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Destructions Ascent Dragon Ridden Chronicles #3 When the past rises the world burns Newly conscripted into the Emperor’s dragon corps Tate Fisher is still trying to figure out all that her new position entails Along with an elevation in status comes dangerous enemies Enemies who would rather see the dragons fall into ruin than remain in their current place of power When a dragon goes missing followed by a child close to her Tate is forced to confront the hidden agendas of those in the highest seats of authority Her search for the truth takes her deeper into the maze of tunnels that lie beneath the city It’s a place where secrets lurk and dangers abound There she’ll uncover a plot whose origins stretch all the way back to the beginning of this world—one that can only end in the destruction of everything she knows and loves The key to saving her city lies in her uncertain past If only she could remember what that was

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    3 12Some editing mistakes but of the 3 this is the book I liked most It's a less exciting series than The Broken Lands in fact I remember almost nothing from books 1 and 2 but you can still follow along Dragon Ridden reminds a bit of the Chronicles of Elantra lack of growth at times a missing past That kind of detail

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    25 starsThe mystery in the story is what made this installment interesting I liked that we learned about all the MCs and saw relationship development between the heroine and her friend Ryu I still didn't like how he continued to boss her around but there wasn't too much of the uestionable manipulation going on

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    Still Adore ItI'm still loving this series Things are revealed in bits and pieces but this book finally confirms a few things about Tate and her origins I still want to know how she and Ilith became bonded and why Tate slept and for so long at thatWe also get to see Ryu open up and Tate become open about how she feels about him and why she keeps a wall between them He is slowly wiggling his way

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    Lines of good and evil often blurHello sweet sweet confirmation of some of my guesses regarding Tate's past Also Ryu look at you finally stepping up Good for you lad try not to lose that momentumTate learns that there are some people who are worse then Daske Thora isn't maliciously awful like Daske though and genuinely cares about Tate insofar as the fact she's dragon riddenMore world lore comes out i

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    It’s becoming clearerThings are STARTING to make sense but there are still so many uestions Like Christopher Am I crazy to think he was the brown eyed man from the first book in the dream scene? Wasn’t he an old friend? I’m doing a reread soon to catch these details better as I feel I may have missed some important facets Regardless this is a fascinating series in true TA White style

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    35 stars

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    DESTRUCTION'S ASCENT is book three in the Dragon Ridden Chronicles by TA White This entertaining fantasy series follows Tate Fisher a young woman who was joined to a dragon When in human form her dragon Ilith hangs out on her body as a moving tattoo Ilith can also talk in Tate's head Tate is slowly discovering about herself as the series progresses She came to herself maybe a year ago? with no memories of her earli

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    White is writing three series in parallel and they're all worth reading One is set on another world one is set in a post apocalyptic Earth one in today's world plus vampires Each has a protagonist of relatively low rank or station who is highly competent except at respecting the authority of her nominal superiorsDestruction's Ascent is the most recent book in the Dragon Ridden series I believe it was the first of the thr

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    Aurelia has been plagued by earthuakes recently While Tate Dewdrop and Night are watching a performance by the Avertine's a group that always wears heavy makeup and cloaks to hide the fact that not all of them are human or part of the two other main races an earthuake collapses their tent In the chaos a child known to them disappears When Tate and her band investigate they find out that this wasn't the first child to disappea

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    Note I received an ARCThis series was the first to hook me into TA white's literature world Her style of writing is uniue and her heroine Tate is breathe of fresh air with her witty sense of humor and strong moral This third book does not disappoint as we continue to learn about who Tate is as she slowly regains her memories My favorite part is the DRAGONS They are amazing I keep rereading their scenes over and over I wish we kne

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