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Dirty Charmer Abigail Haddock is stunning sensible and some would say stuffy But it’s not really her fault She was raised in one of Wessco’s oldest most affluent aristocratic families—“stuffy” is their middle name So is successful Abby’s working overtime to distinguish herself as a top notch physician just as her family legacy demands She doesn’t have time for nonsenseTommy Sullivan’s all about nonsense Sure he’s an elite bodyguard with lethal skills and co owner of the renowned SS Securities Firm—protector of the wealthy and titled But he’s also rowdy fun and thoroughly irresistibleTommy knows how to have a good time and he’s never seen someone in need of a good time than Abby The lass needs long wet filthy kisses— STAT—and he’s just the man for the jobIt doesn’t take long for a wildly sexy sinfully satisfying no strings attached arrangement to turn into something Something sweet and addictive and real But Tommy and Abby are too royally stubborn to admit itOpposites attract everyone knows that But can they last—can they lovefor forever I think I love Logan but Tommy you were so sweet too ❤❤ OMG OMG OMG It's Tommy's book OH MY GOD DExpected publication Expected publication May 19th 2020 4 stars Perhaps I wasn't precisely happy but I was satisfied Then Tommy Sullivan came along and he changed all my plans I love Emma Chase's Royally books and I was so excited to see we were getting another in this series I couldn't have been happier to find out it was Tommy Sullivan's story I loved him in Logan and Ellie's book and I was so excited to watch this bodygaurd find his match And he did just that when he met Abigail Haddock Abigail is a doctor and meets Tommy for the first time when he's in the ER I loved their first meeting Tommy and Abby couldn't be different if they tried Tommy is a bit wild and reckless but in a good way whereas Abby is straitlaced and organized I would have never seen these two as a couple but Tommy is enad with Abby and pursues her relentlesslyThis couple did not have an easy go of it There were family issues misunderstandings and life got in the way but with time they were determined to figure it out I loved how Tommy never gave up on Abby and respected her work life and loved her for her They really were a fantastic couple Dirty Charmer showcases just how much opposites really do attract I love that Tommy and Abby are so different yet they're perfect for one another Emma Chase has blown me away with this series I've loved every book and this is no exception If you're looking for a book that's fun steamy sweet and will keep a smile on your face pick this one up Another romance novel filled with sexy times emotions that run through the best of ways and a possessive bodyguard wanting nothing than to express his love and passion to his one true soul mate Y'all Emma Chase has never disappointed me with her books Especially royal trope books Though this one has a twist to it a twist that I was sort of expecting yet had a thrill for receiving and reading this novel Tommy is the bodyguard that I have been wanting and drool over since day one when Emma wrote Nicholas' and Olivia's story I was definitely expecting a lot of dirty times in bed coming from Tommy but what I was not expecting was the emotional challenges and attractiveness coming from him and also coming from Abby Yet my love for both of them is immense after reading their romance novel I will forever engrave them in my heart and cherish their true storyThough we have heard from Abby in previous books we never truly had an insight as to the type of persona she is This overachiever family statued and follower and internal risk taker shies away from captivating the curiosities running through her head That's when Tommy comes in a bull dozer who is not afraid and is then willing to open up her not only her physical cravings but slowly also open up her heart for ; Apple Blossom isn't stuffy— she just hasn't met a man who knows how to bring out her reckless side Their first interaction is one that never leaves the mind of Abby and Tommy even after years of life getting in the way and building a life of their own Becoming a well renowned doctor by many is what truly become the achievement Abby is striving for Make her family and most importantly her grandmother proud of the medical achievements she has conuered Though her family is not one to strive for the unexpected or surprises Abby learns with Tommy it's okay to let your guard down once in a while and become the person she always was and will always be by being with him; And everything about Tommy Sullivan wanting me makes me feel alight and alive— sure of myself powerful than I can ever remember feeling before There is something beyond beautiful about these two Not only are they total opposites and come from families with different values and perspectives but they mesh in a way that is both magical and inspirational Though this is a fictional story you truly get enthralled with the words Emma writes I am not sure if she is planning on writing any royal romance related novels but if she does you can count me in ARC kindly provided by Valentine PR in exchange for an honest reviewFollow Me OnInstagram ❁ Twitter 45 STARS Tommy Sullivan is a beautiful whirlwind that I can’t let myself get caught up in What happens when you put together an easy going playboy bodyguard and a straight laced and driven surgeon in training? The cutest stinking romance ever that's what This was opposites attract perfection and I loved every page of itI've been chomping at the bit to get my grabby little hands on Tommy's story I loved him as a secondary characters and I just knew that I was going to fall head over ovaries for him as a hero And you know what? I was not wrong You know what they say about men with big brains don’t you? We’re big everywhere” “Are you implying there’s a correlation between the size of your brain and the size of your genitals?” His brow furrows “Well I wouldn’t have used those words—ever But yeah that’s what I’m saying” There's just something so free spirited about Tommy He's always uick to joke and even uicker to smile I loved his fun and outgoing personality The man has zingers for days and I couldn't get enoughAbigail is his opposite in every way In a family of overachievers all she's ever known was her need to be the best cardiac surgeon She's driven to a fault with only one thing in sight Men don't even factor into the euation Even when they're stupidly handsome and persistent as Tommy She’s a designer drug—cut just for me Those ualities had me hooked from the very beginning kept me coming back and back for another fix And now they’ve got me strung out Scraped raw over her I loved the romance between the two of them because it catches both of them off guard Neither saw the other coming and there's something so fun about watching them fall for each other Where Tommy is uicker on the uptake Abigail takes a little time and convincing I loved that in particular because it's a change of pace between the heroine trying to chase the playboy and you have the playboy having to chase the woman and she definitely makes him work for itTheir chemistry was through the roof This put a smile on my face from the very first page and kept it there until the end Simply delicious ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on Dirty Charmer is LIVE Books Play Paperback Noble Paperback hope you love Tommy Abby's funny sweet SEXY story I hope you enjoy seeing some beloved familiar characters hello royally series and meeting the hilarious new onesThank you for allowing me to share this story with you 45 STARSARC Generously Provided by AuthorAnd now than ever standing in this dreary flat watching this stunning girl eat her sad lonely little meal—I believe God wants me to screw some joy into Abby Haddock’s life Lucky for me the Almighty’s desires coincide with my own And I’m than up to the taskFans of the ”Royally” series get ready to fall in love with the latest installment ”DIRTY CHARMER” and its swoon worthy Hero Tommy Sullivan Tommy is the gorgeous and devilishly charming best friend and business partner of Logan St James He’s a ladies’ man with a heart of gold who lives his life in the moment Tommy has plenty of admirers but there hasn’t been a woman that's been able to hold his attention until he meets the beautiful but reserved Abby Haddock Abby comes from royal lineage and has put all of her time and energy into her career as a cardiac surgeon She hasn’t felt the need to put any effort into building a life outside of being the top doctor in her field until the day Abby’s advised that she’s too singular in her aspirations and that she needs to open herself up to other endeavors Abby knows just the man who can spice things up for herTommy and Abby wind up in a mutually agreed upon ”no strings attached” arrangement They both get swept up in a hot and steamy affair in which deep feelings develop between them Will Abby be able to go back to her monochromatic life as a surgeon once the affair is over or will she realize before it’s too late that she needs the vibrance that being with Tommy has brought into her worldHere are my overall ratingsHero 5Heroine 45Plot 45Angst 4Steam 5Chemistry Between Hero Heroine 5”DIRTY CHARMER” releases on May 19th Worldwide Books Play Let me start off by saying that I apparently have reached a point where ordinary is not enough for me any so please bear this in mind while reading this reviewThe plot which is mainly the romance between Tommy and Abby is pretty cliché If you go back to the most basic elements of romance novels and consider which tropes this book might cover from the info you garnered from the blurb you’d be able to get an idea of what will happen I was very underwhelmed to say the least and it was just too simple and not special enough for me to fall in love with this book I was hoping for something original but unfortunately this type of story has been done a thousand times before alreadyWith no “real” plot and therefore the complete focus on the couple I expected to at least be able to witness how they fall in love and see how well they work together That was not the case here Most of the bonding I so desperately wanted happened “off screen” things they did were just glossed over by informing the reader that they did whatever and had a great time and then this happened and 3 weeks later this Unfortunately the way the story was told only left me with a sense of detachment while reading Now I know everything I just mentioned sounds super negative but I honestly don’t think there’s anything wrong with the book if you take it at face value a straightforward pretty simple and not too complicated or angsty romance I’m convinced that many will love this book for its lightheartedness and especially for its fun and charming heroFor me Dirty Charmer probably just came at the wrong time which is why I’m settling for 3 stars ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review Thank you don't usually count DNFs towards the ole reading challenge but suffering through half of this is making me feel kind to myself I love Emma Chase She’s written some of my favorite contemporary romancesrom coms Tangled Sustained so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the newest in her Royally series I recently caught myself up on this royal romance series and was so excited to hear that Tommy would get his story I enjoyed his and Abby’s romance so much It’s sweet sexy feel good all things that Emma Chase is good at writingDirty Charmer is uite the opposites attract romance We’ve got our easy going charmer playboy hero who doesn’t come from money and now owns a bodyguard company and proper no nonsense aristocratic surgeon in training heroine who doesn’t have time for fun or games They first meet when she cares for him at her hospital when he gets hurt but truly get to know each other when her family hires him and his company as temporary bodyguards Tommy is so flirty with Abby and determined to bring out her lighter fun side I just loved the way these two were with each otherWhat begins as a no strings attached affair turns into something when Tommy realizes he no longer cares for the playboy lifestyle and only wants Abby I love a heroine knocks a manwhore hero off his feet Dirty Charmer was just a blast to read – Tommy is a sweetheart Abby is such a strong admirable heroine These two totally worked together and I enjoyed their romance so much This isn’t uite a royal romance as no one actually belongs to royalty but if you’re a fan of the series this new installment is a must read

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New York Times bestselling author Emma Chase writes contemporary romance filled with humor heat and heart Her stories are known for their clever banter hilariously authentic male POVs and sexy swoon worthy moments Emma’s novels have been translated into over twenty languages and published around the worldEmma lives in New Jersey with her husband two children and two misbehaving dogs She ha

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