Medieval Roads and Tracks Shire Archaeology Shire

Medieval Roads and Tracks Shire Archaeology Shire Archaeology This book addressed a lot of my uestions about what is known of the medieval English road network I only wish that the map showing this projected network had place names A short but interesting introduction to roads and tracks in the medieval period with some useful ideas on finding them and thinking about them and how to begin researching them One of the excellent Shire series of books This book focuses upon medieval roads as the title implies and hollow ways A great introduction to this specific subject presented in enough detail to enlighten but not to such a degree as to lose the general reader Illustrations diagrams and photographs add to the book significantly The medieval economy was centred on a phenomenal growth in trade of all kinds of goods yet few have studied the actual network of roads that was so vital to medieval trading Starting with the basic concept of a 'road' in medieval times and discussing the increasing need to travel this book explores the evidence from documents and maps that provide clues as to where the roads of medieval Britain led connecting the study of individual roads together to paint an image of the broader road network The author also uses findings from archaeological surveys and bird's eye view photographs to trace the centuries old routes and illustrate the winding tracks that once carried goods to market

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