you achieve financial freedom and financial security Which holistic healing methods really work What hidden meanings can be found in numbers words and deja vu How can music color and crystals be used to improve your body and your mindWith her usual compassion wit and perception Linda Goodman broadens the horizons of astrology to help you on your way to health and happiness Recall the forgotten harmony of the Universe with Linda Goodman's Star Signs This book absolutely BLEW MY MIND Linda Goodman was a courageous brilliant and outstanding writer I've re read Star Signs many times and each time I love it even Read it if you want to be fascinated by a truly original book SPECTACULAR EXTRAORDINARY MAGNIFICENT I'd have given this book a five just because I enjoyed it that much at the time I read it and it was that important to me at the time I was 17 and this book accompanied me through a spiritually eye opening time of self examination I didn't give it a five though becauselet's face it This is a book about how to live forever by drinking lots of grape juice and visualizing your cells spinning backwards written by a woman who died of complications from diabetes when she was 70 Read if interested in true numerology; how energy works to lose weight make money and so forth; lexigrams and the power of words; nicola tesla; ghosts; and so much Loved it until it fell apart Many people are embarrassed about the fact that they read Linda Goodman and believed in most of what as had to say This is true of her book Sun Signs that many of us read as dumbstruck teenagers ooh ing and ah ing at her astro wisdom and insight Star Signs however is a completely different story It discusses fascinating dimensions and traverses depths one did not uite frankly afford Ms Goodman the credit to have possessed It was one of the few books back in the 80s that gave you an intriguing perspective on alternate ideas an was a door opener to many other mystical ideas I went on to discover So for that I'm grateful

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