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Babette's Feast and Sorrow Acre Five stars because Babette's Feast was incredible I'd never seen the film so it was all a surprise A lot of descriptions call it a story about an artist's need to create; it was that but even it was a story about the limitless generosity of God's grace I kept thinking it was like Flannery O'Connor but cheerful The second story kept putting me to sleep These are both short storiesvignettes by Danish writer Isak Dineson the pseudonym of Karen Blixen author of Out of Africa and her writing is superbThrough all the world there goes one long cry from the heart of the artist Give me leave to do my utmost So writes Dinesen in Babette's Feast as she spins a tale of friendship's ultimate sacrifice and the deepest values of life Sorrow Acre is a lyrical story of heartbreaking beauty about an old woman who gives her life for her son's life These two complete stories echo Babette's plea with haunting poignancy I listened to the audio book Basis for Academy Award winning film Tony Award winning Dewhurst presents a remarkable performanceRead by Colleen Dewhurst2 audiocassettes 155 min analogContentsBabette's feast Sorrow acre Babette was not as good as the movie Sorrow Acre was too depressing for me But both are thought provokingTwo short stories just over an hour eachBABETTE’S FEASTI saw the movie many years ago and liked it It stayed in my mind I hoped the book would be better but it was notCAUTION SPOILERTwo pious religious sisters have lived their lives helping others eating simple food denying themselves love and enjoyments in life Babette’s husband and boys were killed She flees to Norway where she cooks and works for the sisters for no money for many years When Babette wins the lottery she uses all that money to create one meal for the sisters and their friends expensive wines a live turtle for soup etc The sisters do not want to show that they enjoy food but the meal is so great that it brings out things in people The sisters did not know until after the meal that Babette was one of the great chefs of France This was about the artist’s need to create She spent her entire lottery winnings on one creationI did not see as many reactions and changes in people in the book as I did in the movie SORROW ACREIt was too depressing but it was thought provokingCAUTION SPOILERSet in the 1800s or earlier when peasants worked the fields for a lord local ruler or land owner in Denmark A boy is accused of burning a building and will be sent to jail or something His mother begs for mercy The lord says if the mother can cut all the rye in a field in one day then the boy will be set free This is the work for three men The mother does it but dies within minutes of cutting the last stalk The boy cries as he hugs his mother The lord sets the boy free The idea is that the lord gave the mother tremendous power to save a life It is rare for people to be given that much power I hated the lord for doing it He had that much power and he used it to kill The narrator Colleen Dewhurst was goodDATANarrative mode 3rd person Unabridged audiobook length 2 hrs and 35 mins Swearing language none Sexual content none Setting Babette 1800s Norway; Sorrow 1800s or earlier Denmark Book copyright Babette 1958; Sorrow 1940 Genre fiction This is not a review It is just a note to commemorate a Gold Star ReadingListening DayI have been intimidated by Isak Dinesen since 1998 when I took a class from a brilliant professor who had read so many books that I felt like a girl lately crawled out of a cave to encounter Lady Prometheus handing out flaming manna to replace the dirt I had been eating Though the professor did not teach Dinesen that semester she suggested her stories for future reading I found Out of Africa and Seven Gothic Tales but I tarried with reading the rest of Dinesen’s fiction I know it seems silly to have already read an author and stop because you love the work I think for me Dinesen’s tales so much represented my child self’s idea of Literature the capital “L” intended that I was afraid that when I read the whole oeuvre I would no longer have a book to approach with that little girl’s wonder I know this is an issue for all readers; everyone has their unicorn Dinesen has been mineYesterday I chanced upon an audiobook of Colleen Dewhurst reading “Babette’s Feast” and “Sorrow Acre”—a delightful coincidence since the professor who introduced me to Dinesen looked so much like Dewhurst with her hair in a French twist and her finger holding her place in a book So I sat on the floor leaning against my bed and experienced an enchanted afternoon And I finally felt ready though still not worthy to remove my copy of Winter’s Tales from the shelf Lovely This was my first time reading or hearing Babette's Feast though I loved the foreign film adaptation of it from 30 or years ago It was a lovely and gently humorous expose of human foibles and a heart warming story I will need to re read Sorrow Acre at some point since I somehow got distracted in the middle so I don;t think it made a proper impact on me It is a much sorrowful tale But the author's prose are beautiful and she is a keen observer of the human condition I enjoyed these Babette's Feast is an almost perfect short story The matter and tone of the conclusion differ slightly from the film which is the superior version Both have integrity The second story Sorrow Acre is set in the author's home country Just as sensuous and delicate as Babette it has two lose strands both pregnant with feeling and drama I'm not sure what to make of them I know Babette so well that I can see how all the pieces fit together; I can't say the same of Sorrow Acre I won't be reading of her work soon One of my most favorite books of all time I have read this book so many times and own the movie rendention To give a book 5 stars is a serious matter that I do not take lightly So I can say that I rarely give 5 stars to any book Need I say ? Babette's Feast is one of those stories I come back to again and again A masterpiece of storytelling so simply done it has been largely overlooked I wasn't sure about Colleen Dewhurst's gravelly voice at first but forgot about it almost immediately and was swallowed up in the story I call that a success This begins with a fine description of the low undulating Danish landscape a rumination of the lives of men the poor peasants and the rich landlords slowly turning its focus on a big house where a young man named Adam returns to from England the house of his boyhood now belonging to his rich uncle whose own son his only child had died a young man before he son could marry the 17 year old girl who is now his father's wifeI thought Adam and this young wife would hook up and create trouble in paradise what with the old stern and powerful uncle on TV this would have been inevitable But it didn't So one reviewer her said this was the most boring fucking story i've read in a long timeGreat expectations kill the excitement sometimes but we have the unusual ordeal of Ann Marie the mother which Adam's uncle gave a seemingly impossible task to save her son to mow a field of rye in a day something which ordinarily would take three men to do in a day or a single man in three days Adam attempts to help her to no avail as his uncle refused Anne Marie completes the task however and saves her son yet she dies of exhaustion probably as the sun sets Then Adam understood why these things must beIn the place where the woman had died the old lord later on had a stone set up with a sickle engraved on it The peasants on the land then named the rye field 'Sorrow Acre' By this name it was known a long time after the story of the woman and her son had itself been forgottenBy Isak Dinesen 1885 1962

About the Author: Isak Dinesen

Karen BlixenBaroness Karen von Blixen Finecke Danish kʰɑːɑn ˈb̥leɡ̊sn̩; 17 April 1885 – 7 September 1962 born Karen Christentze Dinesen was a Danish author also known by the pen name Isak Dinesen who wrote works in Danish French and English She also at times used the pen names Tania Blixen Osceola and Pierre AndrézelBlixen is best known for Out of Africa an account of her life while living in Kenya and for one of her stories Babette's Feast both of which have been adapted into Academy Award winning motion pictures She is also noted for her Seven Gothic Tales particularly in Denmark

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