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Road Brothers A volume of short stories by the bestselling author of THE BROKEN EMPIRE series Mark LawrenceThis is a collection of fourteen stories of murder mayhem pathos and philosophy all set in the world of the Broken EmpireWithin these pages you will find tales of men such as Red Kent Sir Makin Rike Burlow and the Nuban telling of their origins and the events that forged them There is Jorg himself striding the page as a child of six as a teenage wanderer and as a young king And then there is a tale about Prince Jalan Kendeth – liar cheat womaniser and cowardTo the new reader welcome to a lawless world where wit and sword are the most useful weapons and danger lurks as much in candle lit palaces as in dark alleys and dense woodland To those who have already journeyed with Jorg we hope you will enjoy renewing old acuaintances with your favourite characters

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    This is the new Road Brothers UK paperback to be released in June 2020 with new cover by Jason ChanFollow Jorg and his friends individually and in small groups across the Broken Empire and see the events that shaped them Contains the short storiesA RescueSleeping BeautyBad SeedThe Nature of the BeastThe Weight of Comm

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    I loved this like I've never loved a short story collection before What is there to say? “Every good story tells at least one lie and holds a secret at its heart” Reviewing a bunch of short stories is always difficult especially when your followers are the kind that will check out your reviews to help them choose what t

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    An absolutely marvellous collection of stories that fleshes out the Broken Empire beautifully It was not only great reading about Jorg and the Nuban who is my favourite but getting glimpses of Snorri's dad witches and Rike willing to wait for some looting made it a full experience and one like the rest of Mark's books I'll treasure

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    As always you can find this review on my blog The Tattooed Book Geek received a free copy of this book courtesy of the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewOne thing that I find with short story collections is that you can pick up the book read a story go off and do something else and then come back and read another Which of course i

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    A kiss had woken me and I'd found as we so often do that the world had moved on without me And that's the riddle of existence for you When to move and when to stay Dwell too long and we become the prisoner of our dreams or someone else's Move too fast live without pause and you'll miss it all your whole life a blur of doing Good lives are built

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    5 starsI really should have read this straight after the other books in this Broken Empire universe but it's still a fantastic collection of short storiesIt's very dark and violent like the books but it works and works really wellThe setting and world building are fantastic as always especially the first story as it's a crackerThe characters are great

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    It would not be an exaggeration to say that the Broken Empire changed and saved my life This book allowed me to explore that landscape once again and not just through the eyes of our beloved Jorg Ancrath This book shows us the magic Mark Lawrence can do with his short and smooth prose especially in short stories I hope for another collection of short stories

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    14 x 5 starsThe ultimate read if you are fan of The Broken Empire

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    Feels good to catch up with old fiends

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    Another excellent book by Mark Lawrence I missed Jorg and the brothers Worth reading

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