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Until the Last Star Fades Touching heartfelt and passionate UNTIL THE LAST STAR FADES blurs the line between slow burn romance and women's fiction and is a must read for hopeful romantics devoted daughters and the moms they cherish COULD YOU BE THE ONE WHO CHANGES EVERYTHINGIn her senior year at NYU Riley Hope appears to be on top of the world With a loving mother who makes Lorelai Gil look like a parenting slacker ride or die friends and a long time boyfriend destined for the National Hockey League she puts on a smile for the world But behind it she’s drowning Racked with fears for the future she battles to stay afloat amid life in the shadows of a heartbreaking illnessAnd then Ben Fagan comes crashing into her life Twenty three years old British and alone in the Big Apple after a disastrous pilot season in LA the struggling actor is looking for an escape booze mischief sex—minimum commitment maximum fun—anything to avoid returning across the pond As they form an unlikely bond Riley keeps her reality from Ben so that he remains a happy refuge But how long can she hold back the truthand is Ben keeping his own secrets tooFrom the award winning author of LONDON BELONGS TO ME and LONDON CAN YOU WAIT comes a bittersweet story about love loss sacrifice and the life changing decisions we makeIAN Romance Book of the Year Award Winner 2019

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    ➳The boundaries of wanting what you can reach have been broken in this very emotional and in depth full of hope and fresh light of a romance novel ➳The last time I read a book by Jacuelyn it was a twist of events that made me want to take my time in understanding her type of style in writing When her publicist reached out to me to review this one I already had it added to my TBR so I was excited to dive into it earlier than what I was expecting I am gla

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    Ashes Books Bobs 😍😍😍All the heart eyes I can't begin to explain my excitement over scoring an ARC of Until the Last Star Fades This was my most anticipated read of the latter half of 2018 and did not disappoint in the least I'm going to dub Jacuelyn Middleton the ueen of Book Hangovers After every book of hers I always feel like I've moved away from dear friends I'm used to seeing daily When I turn the last page I mourn my loss of the characters In each

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    This romance was just okay This is a new adult romance that follows Riley a twenty two year old living in New York who suffers from anxiety One day she meets Ben a British actor who just had a rough pilot season in LA Riley is recently engaged to her hockey playing boyfriend Josh and realizes she isn’t as happy as she could be with him This story is okay as far as romances go I didn’t really love anything about the story nothing was incredibly memorable or stood

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    Until the Last Star FadesJacuelyn MiddletonUNTIL THE LAST STAR FADES is the perfect way to spend the day All of the characters seem very genuine and relatable and I was emotionally invested in them all right off the bat Riley stole my heart as a woman struggling with mental illness The story shows how an illness not only effects Riley but those around her Especially Ben and the chemistry between the two is not something the reader can ignore Hang on people It will be a w

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    ”Sometimes the heart wants what it can't have” Sweet and full of heart Something about this book really grabbed me and I very much enjoyed this funny tender and sexy story Riley Hope is a senior at NYU with a long distance boyfriend and a lot on her plate She takes care of her ailing mother who is struggling just to get by but never ever complains and really has a beautiful sunny outlook on life Riley’s bond with her mother is one of the central relationships in this

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    This book had me laughing swooning and of course crying UTLSF had me on an emotional roller coaster that I never wanted to get off of This is a story of romance family and friendship Riley and Ben's story deeply touched me through their happiest and hardest moments Their love story melted my heart while also healing it I saw a lot of myself in these characters and I will miss them and what they have to teach me Jackie has an amazingly uniue way of telling an incredible story whi

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    ‘Until the Last Star Fades’ brings seriously sexy romance without being all about the romance It’s a beautiful love story that unfolds slowly amid life’s hardships and obstaclesMiddleton has a knack for writing complex and relatable characters and doesn’t shy away from putting them through the ringer As in life there are no easy solutions here for our main protagonists Riley and Ben Riley experiences her fair share of pain awkwardness and despondency as she navigates love

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    355 –this book was so cute it brought out ALL the NY feels and it makes me want to travel there and london all over again those are my two favorite cities and Until the Last Star Fades makes me wistful for my next visitone of my favorite aspects of this novel aside from the NY vibes was the focus on mental health our lead struggles with anxiety and depression and while i personally don’t suffer from either of those i felt Jacuelyn Middleton did a really great job at representing the

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    It is easy for me to say that 'Until the Last Star Fades' is one of my favorite books I read in 2018 I started reading this book as soon as I received it I know my review is little late but this happens to me when I read Jacuelyn Middleton books Why? To tell you the truth I had to wait a bit so that my emotions will settle down and also find a way to write this review so that it would make justice to this amazing story I still feel that whatever I say won’t be enough to convey my feelings

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    I really liked this book It covers so many topics friendship motherdaughter relationship depression and of course there’s a great romance The writing was great and I fell in love with the characters Riley and Ben are the stars of the book but the other characters also brought so much to the story The book takes place in NYC which is one of my favourite places to read about Overall this is a great slow burn love story but the book goes so much deeper than that and explores other topics and rel

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About the Author: Jacquelyn Middleton

Jacuelyn Middleton is an award winning author of love stories for hopeful romantics—‘hopeful' because her novels are always optimistic and she believes 'happily ever afters' are important now than ever before But life is messy relationships are messy and her books aren't afraid to go there too If you enjoy character and relationship driven stories about people dealing with the triumphs