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Stranded With The Navy Seal Coming soon Stranded with the Navy SEAL by Susan Cliff will be available Nov ,

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    Favorite Quote Never once had she encountered a stranger s erection and become weak kneed with lust Until now.How can I resist a book where a cruise ship chef and a Navy SEAL get kidnapped, and then stranded on a deserted island This book is fun although the SEAL did get on my nerves now and again Let me set it up.Cady is our chef, and in need to have

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    This is a fabulous castaways story Cruise ship chef Cady thought she was just heading for a night of pleasure in the arms of the hot guy she picked up in the bar The last thing she expected was to be mistaken for the former First Daughter he was supposed to be protecting, and kidnapped on the high seas Cady isn t the woman he was sworn to protect, but it s

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    Good book, though a little different than the romantic suspense that I am used to The parts I considered suspense happened at the beginning and the end, with the middle being a very good survival story Logan is onboard a cruise ship near Tahiti, where he was supposed to be acting as a bodyguard However, the client canceled, and he decided to take the trip anyway

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    I LOVE this type of story the one time she goes against type and BOOM The survival part reminds me of the old Linda Howard airplane crash survival book The push pull to acceptance of their love was great I wish I could readabout this couple.

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    I enjoyed this book Good pacing and good survival elements.

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    A riveting survival story where the hero and heroine don t only have to survive the savage kidnappers but also the unforgiving nature of the stranded island out there in the middle of nowhere This story took my breath away and had me on the edge with many dangers and threats the main characters faced during their time on the island The tension is high as time just goes by and

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    Risk averse chef by trade Cady Crenshaw does something completely uncharacteristic of herself, she convinces herself that she wants to have a one night stand After all, the best way to get over someone is to get underneath someone else And that someone else is named Logan Starke Thank You UniverseA hot Navy Seal that s been on the radar for many of the single woman on board the cru

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    Cady is looking for a distraction while working as a chef on a cruise ship She had her hear broken and is working on mending that and after meeting the gorgeous Logan Strake who is a navy seal might be the perfect distraction Last thing she would ve expected was to be kidnapped and saved by Logan only to be stranded on a deserted island I will admit as cheesy as the cover looks I really

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    I really enjoyed this one, from start to finish It felt like I was reading a modern day version of the Blue Lagoon, but with a lotflavor and heat And the main characters are wayinteresting than the movie stars I loved Cady s knowledge as a chef and all she offered to the story, not only with food but her cautious personality is something I can relate to and I liked how fierce and unafraid sh

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    Title Stranded with the Navy SEALSeries Team Twelve Book 1Stand Alone Title yesAuthor Susan CliffGenre Romance, Contemporary, Romantic SuspenseBlurb Working on a cruise ship was supposed to be the perfect distraction for chef Cady Crenshaw Instead, it made her the perfect target Abducted and thrown overboard into foreign waters, she has only one shot at survival and it comes at the hands of an ir

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