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Drina Dances in Paris Drina and Rose are invited to go to Paris to dance in The Nutcracker after the dancer playing Little Clara is injured

About the Author: Jean Estoril

A pseudonym of Mabel Esther Allan.

10 thoughts on “Drina Dances in Paris

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    The first Drina book I had not previously read and what a delight this one was

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    I had not read the Drina books since I was a child and I recently re read them all I read the first 5 as a child and then as a teen I hunted down the final 6 once I realized they existed I am happy to say that for the most part they hold up to the test of time They are very much in the s

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    I loved these as a kid but didn t have the full set I acquired somewhile volunteering at a book charity about 10 years ago While reorganising books at my parents home I decided to have a read through the series and realised I was still missing this one Ordered it from a used bookstore and final

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    This has to be one of the best Drina books I ve read so far Drina is growing up and dealing with the extra emotions that come with puberty The writing is good and I identified with Drina s emotional journey in her life and dance performances Probably because I m also an artist I find this series incre

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    see review of book 1

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    Fascinating to watch Drina start to grow up in this book.

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    Read this series in JR High and simply LOVED them I need to track these down..

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    One of my favourites in the series Drina loves Paris.and I ve been to some of same places, so I could picture them AND she sees Grant again.

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    Oh goodness, now I ve actually been to Paris I really want to re read this One of the better Drina Dances in insert place ones.

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