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Not all love stories are written the same way Ours had torn chapters missing paragraphs and a bittersweet endingLuna Rexroth is everyone’s favorite wallflowerSweetCaringCharitableuietFakeUnderneath the meek tomboy exterior everyone loves yet pities is a girl who knows exactly what and who she wants—namely the boy from the treehouse who taught her how to curse in sign languageWho taught her how to laughTo liveTo loveKnight Cole is everyone’s favorite football heroGorgeousAthleticRuggedPopularLiarThis daredevil hell raiser could knock you up with his gaze alone but he only has eyes for the girl across the street LunaBut Luna is not who she used to be She doesn’t need his protection anyWhen life throws a curveball at All Saints’ golden boy he’s forced to realize not all knights are heroesSometimes the greatest love stories flourish in tragedy Broken Knight

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    6 STARS⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️There are great books and then there’s this book—THE BEST BOOK I’VE READ ALL YEAREvery now and then a book completely consumes you and leaves you speechless Broken Knight is that book for me The story These characters I will remember the experience Always LJ Shen ascends to new heights with this amazing work of art Broken Knight moved me It entertained me I was completely captivated fr

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    AVAILABLE NOW FULL REVIEW5 RIDE OR DIE CROWNSMy words will not ever live up to the emotional journey that is Broken Knight I sobbed for a good portion of it my hands covering my mouth and heart in anguish and yet and the end of this story I felt a sense of hope a sense that life moves on pieces fall together and than anything that life needs to be lived that forevers aren’t promised and we must live and grasp every moment we can with

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    English spanish version BEST LJ SHEN'S BOOK BEST BOOK OF 2019 A TOP READ OF  ALL TIMEMy soul and my heart will not be the same after Broken Knight There are unforgettable books and there is THIS BOOK It will leave an indelible mark forever The story consumed me to the point that I cannot think I cannot eat I cannot focus on anything else I'm so obsessed with the characters I'm completely ruined forever I honestly don't know how I am writ

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    There are very few times in a person's life where they come across a book that pulls no punches and is so real raw and gritty that it literally consumes you where you can't eat or sleep without thinking about it Broken Knight is that book for me I can honestly say that after reading it this book has irrevocably changed who I am as a person and how hard I will love and hold my loved ones around me It is one of a kind and hands down LJ Shen's g

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    I finished Broken Knight last week and I’m still thinking about it Not only is it the BEST SoSASH book but it’s Leigh’s best book period And my absolute hands down FAVORITE BK is everything I’ve missed about YANA whatever you want to call it It’s pure magicYou know those can’t eat can’t sleep can’t even drive without peeking at your kindle at the stoplight type of reads? Those are far and few between for me these days but I felt

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    Stand aloneLIVE | AMZ US | AMZ UK |Books in All Saints High series are stand alonesBook 1 Pretty Reckless Daria’s storyBook 2 Broken Knight Knight’s storyBook 3 Angry God Vaughn’s story

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    I have known for while how disloyal this author is to her characters see in Ruckus how she did Millie and Vicious dirtyCompletely re writing history for Dean and Rosie On the subject of Dean and Rosie I disliked both of them and did not buy their love But still I do not appreciate having to be shown a whole soulmates story where they loved each other the whole time To then find out Rosie dies and only a year later Dean is basically in love with anothe

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    Dear LJ Shen How is it that you make your words spring to life from the barren pages and hit my senses with the force of a gale every time? How is it that you peel off the layers of the banal and reveal the terrible beauty of the core?I wonder what spirit possesses you every time you pick up your pen brimming over with confidence or maybe unsure of your own craft to pour every ounce of what weighed on your mind fluidly into the empty pages waiting in ant

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    4 45 stars Broken Knight was one of my most anticipated summer reads I mean look at that cover Also the fact that Knight's parents are my favorite Shen couple I was just so excited There were A LOT of 5 star moments in this book It was angsty beautifully written and addicting to read There were also a few points where I considered DNFing the whole thing I was that upset and stressed about a few things that happened Overall I did love it it for the most part

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    Knight and Luna have been best friends their entire lives The type of relationship they have is than just your average teen romance and Broken Knight is than just your average NA novel It's the single most emotional and impactful story Leigh has ever written Whatever you were expecting from this book based on Pretty Reckless or the Sinners of Saints series throw that out the window I was taken off guard completely by this one Even when I thought I knew what

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