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Raising Amalia Veredian Chronicles #3 Sevina has never known life outside a slave ship until today At twenty two she’s sent to Eryon Valis a Korlethean slave with whom she must mate as part of their master’s psi breeding program When a prophecy sets a target on her Eryon secretly shields her and their unborn daughter from those who would harm themUnbeknownst to Sevina her mother Maheva faces her own emotional turmoil while playing a dangerous game to protect her children from the crew and the twisted Guldan beliefs of their Master GruukAs one tragedy compounds another will Fate forsake them or set the path to a better future

About the Author: Regine Abel

Regine Abel is a fantasy paranormal and sci fi junky Anything with a bit of magic a touch of the unusual and definitely a lot of romance will have her jumping for joy Hot alien warriors meeting no nonsense kick ass heroine give her warm fuzzies Through her Veredian Chronicles series Regine will take you to an exciting alien world full of mystery action passion and new beginnings Follow

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    I did not by any stretch of the imagination think I'd ever had even an inkling of sympathy for Gruuk the slaver who owned Amalia and her family This book shocked me a little with how much I actually felt for him It turns out that while his moral compass is a little skewed he had a genuine soft spot for Amalia be

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    From time to time I get to read books outside of my comfort zone Let's say I like to push my boundaries a lot I really got to push my reading boundaries when I read Raising Amalia by Regine Abel I was already fascinated with this series when I read Escaping Fate I always wondered about the history of Amalia's birth We

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    This was a really interesting book It had so many complex characters in it Complex characters with really complicated relationshipsGruuk was a fascinating person It was so easy to hate him but then you started to kind of like him and then you just don't know how to feel about him Maheva was a great character she was so strong

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    I received a free copy of this book from the author and I voluntarily chose to review itI am a huge fan of Regine Abel and this book didn't disappoint me at all I loved seeing how Amalia's story started While I did like Sevina I enjoyed Maheva This was a different side to Gruuk than I expected to see but I still don't like him Over

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    This is a fascinating look at the life of Amalia her mother Sevina and her grandmother Maheva on board Gruuk's ship before Amalia escapesWe see a side of Gruuk that I would never have guessed at he really cared for and protected these women despite it being against Guldian beliefsLife as a slave isn't easy especially with forced matings an

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    25 starsThe writing was for the most part competent and I enjoyed getting some of the back story of some of the primary charactersI did indeed understand that I was getting a deeper understanding of Gruuk's motivations the reasons for his behaviors the degree of sociological pressures he operated under even some degree of empathy with him But at

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    This was the first book I’ve read by Regine Abel and I loved it I can’t wait to devour the series Savina really struck a chord with me My heart really went out to her for struggling to fit in with her family and the fleeting happiness with her mate made my heart sueeze When she died and my heart was breaking and tears were streaming down my face all

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    I lost ALL respect for Maheva for many reasons How could she love Gruuk? Her having not just sex but on and off again long relationships with a man who lets his crew rape women and then made her heal the numerous victims?? And she forced herself to keep an emotional distance and not care about the women while fcking and loving Gruuk???A man who forced Amelia t

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    Amount of sex 35 5How explicit 35 5Story 5 5Overall 5 5Wow Raising Amalia just blew my mind I love the Veredian Chronicles by author Regine Abel and this preuel had several surprising twists In Raising Amalia we learn about Maheva’s Amalia’s Nana’s story I was shocked about some of it and as a result my opinion of Gruuk changed We then learn about Sevina’

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    OMG You have to read thisDo you want to? I’m thinking that you doAre you sure? I’m thinking what are you waiting for?This book is a must an absolute necessityYou must enter the world of “The Veredian Chronicles” by author Regine Abel I have been a fan since i was gifted my first ARC “Escaping Fate”This book is a preuel to “Escaping Fate” “Losing Amalia”

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