Construction Site Management and Labor Productivity

Construction Site Management and Labor Productivity Improvement Construction Site Management and Labor Productivity Improvement How to Improve the Bottom Line and Shorten the Project Schedule provides common sense management practices that are easy to implement to avoid events leading to productivity and schedule degradation With than 70 years of combined experience Thomas and Ellis have monitored than 200 active construction projects measuring labor productivity calculating losses of productivity and documenting the events leading to those losses The book is divided into four parts and contains around 100 practices for improving construction performance Part 1 describes the commonly recurring causes of site inefficiency Part 2 provides a straightforward planning procedure and a simple procedure for developing an efficient site layout plan Part 3 covers weather mitigation material management workforce management seuencing congestion and subcontractor management Part 4 addresses schedule acceleration environmental compliance and project evaluation Each practice is explained in detail so that it can be correctly applied and the expected outcome is clear The practices are illustrated with case studies and numerous photographs Written primarily for practicing engineers and contractors these how to practices can be readily implemented to efficiently manage site operations of all sizes

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