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Conversations With James Baldwin Literary Conversations Series This collection of interviews with James Baldwin covers the period 1961 1987 from the year of the publication of Nobody Knows My Names his fourth book to just a few weeks before his death It includes the last formal conversation with himTwenty seven interviews reprinted here come from a variety of sources newspapers radio journals and review and show this celebrated author in all his elouence anger and perception of racial social and literary situations in AmericaOver the years Baldwin proved to be an easily accessible and cooperative subject for interviews both in the United States and abroad He freuently referred to himself as a kind of trans Atlantic commuter Whether candidly discussing his own ghetto origins his literary mission and achievements his role in the civil rights movement or his views on world affairs black and white relations Vietnam Christianity and fellow writers Baldwin was always both popular and controversialThis importa

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    It's interestingI could be wrong but I don't think Baldwin considered himself a Christian per se But the attitude he reflects in many situations is totally Christian When faced with raw racism he isn't overcome with an all consuming desire for revenge But rather he reflects on the sorry state of human relations and the sordid upbringing of people that result in feelings of ignorance and prejudice I

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    a wonderful collection of interviews and articles displaying Baldwin's consistency of thought philosophy and critical engagement with the American racial dilemma A must read for anyone seriously interested in the life and times of an American icon

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    i love this book if you ever wondered just how much Baldwin understands human behavior all you have to do is read this book

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    I loved everything about this James Baldwin really means so much to me Some important excerpts from this which will probably stay with me forever“All art is a kind of confession or less obliue All artists if they are to survive are forced at last to tell the whole story to vomit the anguish up The effort it seems to me is if you can examine and face your life you can discover the terms with which

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    Since first reading “The Last Conversation with James Baldwin” I have come to admire him and seek out his speeches debates other recorded conversations etc than his written works His elouence both in thought and language his evolution as a writer thinker man and admirably his consistency through out the years — it’s simply inspiringThis extensive collection of conversations allowed me to see

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    When it comes to Baldwin's interviews I think I prefer watching and listening to them to reading them Tone is so important in an interview and it doesn't come across as well in written form I appreciate these interviews because they flesh out his thoughts on some of his books and they show some of the fire he had especially in the interview with the English man it seems like in written form they just sp

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    Speaking to the most heartbreaking and pernicious way in which all bigotry infiltrates the psyche and shrinks it from the inside Baldwin and Achebe ruminate on the long erotic unended wrestling of art and politics What I particularly enjoyed however was the dialogue between Baldwin and Giovanni on the complexities of race and what it means to be an empowered human being That this time capsule of genius a

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    I can think of no late 20th century literary figure with nuance and foresight into the subject of America than James Baldwin who to the extent that in baffling his contemporaries was able to blow the future wide open This is a great collection of his dialogues and interviews where he has dropped pearl after pearl of heavy truth I had a fantastic time reading it

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    This book offers great insight into Baldwin’s mind and spirit I enjoyed it

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    James has become my favorite You really get insight into his mind while also learning some of his writing practices

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