Sidney's The Defence of Poesy' and Selected Renaissance

Sidney's The Defence of Poesy' and Selected Renaissance Literary Criticism Penguin Classics Out of the intellectual ferment of the English Renaissance came a number of outstanding critical works that sought to define and defend the role of literature in society and to comment on the craft of writing Foremost among these is Sir Philip Sidney's The Defence of Poesy an elouent argument for fiction as a means of inspiring its readers to virtuous action George Puttenhams The Art of English Poesy is an entertaining examination of poetry verse form and rhetoric while Samuel Daniels A Defence of Rhyme considers the practice of versification and praises the English literary tradition Along with pieces by such writers as Sir John Harrington Francis Bacon and Ben Jonson these works reveal the emergence of key critical ideas and approaches and celebrate the possibilities of the English language

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    This contains almost the whole of George Puttenham's 'The Art of English Poesy' which is difficult to get hold of at a reasonable price but the collection as a whole is both stimulating and well put together Sidney's 'Defence' is also here in its entirety and while it's also available in the Oxford Sidney The Major Works it takes on added nuances when placed against the other wr

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    The star of this book is Sidney's A Defence of Poetry All around it areThe Art of English Poesy By George Puttenham 1589A Defence of Rhyme By Samuel Daniel 1589And Selected Passages fromCertain Notes of Instruction 1575 By George GascoigneThe Garden of Elouence 1577; 1593 By Henry PeachamA Discourse of English Poetry 1586 By William WebbeA Brief Apology of Poetry 1591 by Sir John Har

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    This collection is a wonderful beginning to the study of the art of literature Whereas I skipped over George Puttenham and Samuel Daniel and the notes on rhetoric and English versification I enjoyed what was said by the authors about the importance of poesy in the face of opposition It is interesting to see how poets were criticized back in the Sixteenth Century as much as they are today

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    20102017—This edition is remarkably well annotated; the footnotes glossing foreign idioms and explaining difficult words is a nice touch As for Sidney's essay itself now I get some idea of the Renaissance platonism Martin Battestin went on at length about without explaining much in The Providence of Wit Though made in earnest I feel some of the arguments are not very strong but that's my 21st century sensibilities speaking of course Much I have to learn about Renaissance literary history but this is a nice beginner's glimpse into one corner of the literary scene in Elizabethan England

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    I read this as part of my 3rd Year English Degree I found it really hard to comprehend at first It was only about halfway through that I started to understand his arguments and appreciate his uizzical and almost conversational writing style It gave a really good insight into ideas on Poetry in renaissance England Not my usual cup of tea but certainly not as bad as expected

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    I only read this as part of a widwer exploration into the 'Olde song of Percy and Duglas' but I would like to revisit Sidney's discussion of the literary landscape of the time

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    This is a lovely collection with useful notes and a brilliant introduction Surprisingly readable

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    A defence of the role of literature in society

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    I love this exploration and celebration of the writing fiction and the English language

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