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Ritualist The Completionist Chronicles #1 Terrible charactersAll of the characters are shallow and inconsistent especially the main character I made it to this gem of line at the 70% mark before my eyes started to bleed after all there was no way he was going to be able to repeat that ritual without losing a part of his humanityThe main character alternates between taking things too seriously and not seriously enough he joins a guild full of arrogant shallow annoying people on a whim with no tangible benefit to himself he succeeds at everything he attempts and if failure is eminent his god bails him outI loved Divine Dungeon so I tried to get through this hoping it would turn around but it doesn't; Ritualist is terrible the whole way through 01052019 Mini Review Mix of Audio Kindle5 Stars for Narration by Vikas Adam5 Stars for Rich Details Game Mechanics4 Stars for Plot Progression4 Stars for Characters35 Stars for World3 Stars for General Story Format in KindleWoohoo I'm happy to find another great LitRPG book I loved the attention to detail and how they were woven into the story The whole book was an info dump but it didn't feel like work at all I didn't feel like I was getting forced fed information It was all put forth within the story and I enjoyed it a lot I like the humor hidden god and the goal of wanting to explore the whole game I see life as a constant avenue of learning If there was an option to play a Joe like character in a game I would totally do it Excellent start of a new series I already have book two set up to play I adore the Dungeon Born series by Dakota Krout it’s one of the uniue litrpg’s I’ve read and as the series continued the characters became well developed and the world building expanded and got interesting When I saw that Dakota Krout and Vikas Adams teamed up again for an audiobook I bought it instantlyThis is in line with a ‘typical’ litrpg where the MC is sucked into a video game that serves as “real life” for them Except this was voluntary Many times in those storylines the MC is involuntarily placed in a video game world That’s not how it goes down in this book – Joe was a medic in the army and when his helicopter was shot down he became uadriplegic One of his friends offers him an out a way to get his body back and escape from the hellhole his life had become He goes for it and downloads his brain into a video game with the intent of becoming a ‘permanent resident’When he logs in he has to go through a series of tests and since he was the only one to complete every single test he got a secret unlock to a “Hidden God” The Hidden God is one of the only neutral gods you can follow in this game and he comes with really cool perks Joe will be able to find hidden uests hidden treasures and hidden knowledge throughout the game He can even hide that he’s a Ritualist and displays “Cleric” to everyone else peeping at his stats This does come with a cost though Joe is one of the weakest players around both in combat strength and stamina He can’t run for long tires very easily and even his ‘critical hits’ don’t do much He’s going to have to rely on being a part of a team to survive in his new world As a personal note I always play healer class if it’s available in games so it’s been really neat reading a whole book from that perspectiveHe does make it onto a team since he’s one of the only Cleric’s around they’re apparently very rare as are magic users Most people logging in for the first time don’t score well enough on magic skills to enter the game with abilities most have to go to a mage’s collegeThere’s an opposing guild that’s fighting for territory and making life extremely difficult for Joe and his friends The clan leader is named Headshot and his guild the Hardcore’s are a group of TKing terrorizing assholes They slaughter Joe’s team and try to force them into their guild threatening to kill him if he doesn’t cooperate Joe doesn’t back down even when threatened with torture Pain is a thing a very real thing and makes being attacked by monsters that much intense Tanks in this world have it rough being the ones whose job it is to take the most damageI liked Joe he was easy to relate to and interesting to watch him deal with his new world and find out how to level up his character I did enjoy that he thought to call his mom in game and that he’s able to communicate with the outside world It added to character depth when usually in “sucked into a video game” books sort of ignore the real world after they get stuck in the game Since he has a hidden class he doesn’t have a typical Class Trainer to go to when he has points to spend or spells to learn it all has to be done himself He’s a fan of reading so one of the first places he tries was the library Unlike many players he spends a lot of time in the library since his constitution and hit points are so low his goal is to become a scholar and learn everything there is to know about this worldThis was another really strong book by Dakota Krout and I’ll definitely be continuing on with this seriesAudienceLitRPGhealer POVlots of actionheavy world buildingfaster pacedgreat audiobooksuick light readsRatingsPlot 122515Characters 1215World Building 12515Writing 1215Pacing 12515Originality 1215Personal Enjoyment 82510Final Score 815100 – 4 stars recommended Rating 40 starsRelistened to June 2019 Initial review was below I was listening to another LitRPG audiobook that wasn't that great when I decided to listen to this one again I have so many books waiting for me to readlisten but I get the feeling that most of them are just going to be okay based on my friends reviews I was in the mood for than just okay that's why I have been re reading books instead of attacking my To Read list I really hope the third book comes out soon Another LitRPG down I am really getting into this genre This one seemed a little sophisticated and the premise a little believable In other books in this genre were the main character is sent into a computer game there is always the uestion about why someone would do that In this book the main character Joe was a medic in the army and ended up getting into a helicopter crash and became a uadriplegic His wife left him and he now lives with his mother She has won the lottery and has money One of Joe's friends is part of the company that made this new virtual reality game in which Joe can live a life and has full use of his limbs virtual limbs that is Once he is uploaded into the game he takes a bunch of tests to see what character classes he can unlock and which one he would like to pursue A hidden god in the game offers him a change to be a ritualist This is a secret class of character one that allows him to find hidden knowledge and power In order to keep his power he needs to hide his true nature as a ritualist To every one else in the game they will see his class as either a cleric or a mage but his true class is a ritualist While there is great power that can come from being a ritualist there is also a big downside He will have increased wisdom intelligence and perception but that other main stats will be pathetic including strength constitution and dexterity His strength and constitution are so low that a brisk walk will make him pass out I like the fact there is a cost to his power In other books it seems like every stat starts fairly high and then some stats get really high This book makes the trade off for those super high stats by making other stats super low which I found realistic as much as it can in fantasy book There are some hints at the beginning of the book that there might be going on in the game than anyone knows but I think the author is saving that explanation for future books Overall a very good addition to the LitRPG world If you are new to the genre this is probably a little advanced and I would recommend to start with something simpler What I mean by that is that there was a lot detail involved in stat points and allocation of mana in this book that might be to complicated for a beginner to this genre Looking forward to the next book in the series First i was thinking Oh god not another generic LitRPG Book but luckily this one ended up as a good book with some refreshing new ideas I like the Class of Ritualist in general its a nice idea that you have to hide your own class or suffer drawbacks There seems to be always something going on without becoming an intangled mess of storylinesFor those who also liked Dungeon Born Its nice that our favorite overgrown mutated Bunnies make an appearance here This book feels like it has been influenced by other good book series like Catharsis and The Land Founding I also had a very strong Ascend Online Vibe while reading I so hope there will be some Base Building in the next book I look forward to it Not a perfectionist a completionistBut yeah a bit of a perfectionist too Here you have an army medic that due to RL reasons lives in a game Same as many LitRPG books before him he has stumbled on to a rare class and uses it to a degree that the game rules seem to bend around him in order to achieve OP status before your coffee has had a chance to cool down The book is well written and there is always something going on to keep the story moving without it turning into a hot mess which I liked The reasons our MC simply named Joe here is OP is clearly stated and unlike many other books he was given draw backs too not just positives Sadly I had to take away a star from it because I just couldn't get invested into the tale In the way of video games everything is handed to the MC on a silver plate from the very beginning We are told of his struggles but this AI seems rather generous with his rewardsAnother star I'm removing due to world building There is no set of rules here it's just whatever would give the MC the better edge along the way This makes it hard to appreciate whatever victory is achieved or risk taken Fall from a sky scraper Here have this uber rare skill that nobody else has was hit by a splinter You're dead bye see ya in three hours His group is rich enough to ignore low level loot but freak out over losing about 150 worth of in game moneyAfter awhile that guild was starting to grit on my nerves This character seems to enjoy individual work so much so that from the very beginning he is batman and everyone else in the guild is Robin The author goes out of his way to point out that the only value this guild has is this one guy so why is he in the guildAn ok book but very middle of the road sadly Another entertaining read from KroutI was disappointed to see that Dakota Krout's fourth book wasn't another in the Divine Dungeon series I loved them so I decided to give his new series a try Good decisionRitualust builds an interesting game world and manages to move uickly while doing so I immediately liked the protagonist Joe and the path he set upon 100% completion is a goal I have often attempted but rarely attainedThe humor is similar to his other books with slightly fewer puns I'm looking forward to seeing of the the snarky AI as the series progressesGreat book Write faster D A game that puts all others to shame Magic that has been banned from the world A man willing to learn no matter the costThe decision to start a new life is never an easy one but for Joe the transition was far from figurative Becoming a permanent addition to a game world it doesn't take long to learn that people with his abilities are actively hunted In fact if the wrong people gained knowledge of what he was capable of assassins would appear in drovesIn his pursuit of power Joe fights alongside his team completes uests and delves into the mysteries of his class which he uickly discovers can only be practiced in secret Ultimately his goal is to complete every mission master every ability and learn all of the world's secretsAll he has to do is survive long enough to make that happen I don't really know how much praise I want to laud onto this book It will mean that the author will have two series to write and we will have longer to go between Dungeon booksOn the other hand if they are as well written and entertaining as this one I guess we'll abideKeep up the great work Awesome Keep it up cant wait for next book

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