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Hearts Made for Breaking From the author of SHUFFLE REPEAT and SUMMER UNSCRIPTED comes a new novel about mysterious boys first time love heartbreak and the incredible bonds of friendship17 year old Lark knows how to survive high school dating date boys briefly let them down gently remain friends and move on Her best friends Copper and Katie think that Lark is denying herself the opportunity for true love because she does not want to be hurt They challenge her to break her pattern by staying in a relationship long enough for Lark — or the boy — to fall in love Intrigued by the challenge Lark sets her sights on the mysterious new boy Ardy who has been labeled “undateable” by the other girls in school Lark is curious about and then completely intrigued by the enigmatic Ardy — so much so that she finds herself falling for him only to risk having her own heart completely brokenJen Klein has once again crafted a funny contemporary story sure to resonate with teen readers I thought this would be a cute fluffy read honestly But nope I really loved shuffle repeat but so far none of her other books have been good for me Particularly this one is garbage Lark is messy and makes no senseFirst off her friendships aren’t great She literally hates coppers boyfriend for no real reason at all beyond thinking he’s boring without much excuse to back up that claim Cooper doesn’t get along with her other friend Katie who basically just serves as a “party girl” I guess But yet somehow they’re all bffs Katie and cooper spear head the entire shit storm of this book If it had been done differently it could have been good but they didn’t want to help their friend grow or find real long lasting love they basically forced her to do what she was already doing but with someone she actually likes Which makes zero sense to me How is that suppose to help lark At all Seriously how And when she does what they want they consistently say the boy they chose is weird or creepy but no reason is given for why Beyond mild rumors Even after she genuinely starts to like him Katie and cooper refuse to let it go Which is a big part of why things blow up in larks face Because she listens to their dumb asses and decides to dig into the rumors knowing damn well she isn’t going to get the full real story from anyone but Ardy Ardy himself is also messy He has this fiend hope who obviously isn’t just a friend and it’s written to make that clear but also boldly saying they are just friends Just friends don’t behave like this They are so awkwardly close and weirdly intimate To a point where they both feel the need to point out they’re not going to stop being friends like if you’re just friends you don’t do weird awkward shit like that Because when you hold on tighter after making everyone else uncomfortable it doesn’t help your point kids Beyond this I didn’t mind him I think his back story was weak and stupid though These kids just bullied the shit out of him for no real reason and that bitch triss didn’t want to listen to the actual story so she furthered his issues with the other kids It was so gross how lark also had to have some commentary about how his mom should have looked past her grief and donated his dads eyes No Just fucking no So in appropriate Fuck off Her little thought about how no cares what girls want wasn’t needed either Like this isn’t a book where that is the topic of discussion Stop Her mother was also insane with those weird overprotective rules yet lark was out here dating the whole school Girl byeThe way lark approaches the entire conflict with finding out about what happened at his old school was also disgusting She acts afraid of him and asks all these offensive uestions all based on one side of the story But claims to love him How sway How They end up together anyway and they don’t even know much about each other We go from ikea to her little game real uick Also she’s a blonde Not light brown Blonde The cover is blonde Which really messed up how I tried to imagine her as I read Either way I don’t think lark is a very good person I know towards the end she tries to make amends with all the boys but I didn’t need it and didn’t believe it It wasn’t needed it wasn’t like she had full on relationships with them they mostly just kissed for a few weeks then separated It didn’t warrant all this angst and “I’m so weird because commitment is scary for me” Give me a break I don’t think they should have ended up together because we all know we wouldn’t go back to someone who made a game out of us or date anyone other than the childhood best friend we’re secretly in love with Read with Rachel for Friends with ARCsThere was true potential for this one to be a story I loved but it felt underdeveloped overall This one was Odd It started off decent and then it kind of went in a different direction where people were thinking and characters had odd backstories and it was Odd Hearts Made For Breaking is seriously adorable I'm a big fan of romcoms so this was a perfect read for me The characters are likeable and engaging The story is lively and charming It's nothing new yet it's a refreshing read Light easy and fun Everything about this story is perfect for the romcom genre Thanks to NetGalley for an arc in exchange for an honest review Lark was a heartbreaker the boys just didn't know it Her dating style was clear she picked them reeled them in and made them break up with her before any real feelings were involved It was working for her or at least she thought it was Her best friends Cooper and Katie felt it was time for Lark to try something different and challenged her to pick a boy different from her norm get to know him and actually give the relationship a chance Her choice Ardy the new transfer student He was known to be undateable but when push came to shove did she really want to break his heartThe set up was something I had seen variations of before and I know that when there is romance and a bet there will always be some mess to clean up So no big surprise there But not only did Lark begin this relationship under less than honorable terms she also bought into the rumors about Ardy and went behind his back to find out about them Yes a lot of dishonesty but also a lot of lessons learned Ardy was different from your average teen boy but I loved the kid He was sweet a good friend and had some pretty interesting hobbies I actually loved him and Lark together and I liked the things he brought out in her He was the first boy she saw a future with and wasn't afraid to take risks for He pushed her out of her comfort zone and Lark felt like she could take off her mask and really be herself with him I knew this was going to get messy just from reading the synopsis but I didn't realize how much I would care about all the people involved I found myself very invested in all of Lark's relationships and my heart broke for her I will say that I adored the little atonement tour she did It was fun and the ending definitely did its job of bringing me joy and making me smile Overall A fun and sweet story about not buying into other people's perceptions breaking free of negative routines making your own choices not letting someone's past determine their present and letting your true self shine throughARC provided in exchange for an honest review BLOG | INSTAGRAM |TWITTER | BLOGLOVIN | FRIEND ME ON GOODREADS #HeartsMadeForBreaking #NetGalleyAt first I didn't really like Lark and it was hard to get behind the game her friends set up for her I am glad as it appears the trick was on them that she overcame her lying weird ways and made amends for every wrong extensively While funny and light hearted this novel really touched on loving and almost irrevocably losing a loved one It touched on good relationships bad relationships becoming a better person with hope instead of going down the same comfortable path that really doesn't allow you to grow There are a lot of really good messages in this bookI received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review 45 starsThis is basically a modern day John Hughes movie in book form Filled with slightly pretentious inordinately angsty teens who nevertheless have a je ne sais uoi that makes you want to root for them and suffer through the embarrassing big gesture at the end to get to the happy ending Am I the only one who blushes when characters embarrass themselves Slightly racier than I was expecting but still PG 13 This was adorable sweet fun I loved the characters especially Ardy—he was nerdy and sweet who deserved some love I just enjoyed myself the entire time I was reading this and had a smile on my face for most of it Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for an arc in exchange for an honest review Real rating 25 stars

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