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FINALLY got some answers but slowlyI was a HUGE shaddict until all of the time jumping and frantic couple matching started I actually thought the idea of a time jump was interesting until the plot got lost in all of the matchmaking This newest release is still struggling to maintain my attention and that is so disappointing The best part of this edition they don't feel like complete novels any just drawn out chapters of a larger novel was the very last section involving Derek Names of characters that I love and don't have to mentally calculate who is related to what couple and are they vampire human part werewolf part fae part sentry ect It has become even crazy with the forgotten generation I actually cringed when Derek mentions great great grandkids I seriously think I will be finished after this series it's just not as much fun any It feels like a chore that has to be cranked out I miss the old Shade When I started this series 50 books ago I didn’t think I’d still be into it I read each ‘season’ at a time Maybe one of these days I’ll go back and start from the beginning But for now I love catching up with past characters and meeting all the new Oh nostalgia If your reading a review about book 55 in a series pretty sure your a fan So just pick this bad boy up and start readingThis was another wild ride with a few turns I didn’t see coming I absolutely love Zane Harper is also one of my favorites This book was full of action and I can’t wait till the next one comes out happy birthday to me The final chapter also made me super nostalgic so I see a reread marathon coming Also pretty sure Bella is a vampire Has to be I have no idea how she keeps up with all of these worlds constantly has new creatures and puts out so many books so uickly otherwise Recommended for all Shaddicts So many uestions answered So many new uestions 😂I'll be sad when Bella ends this series Never stop writing about the Shade Lies will crumbleTruth will unfoldReunite with the Shadians in A City of Lies Pre order now Best in the series so far for meWhen I first started reading and a got a few chapters in but didn’t get any of the long anticipated answers to Nerakas secrets I was a little skeptical that my expectations were too high for this bookHowever I did enjoy the build up to jax Hansa Harper and caspian saving Blaze and caia from Shaytans palace within the first half of the bookFrom this narrative my favourite part was Zane helping the team out Nearly getting caught by one of his brothers thus pretending the team had blindsided him I’m certainly keen to see where his relationship with Fiona ends up as we learn about his rebellion against his fatherfamily and the respect he seems to have from his people I enjoyed the introduction to his mother who is clearly close to him He seemed protective of her and the other newer women to shaytans harem He was also opposed to shaytans treatment of them I was intrigued to know about a woman named Luella Zane spoke of her with saddness Another great moment was Darius one of the 5 lords and rewas father who was killed in the last books fire being seen alive and well in cahoots with ShaytanThe real juicy stuff started when they all escape the palace and make their way to the western plains to find the imen tribes The tribes however find them first headed at this point in time by Vesta the water fae that helped them in a previous book against daemons in the valley oh the screams She is happy to help them but not so keen on having caspian around he is therefore chained and locked upIt is back at the imen camp that we learn the whole truth of nerakas dirty secrets 1 the exiled maras also consume souls 2they have consumed so many that rewa specifically went to recruits the help of gasp in order to breed other supernaturals to consume3 everyone has been acting a part since gasp arrived4 caspian knows everything but took a blood oath because the other lords didn’t trust him they are even responsible for the death of his family who didn’t support what they were doing which was implemented on him by a swamp witch and means if he talks about their secrets he starts to burn and thus could die5the swamp witch was part of the original delegation none of which ever returned to their homes Thus she is somewhere on the island and being used for the joint use of daemons and exiled maras6 it is the swamp witch that is disrupting tellius and not allowing the team return passage homeIt was very moving reading Harper’s struggles firstly with her uncertainty surrounding Caspian then her anger at him for knowing only to then try and fathom that he really couldn’t say anything but had risked himself anyway by trying to get her answers without hurting himself Their connection other than jax and Hansa is the strongest I’m glad they have opened up to each other nowWhilst the revelations are coming out in the western plains the other side of the team are experiencing the same information but with their own eyes Avril and heron actually see a nurse consuming an imen soul Then Scarlett Patrick Fiona and Caia and blaze who’d flown back with the news of Darius called a meeting with the lords to see if any of them gave away that they knew about Darius being alive and with the daemons At first the lords put on another good performance however Fiona notices that Emilian refers to the leader of the daemons as shaytan a piece of information the team had not shared with them From here the lords reveal the truth Their demeanours turning cold and dark Rewa laughing that she had them all fooled etc As information is given the lords summon and Correction officers to gather around the team thus started a brawl where rewa mind bends blaze into strangling Caia During the brawl we are reintroduced to both Arrah and Cadmus who give the team a message to get away from the city and find the western plains Vesta then has people waiting to guide them back to the others where they all reunite and formulate a plan to get to the swamp witch and take the exiled maras down once and for all this time I believe the maras aren’t getting another chance For me this was so gripping and so excited I did come down a little when reading dereks last chapter on expanding the shade etc however in the days following it I found that I became very nostalgic and can not wait to see of the originals joining the team on neraka We are definitely nearing this plot as draven found out that there was no record of the delegates ever returning from neraka as rewa told them A few pieces of the puzzle of the whole of gasp will be in full chargeI hope I’m keen for them not to drag this part of the story line out now I actually sit shouting at the book for the people of the shade to be smarter haha Overall a much intense read with both action and romance as well as a super strong Plot reveal I’m excited to see what’s to come next Bella's books never cease to amaze me You would think with this being the 55th book in the same series that you would get tired of them but that is not the case here I had so many emotions running through me with this book I couldn't catch a break I was joyful one minute and angry the next I laughed and screamed at this book so many times There was never a dull moment I can't wait to read the next book I absolutely love the romances This book will leave you yearning for answers and outcomes Ive never been so excited about an author releasing books as I am when Bella comes out with one Now I'm left biting my nails until next month when book 56 comes out If only there was a time machine that could take me to the future Amazing job Bella The book was outstanding Bombshell of truthIt was obvious the Maras were lying about stuff but once everything was revealed I was shocked by the extent of their lies I never would have guessed all of which was revealed once again Bella has outdone herself and surprised me The team in the daemon city gets some unexpected help to rescue Blaze and Caia Patrick's attempt at breaking the asteroid proves fruitless but does shed some light on what is preventing them from leaving and communicating with GASP This book is by far the most thrilling and most revealing you wont be able to put your book down Wow I swear this season of ASOV just keeps getting better and better So much build up with the budding romances and some real serious adventure Lots of twists and turns were revealed with some major knock out surprises that I did NOT see coming Finally I feel like our Shadians are getting somewhere with all of the mysteries of Neraka but as usual we are left with even uestions I can not wait for the next book to come out This is definitely another great read by Bella Forrest and will not disappoint Book number 55 How does she do it?? 55 books later and I am still reading through as fast as I can because her books are so entertaining She really appeals to the reader’s emotions with her books and allows them to experience an emotional rollercoaster It is hard not to root for the good guys After every twist and turn they keep forging along for the greater good Even better once the reader thinks they have figured it out she pulls a fast one and keeps them guessing Now I am on pins and needles waiting for book 56 A City of Lies

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