Spider Man The Gathering of the Sinister Six Spider Man

Spider Man The Gathering of the Sinister Six Spider Man At the behest of a deadly benefactor known only as the Gentleman the Chameleon must assemble a new Sinister Six Dr Octopus the Vulture Electro Mysterio and the Gentleman's mysterious ward Pity But Mysterio the master of illusion has a plan of his own A number of Hollywood people have been targeted for murder and the Webhead must halt Mysterio's deadly rampage before lives are claimed

About the Author: Adam-Troy Castro

Adam Troy Castro made his first professional sale to Spy magazine in 1987 Since then he's published 12 books and almost 80 short stories Among those stories are Baby Girl Diamond nominated for the Bram Stoker Award and The Funeral March of the Marionettes nominated for the Hugo and Nebula Awards in 1998 The Astronaut from Wyoming a collaboration with Jerry Oltion appeared in Analog

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    Superhero comic book stories are straight up bonkers I'm not sure how I haven't really noticed this before especially after seeing Alan Moore deconstruct them so well in Supreme but when an author summarizes all the events that have happene

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    The following review was published in the online newspaper The Orkney News in March 2020 Link here The Gathering Of The Sinister Six by Adam Troy CastroHello again to my readers I think it’s time I return to the realm of auditory superhero

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    This is the first book in the Sinister six trilogy It’s about how this criminal mastermind known as the Gentlemen tries to assemble the afore mentioned Sinister Six while at the same time Mysterio wrecks havoc on various movie related places

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    I'm not sure if I've ever actually read a prose version of an actual comic character which wasn't a novelization of a film I read the original Superman novel back in the 70s but I love comics and this book was written by Adam troy Castro an acuai

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    My actual rating is 35 starsThis is the first book of a trilogy It is a book that takes place in the Marvel universe Even though the title suggests this would concern the Sinister Six they are the minor storyline This story concentrates on Mysterio

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    I've grown up watching the Spider Man animated series and I thought I should give this book a try However it takes on a darker feel than the shows featuring the web slinger This book had certain elements that are completely different from the animate

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    Fantastic opening act in this very entertaining trilogy

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