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Willow De Beers #1 My favorite VA series I think the Willow books are clever Written with a psychological perspective And people still wonder why I keep reading VC Andrews's books Basically they're like drug to methey make me sick but I enjoy them anyway lol Willow's story is uniue and it was full of unexpected things I can't write down what the story is all about because it was just too muchI loved and lived the charterers Linden was my favorite It wasn't the best of bests but it was good and I enjoyed it For reviews visit my childhood home like so many in the mid 90’s there was a dusty shelf on the bookcase filled with old V C Andrews paperbacks My parents were extremely strict about policing what I watched on TV but were much casual about what I read When I was around ten or eleven years old I picked up Flowers in the Attic and my eyes were opened It was my first encounter with a book that dealt with overtly sexual themes such as incest and rape and I had no idea what was happening in the “adult” scenes Nevertheless I found that I enjoyed the high melodrama and the continuous cycle of betrayal and forgiveness All through high school while I was taking AP Literature and preparing to begin my degree in English these books were my guilty pleasureThis past Christmas I had the chance to spend the holidays with my family back in the States for the first time in many years While I was sitting and catching up with my parents I took a glance at the family bookcase and there they were The same tattered V C Andrews paperbacks I had read and re read so many times They had dwindled in number over the years no doubt lost to garage sales and thrift stores I was immediately hit by a wave of fond nostalgia and when I returned to Canada I decided I wanted to revisit V C Andrews by reading one of her books that was new to me On a whim I chose Willow which is the first novel in the five book De Beers seriesWhy is any of this important? Because the nostalgia factor here is very strong and definitely swayed my opinion on the book If a person who was not previously familiar with V C Andrews read Willow they would probably see it as the most ridiculous and silly kind of smut But for me going back into that world was so relaxing It was like taking my brain off at the end of a long dayWillow has all of the trademarks that make V C Andrews the bestselling author of trashy family dramas The title character suddenly finds herself dealing with the ritz and glamour of Palm Beach high society The upper echelons of the upper class are pictured here as if they have been drawn by someone who had only the rudimentary idea of what wealth is I’ve certainly never run in those circles but somehow I find 600 am beluga caviar feasts as people toast themselves and how fabulous they are a bit far fetched Such though is the charm of V C Andrews whose books have always focused on the super rich and their dazzling lifestyles Even though this novel is set in 2002 the characters behave as if they are perpetually trapped in some long ago era The women are shallow and ornamental the men strutting and arrogant It’s all just so deliciously sillyI haven’t said much about the plot but that’s because the plot is largely inconseuential What matters is that Willow De Beers is suddenly transported to a life of fabulous wealth and dangerous secrets How and why she got there aren’t treated with any great importanceBooks like these are impossible to review Objectively Willow is terrible The characters are paper thin there is virtually no plot It’s mere window dressing but sometimes the window dressing can be a lot of fun I doubt I’ll read the other four books in the DeBeers series but I’m glad to have read WillowMy rating 255 This book was ok It was very slow to start Willow DeBeers is an almost 19 year old college student She was adopted at birth by her psychiatrist father who had a patient that became pregnant and wanted to get rid of the baby Willows adopted mother was a complete bitch who tried everything she could to get her father to commit her fearing she'd inherited psychological problems we hear a bunch of horror storeis about her adoptive mother as she was pretty cruel to Willow as a child but presently she is deadThen of course Willow's father suffers a fatal heart attack He leaves Willow a diary in which he reveals he really is her bio dad Apparently he fell in love w a patient and after she was treated stayed on at the Willows his name for his practice as well for his daughter and had their child His wife never knew that Willow was really hisSo Willow takes a leave of absence from college to seek out her bio mom She finds her in Palm Springs living in the guest house of her uite large estate that she leases to the Eatons Here Willow meets Thatcher Eaton the son of the Eatons They are complete snobs and are the first to gossip of Willow's mother They tell her she was raped by her step father resulting in the birth of her son Linden who lives w her in the guest house which also houses their servants They talk of her bio mom and half brother as some kind of social outcasts Now Willow is there under and assumed name claiming to be doing research on the social lives of those in Palm Beach Thatcher is immediately taken w her and later finds out her real name His parents still unaware of who she really is invite her to live with them instead of in a hotel while she is doing her research claiming they have many friends and many parties so she will be able to observe on a better well AFter she develops a romantic relationship with Thatcher she takes them up on it She does get the opportunity to meet her real mother who immediately knows who she is Her half brother on the other hand is a very talented artist but very angry and withdrawn from society He has his sights on Willow and once he realizes who she is flees in his sailboat and has a horrible accident leaving him with amnesia due to his head injuryOnce Thatcher's parents find out who she really is they are horrified and she is asked to leave She does return home briefly due to the death of the caretaker of her home in South Carolina While she is gone Thatcher doesn't contact her at all and she believes she has lost him as well due to the influence of his parentsIn the end Willow decides to sell her family home and move in w her mother The Eaton's lease is almost up at the main house and she looks forward to throwing them out and taking control of the estate as she re enrolls in a college nearby Book 2 should be better as the first seemed to set us up for what is to come This book definitely got better just as it was almost over This is a good beginning to a decent series Andrews has a good plot in this one since the later series seem to rely on previous plotsBut a good read and good series I could remember almost nothing of this book so it was like reading it for the first time all over again I must read of my vc Andrews collection often This book now goes to live with the rest I can't wait to start re reading the rest of the series All that glitters isn't goldWealth Extravagant parties Celebrity status These are things Willow De Beers could only dream of — until now After discovering deep family secrets in her adoptive father's journal Willow bids farewell to her North Carolina college town and sets out in search of her birth family amid the ritzy glamour of Palm Beach Using an assumed name and pretending to conduct a study of one of the nation's wealthiest communities Willow takes Florida's gem city by storm and uickly encounters Thatcher Eaton a young lawyer who sweeps her off her feet But as Willow spirals into a passionate love affair and becomes intoxicated with the lifestyle of the rich and famous the dark truth about her birth family threatens her fabulous new life pushing her to the brink of insanity It was a good read although I did not care for the ending I'm ready for the next one in the series Slow start but it gets better around halfway through I usually love VC Andrews and I still do but I had a hard time with the doctorpatient relationship Interesting enough to read the second volume

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